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  1. A couple? You're optimistic! 18 - 23
  2. Thank god, the European football sideshow can do one.
  3. That's how I feel, it would be a shame to lose him as the club probably won't have anyone equally as good, let alone better to replace him. He's not a world-beater and won't go to a top club, but, he's done a decent job in Hassenhuttl's system. But like anyone else who doesn't want to be at Saints - f**k off, don't care, you're just a number. Why not stay and attempt to be a legend? Football is tiresome.
  4. Get well soon Ronald! Top top bloke and my favourite Saints manager of recent times.
  5. Hasn't Cocu also bought Martin O'Neil's house in Winchester? Or did Michael Owen still own that one, I forget.
  6. This would be great (in my opinion), football men through and through, all with decent contacts and scouting system. Potentially a great fit for developing that "conveyor belt of talent" from around the world and then selling the players at massive prices. However, I think Abramovich wants to offload Chelsea and what about Palace (https://www.cityam.com/crystal-palace-hawked-for-sale-in-210m-deal/) and Watford (https://www.football.london/watford-fc/news/watford-gino-pozzo-takeover-offer-15098886)? So Saints are far from the only club out there for sale at the right price. Without researching it, you could probably add Norwich, Burnley and Bournemouth, although all far less attractive.
  7. Against Blackburn? I fell asleep in that game in the Kingsland / Northam corner. Genuinely.
  8. Agree with you mate, totally - it's about meeting up and having a laugh, the football now is a very expensive and annoying side show. Don't miss football.
  9. Utterly ridiculous, football is nothing. Lives matter, football (or any sport for that matter) does not.
  10. It wasn't about the money, read the posts and stopped being fooled by media rubbish planted by Reed and co to paint Koeman out to be the money grabber.
  11. The last league match at the Dell vs Arsenal. It wasn't the best match, Saints were fairly fortunate to be drawing and then boom, Matt Le Tiss. That is the one game that stands out for me - amazing, never heard anything like that when it went in.
  12. Yes ... their signings were so much better than Saints' ... we missed out on some gems, like Shawcross.
  13. Very depressing if that is the case and of course you're 100% right, football is irrelevant, let alone "finishing" a season.
  14. Best wishes pal, I hope she pulls through!
  15. I don't care who orchestrated this, but bloody well done Saints - you make me proud to be a Southampton boy, despite the Premier League being sh*t. Well done indeed.
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