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  1. They are all utter sh*t. But I note they are done by a "graphic designer from the US". That would explain why they look sh*t. Graphic design in the US is way behind anything over here, hence the love of CAPITALISING EVERYTHING. Ugh. The Saints badge should be left alone. This is discussed every year, just leave it the f**k alone.
  2. Rubbish! You ask users of a product questions about that product, from the comfort of their own home, you get first hand views which you can easily draw a trend from with very few people. In fact, the more people you ask, the more diminishing the returns. You check the data of your product, how many weeks of data do you need before you are told you have reached "significance"? Many. The two go hand in hand, but quant is VERY powerful as it gives you the insight and early hypotheses you need to form that product.
  3. So based on Crook's previous record, that'll never happen ...
  4. I agree, it's unfortunate for him that the club was an utter sh*t show between Koeman and Hassenhuttl, with managers and leaders who were clueless. If Sims was 18/19 NOW, then I think we'd see him more. I absolutely get where you're coming from.
  5. To be honest, he'll be a decent Championship player. He seems a good guy, but already there are probably kids younger than him coming through that are equal or better. I actually think Tella looks decent ... let's see.
  6. Send a message to Virgil? WTF. "Hi Virgil, it must be so hard receiving a multi-million pound salary which would set 99.9999% of people up for life, in very nice surroundings and having the very best medical care and massages money can buy. F*ck off."
  7. Agreed. I thought he played quite well and maturely, ensuring Saints got that point nailed.
  8. This guy must be seriously unfit? Or, was he the player that had Coronavirus and was actually more ill than they thought?!
  9. Not sure if Salisu is going to be any good, but at the moment, Vestergard looks the best out of Stephens, him and Bednarek. Salisu + Vestergard to start soon? Have to say I'm disappointed by Bednarek though, he looked like he had potential but seems to be going nowhere, literally.
  10. A wink does not stop you being boring.
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