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  1. Great goal and against an ex-Saints keeper too!
  2. According to Google..............🤣🤣 What is James Ward-Prowse worth? With a market value of £27.00m, James Ward-Prowse is ranked number 1 among all players of at Southampton. With a market value of £27.00m, James Ward-Prowse is ranked number 78 among all players of the Premier League.28 May 2021
  3. It’d hold on to your hat if I were you............. I expect your rise is right behind this one!!
  4. Should have done this 5 games ago. Staggering mismanagement at a senior level to let him continue.
  5. At least next season those in the Kingsland will have the opportunity to pay inflated ticket prices to sit on a comfy seat.........
  6. That letter should be sent to Talk Sport. I could imagine Jim White, Simon Jordan and Adrian Durham having some fun at Saints expense especially if given our final league position. You never know it may focus the club. I live up north now and gave up my Block 31 ST when I left. I would not have renewed at that price. I see Saints about a dozen times a season but it wouldn’t bother me if we went down. With the lack of 3pm Saturday KO’s now in the Prem I’m getting a pair of ST’s at Crewe Alex next season. Best seats in the house for £400 a pair - that’s £17 for both of us per game. Proper f
  7. A must win game for them. Hope they play better than last week!!
  8. If we keep it tight should get away with just the 0-1.......another lacklustre display
  9. 83 minutes and no shots on target......
  10. Absolutely. I had to switch over and watch the play off. Absolutely superb!!
  11. Couldn’t blame any of our better players for going. Club in free fall, we’re happy with getting beaten because we weren’t tonked. Says it all
  12. RIP Alan. Taken far too soon
  13. Likewise. I live in the NW and have been in the home end with my young lad at Goodson and Anfield. The blue lot are great the red lot are poisonous
  14. Ralph just been interviewed on TalkSPORT. Wow!! Same old tripe and it’s little wonder we are where we are!!
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