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  1. He could just not dive in constantly? I’ve never known a CB be caught wrong side as often as he does. Vestergaard doesn’t do that?
  2. We miss Romeu horribly, one of our most under appreciated players for years. He was our player of the season until he got injured, he ran games from the midfield, such a shame we lost him.
  3. Yeah i’ve never rated centre halves like that, Dunk at Brighton a great example. I think Bednarek is better than he’s shown since January but he’s nowhere near as good as people on here act like he is.
  4. Should make people finally start to appreciate how good he is though
  5. I’d happily concede another 6 if it meant I never had to listen to Don Goodman ever again
  6. Bednarek must be gutted Stephens isn’t playing anymore to take the blame for everything, he’s fucking useless
  7. I couldn’t care less about this result, but I do care that Ralph doesn’t make a sub when we’re 3-0 down after 70 minutes with our most important game for about 3 years on Sunday.
  8. Presumably they’re going to show our penalty claim after the break
  9. Anyone gonna tell Don Goodman that ‘dominance’ doesn’t win any points? He’s doing my head in
  10. Agreed - a strong performance and comfortable win, with key players looking sharp, and I may start to allow myself to get a bit excited for the semi final. It’s the hope that kills you!
  11. I could definitely see the temptation to wrap a couple of players in cotton wool for Sunday but think we’ve just got to go out with our best team to win the game. KWP was a bit rusty against Burnley so could probably do with tonight’s game to get up to speed anyway. We can’t not play him for every game after the semi if we got through, to keep him fit for the final, so might as well just take the chance.
  12. ‘The Saganowski Effect’ haha, love that we all have the same comparison in mind when it comes to loan players giving their all for a contract and then turning it in after that. Great player in that loan season.
  13. Since it ‘even out’ i’m hoping we’ve saved all ours up for the FA Cup games, couple of 4-0 wins all goals being penalties seems to be what we’re owed.
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