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  1. We all know that Britain is the most racist and homophobic country on Earth, so they'll be commonplace in Qatar of course.
  2. Because the general public are wet and insipid. Absolute c*nts should've been booted off at the stop.
  3. The black box weeded out players with bad attitudes apparently. What utter tripe.
  4. This. Hassenhuttl can do one, along with MOST of the team. 2x 9-0 defeats, worst run in Saints' top flight history, horrible.
  5. "yes bruv, another prem season, I'll maybe get me a second Lamborghini Urus now but in gold." "nah bruv, I'm buying a house in the Turks and Caicos" "Fat bruv" i.e. I don't think they really give a f**k. They can all do one, one by one, following Hassenhuttl. Bye.
  6. Exactly. In previous years I've been shocked at how few points the "UK" has got, but that song was drivel, with no show what-so-ever and he looked like some random pissed bloke from the Standing Order. That paired with how much this country is hated, I'm not surprised it got 0 points.
  7. How the f**k do you say that anyway? Eye-lid?
  8. I've turned the BBC off the last 2 days. Bleating on none stop about THEIR program with Diana, Harry wittering on and on and on. F**king tedious. I would love to challenge the license fee now.
  9. Patrick Bateman (that c*nt / f*cking bore)
  10. It does get an OTT amount of coverage now, mainly on the BBC, but I guess that is making up for the fact that it has been TOTALLY ignored for years. Yes, the level is not as good, but they're mostly (I believe) not paid massive amounts of money to be professional athletes who kick a ball, they just kick a ball. I think it's crap and I choose not to watch it, but then I only watch Saints matches anyway as football has generally become a load of bollocks. I'm waiting for the first woman to appear in a man's team in the top 4 divisions, THEN we'll see proper advancement. I'm being se
  11. 3 years ago, did any of these pr*cks even know what a pronoun was?
  12. He had a couple of decent preseason appearances a few years ago and looked good in a couple of youth matches, then looked decent in a couple of prem matches (i.e. the Old Trafford one), but there is something not right about him. He's not good enough for this league, bye.
  13. Yes, because humans are f**king idiots and don't listen to guidance. How hard is it ffs?
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