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  1. Being in the NW I’d like to see Preston or Blackburn come up with Leeds and WBA. Going down - any that are a long drive away, so hopefully Villa will stay
  2. Just watched Dominic Raab on TV. He mentioned no football. So if it’s no football it’s no football which will make it very difficult for teams to train and prepare etc. Just waiting now for everything to unravel as it it surely will. Football is not coming back anytime soon
  3. A few weeks ago I did a deal with a dealer for a 12 month old petrol 3 series M Sport Touring - I put a deposit down. It’s specked with professional nav, extended storage, extended lighting, enhanced Bluetooth, a panoramic roof and an electric tow bar. It appeared pretty good value at around £23K for what was a £40K motor last year. Time it appears like a good deal for a highly specked car. Due the virus I’m waiting to take delivery am wondering if prices may come down further. Also does anyone have any idea what sort of economy I’ll get on mixed driving - I do around 12,000 miles a year.
  4. We now have the most deaths in the world bar the USA. Football is not coming back anytime soon
  5. Football and footballers at PL level appear to be wanting to have their cake and eat it. This is personified by Gordon Taylor with his demands and the suggestions he has been making. There are people losing their lives and businesses going to the wall but they appear to not get it. It’s a real crossroads for the PL and if they’re not careful they’ll lose a percentage of the supporter base. I know some on here aren’t lovers of TalkSPORT but this morning on the Jim White show some real sense was spoken by Simon Jordan.
  6. Football won’t be returning this season
  7. I turned over as soon as he started bigging up what an ambitious target they’d set themselves as it was obvious he was about to manipulate the figures. And to think they’re leading our response to this.
  8. BA is just the start. The economy is in free fall and football will be a long way down the pecking order. The FA and PL need to wake up and smell the coffee
  9. Football will not re-start in the near future. When social distancing will still be in the work places and other venues for many months to come it’s impossible for contact sport to start up again just like that. Schools are talking about reduced class sizes for the foreseeable future so the thought of players jostling at corners and having full contact just isn’t going to happen!! I listened to Simon Jordan on TalkSPORT this morning.........whatever you think of him or that channel have a listen and then make up your mind whether you think it’ll start up again.
  10. Until social distancing policies change there will be no football in the UK. The moment the government let football do one thing whilst everyone else does something different will lead to everything that has been achieved so far being undone instantaneously.
  11. I believe I worked out that his ‘track’ is 59M!
  12. Actually it may be worse than that. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/premier-league-study-serie-plans-21860476
  13. So they’re suggesting bars and restaurants won’t be open until Christmas at the earliest. You can add sports stadia to that list as well, if true. So is that behind closed doors football or no football until then? By the time we get back to ‘normal’ the football landscape, along with everything else, will look very very different.
  14. Looking at what we know, what’s anticipated and the timescales forget about being in a full stadium much before the 2021/22 season. Then in order to accommodate social distancing stadium capacities may be halved.
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