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  1. Just spell properly and stop being argumentative. Bellend.
  2. It's okay with no TV or radio. When you get ill and can barely breathe, a doctor will turn up and put leaches on you to draw out the illness and possibly draw a little black circle on your hand. Prick.
  3. Yes, true. In the BMJ; https://www.bmj.com/content/374/bmj.n2074
  4. Quite. I had 3 vaccines and still got it - due to my chest condition I'm bloody glad I did have 3 vaccines though. However I fail to understand why people think being vaccinated means you won't get it?? It just stops you (potentially) being hospitalised, or worse and it also is more likely to prevent more mutations as it's wiped out from your body quicker. This is not rocket science.
  5. The BMJ is the only source I will look at or refer to; https://www.bmj.com/content/375/bmj.n2514 No, flu deaths are not inclusive of a prior 28 day period (explanation in the text). Yes, Covid is far more dangerous than flu (again, explanation in the text).
  6. I'd far rather watch this particular Saints team than the bunch of charlatans parading around in the Premier League.
  7. Wait until tomorrow when you fall asleep ... I had 2x AstraZeneca, then a 3rd which was Pfizer about a month ago - the next day I just couldn't stay awake, it was weird.
  8. That's not "on TV" is it? And not an obvious place to look, neither is ITV4, who looks there? Didn't the 3rd round draw always used to be on BBC1??
  9. Was that on TV? Couldn't see it anywhere? Killing the FA Cup!?
  10. Spot on. Exactly how I'd summarise it. The second half was utterly predictable, something has to change.
  11. I'd take beating Sunderland 8-0 and finishing 6th (qualifying for Europe) every day. But there is no way Koeman would come back.
  12. In a change to previous stances, I am not going to have a go at the kids filming this as the world has moved on and the've gone a decent job ... however, no one gives a f*ck about chips or snow ... What annoyed me about this is seeing grown adults wankering (?) each other, no more than 1 or 2 metres apart and nothing happening. Are people really that f**king wet now??
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