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  1. I’m still waiting! They couldn’t organise the proverbial piss up in a brewery!
  2. I was unsuccessful for West Ham so was hoping for Liverpool but no crowds now for the foreseeable future. Almost think they should refund up to Easter now and stop the fiddling about. I’m still waiting for last two refunds too.
  3. Just got this email from the club - no phone call for me but then I’m in the cheap seats aka the Family Centre. With Southampton in tier 2 of the government’s local restriction tier system, the club will be able to allow a maximum of 2,000 supporters into the stadium for our match against Sheffield United on Sunday 13th December. You previously confirmed that you would like to be considered for selection to attend matches in October and November. To retain the same details and group you may have previously selected for the match against Sheffield United, and further fixtu
  4. Is the club so desperate for money they are now offering LD sponsored shirts at a still high price with the chance of winning a prize? Just received an email saying “buy the shirt we never ‘lost’ in”.
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