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  1. Yes I know it’s a week away but some advice please on parking for SU. I’m going to come up the A625 and will leave the same way so any local knowledge on locations would be much appreciated.
  2. Knowing football and the PL it’ll be as simple as greed and trying to wring as much out of the loyal fan base as possible
  3. With regards to the £15M cap if I recall correctly in the book ‘Alphabet of the Saints’ published around 1990/91 reference was made to the £1M we spent on Alan McLoughlin (RIP) and how it would be a while before another Saints manager would be trusted with £1M!! Clearly times changed so I’m sure we’ll burst through the £15M bracket one day!! Ive done this from memory so please don’t hang me out to dry if I’ve got the year wrong!!
  4. Exactly this……..FF’s father is a QC and a former/current Judge. All footballers are advised I’m sure but in Fraser’s case he’s probably bright enough to realise a number of things himself.
  5. Palace showing they have some character……..wish we could show some
  6. If this ends up with a Newcastle win it’s no good letting a point against a half arsed Utd and a thrashing of a useless lower league team paper over the cracks that we have
  7. Not sure why anyone thought anything else would happen
  8. Pictures on Sky of those unable to get in………what an absolute joke. SFC says they’ll be refunded…….they should be refunded and some
  9. But we will have injuries and Ralph’s track record means that he’s not tactically flexible and doesn’t use his subs well. I’m not a doom mongerer but I think we’re in trouble.
  10. I live in the north now and gave my premium Kingsland ST up when we moved. I get to a decent amount of games each season (COVID aside) but I have also bought a couple of ST’s at Crewe for this season. Premium seats for my lad and I were £400 - this is just over £17 a game for the pair of us. Yes it’s not Premier League but then there isn’t any of the PL BS. It’s old school and was like Saints was years ago - you feel like a fan, you get treated like a fan and you’re certainly not ripped off. Chuck in 3pm KO’s, no VAR and not having to take a loan out to buy a pie and pint, we’re thoroughly
  11. So drop this season’s top scorer……plain weird!!
  12. Hold on to your hat…….that’ll be coached out of him before you can shout ‘Sack Ralph’!
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