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    If you lost out, that out, that is your problem for being a tight arse, and/or a bit daft for not ensuring you have cover.
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    My in laws cancelled with TUI in March Lost £150, just shy of £3k returned Worth every penny given the state of the world Booking a DIY holiday is always a risk, pandemic or not. I lost a booking via Hotels.Com once, due to being a tight arse and not choosing a booking with a cancellation policy.
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    if you cancel your holiday within the standard deposit period, you get a refund. the deposit period is normally ends ~10 weeks prior to departure I (and members of my extended family) easily cancelled our summer 2020 holiday's in March. Little quibble (I say little, they tried offering me a deal to take a credit note, but I wanted my money back, which hit the credit card within 5 working days).
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    Site issues

    Horrible performance on a mobile device
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    Unsure what you are getting at.. if you booked a holiday last year for this summer, there have been ample opportunity to use your own judgement as we entered a once in a century event, to cancel and re-coup your money. If you missed that window, then no one else to blame If you booked a holiday during a pandemic, life lessons are needed if you book anything (pandemic or not) without any form of refund facility - you take your chances
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    Do you need to quarantine if you travel from Gibraltar? Makes it even more bizarre if not
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    How come I booked a holiday in September (for jul this year)and was able to cancel and get a refund mid March My in-laws also managed the same, no real drama Now, if you are an idiot and missed the chance to cancel your long-term booking in good time (as we entered a once in a 100 years, global pandemic), no one else to blame really. You are an even bigger moron if you book a holiday during a pandemic
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    if it is along term booking, there would have been ample opportunity to cancel and get all/virtually all your money back at the start of this
  9. What will the top four teams be, in what order? 1. Man City. 2. Chelsea. 3. Liverpool. 4. Man United Who will get relegated? Sheffield United, Palace, Play off winner Where will Saints finish? 9th Who will have a breakthrough season for us? Vokins How many goals will Che Adams and Ings get? 35 Which PL managers will get sacked before or during the next season? Bilic, Dean Smith, Bruce, Hodgson, Moyes Which academy player/s will make their debut for us during the season? Jankewitz Which clubs will come up from the Championship next season? Watford, Forest, Bristol City
  10. quite possibly one of the most bizarre statements on here in a long time
  11. Nothing to do with BLM https://twitter.com/HappyHarryMedia/status/1287068184256929793?s=20
  12. Decent 1st half, brilliant 2nd half 1dt half felt lethargic, lots of backwards passing. Vestergaard proven again to be appalling unless going for a header. Lucky not to concede more than 1. Sheff u defend very well to be fair. 2nd half we totally dominated, should have been more than 3. Adams with some good goals, Redmond very dangerous, JwP brilliant Redmond my MoM, just shading Adams.
  13. The 2016 article is headlined: “IMF: Brexit hit to UK could be ‘pretty bad to very, very bad’”. Published barely a month before the vote, the story cites an IMF report which claims: “A vote for exit would precipitate a protracted period of heightened uncertainty, leading to financial market volatility and a hit to output.” However, fast-forward four years and things do not appear to be quite so bleak, with Mr Winstone including for comparison a story published yesterday headlined: “IMF predicts stable growth after Britain’s exit from EU”. Speaking four years ago Ms Lagarde said the impact of Brexit would have “pretty bad, to very, very bad” consequences for the UK. She is now backtracking on that statement
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    anyone who didnt cancel their holiday (for this summer/year) months ago, gets what they deserve
  15. https://twitter.com/Holbornlolz/status/1287064655857426433?s=20
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    Totally agree. Goldeneye is one of the greatest games ever! I remember Street Fighter 2 on the SNES came out, it was an incredible success, despite the game itself being very expensive in 1991 - even compared to today's prices. I love old video games and have various emulators with thousands of games on my phone. Amiga, NES, SNES, Master System, Mega Drive, Various Gameboy's and PS1 (with only a few games as they are large in size)
  17. just a bit of London for the day https://twitter.com/Cromwell2020/status/1286038797889699840?s=20
  18. Yep, London is still s shit hole Just many more sliced, diced and shot over the last few days
  19. Heard a bit of hype but only seem clips etc but watching tonight's game He looks the business. Awesome goal too.... potential big future there
  20. We should go for Eze from QPR Looks an excellent talent
  21. yet the ratings have the Tory's pulling away again.....
  22. Batman


    You sound very jealous of him
  23. It may be my own bias, but Burnley or a Big Sam team do not tend to play out from the back, probably do not expect their defenders to be nimble on the ball....we kind of do as we use our keeper as a sweeper in many cases and pass around the back line a fair bit as our fullbacks push on...much like Hoj (and others) like to pass backwards....... That is where vest is pretty crap...pretty good in the air but ask to play....not good at all
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