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  1. I don't think I've seen a full up ground at any match on TV, so I think there are a couple of things a) pricing overall for football is ridiculous right now, especially considering the rises in costs of everything else like energy, so people maybe prioritising and b) there are still a lot of people who don't want to sit in a crowd which is fair enough.
  2. That was incredible - it was a brilliant display of tennis all round and both players showed maturity beyond their years. Amazing!
  3. I never saw her play but I'd heard that she was ridiculously good. Sadly I've just read that she's another ex-footballer suffering from dementia. Lowe ditching the team around the same time as the radio station rings bells now, yes. I know the station was making around a £250k loss a year and I presume the women's team was equally seen as a money pit with no revenue. Shame.
  4. I caught a couple of the "WSL" matches on the BBC this weekend, well, bits of them - I couldn't get into them, but then I wouldn't bother watching Man City vs Everton in the Premier League either as I don't support either team. However, I had zero understanding of the league pyramid and the league Southampton women were in, so I had to look it up. Perhaps the BBC should try to focus on how it's structured and explain that, rather than worry about having 1000 pundits at matches. I could get into Saints winning 9-0 every week ... I remember Saints women were a decent top flight tea
  5. Sadly, yes. Although to be fair that Fiesta is very well cared for.
  6. TVs are one thing that have changed massively in 10-12 years. A bloke on my team at work has just bought a 77" LG. It costs about £3k if not more at the thing is a monster. 10 years ago that wouldn't have been a thing, and I think 42, maybe 50 was the biggest and people were still debating LED vs Plasma. Personally I've gone through 4 main (in the lounge) TVs in this time, with each being pushed to the next room as the new one comes in, bar one, a Panasonic, which was rubbish and died completely. But I also remember not that long ago, perhaps 2002, buying a fat 32" CRT widescreen and bei
  7. We will never hear about him again, I'm sure of that.
  8. He was claaaaass today, looks like he's filled out a bit too.
  9. Many many many opportunities to put that match to bed earlier, Newcastle weren't very good and still managed to score 2 easy goals. The team overall were decent though, except in my opinion for Djnepo (should've scored) and Stephens. But it's not far off being a decent team, just need more killer instinct and 100% concentration in defence.
  10. Looking forward to seeing him throw some this league's whingers and divers around, welcome il gorilla!
  11. Agreed, it was stupidly busy. I've done it 4 times in my 45 years and this was by far the busiest and most hideous. And this is no word of a lie, but we saw some stupid chav trying to go up in high heels, I'm losing faith in the human race faster and faster. Having said that, it was a decent one to do with a 7 year old - who beasted us to the top and he absolutely loved it! We're booked in for Fort William area next summer, I'm looking forward to that more as there are quieter peaks to tackle, away from tourists, plus Skye isn't far away.
  12. Morons on Snowdon leaving litter and trampling the local ecology by straying off the paths. Utter helmets. (Caveat; I did tell someone today on said mountain, to pick up their empty plastic pot that contained olives, to much whinging and grunting. And yes it was stupidly busy up there)
  13. Funnily enough, I saw one of these today, pristine condition, in classic light brown poo colour, in Llanberis. It did look perfect though, so full marks to the owner.
  14. Not quite, it's not that inbred. They just seem to churn out people who aren't shy retiring wall flowers - I've had some decent laughs and nights out there.
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