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  1. Pretty unbelievable that he spent one year on loan from Swansea and it was at Leicester where he won the Premier League! What a story.
  2. To me, that injury against Villa really knocked him. He was absolutely flying, had just stuck one in the top corner and stood there like he was the king of the world, and then he gets another knee injury. You could see for the rest of the season, the frustration he had that he was no longer at that peak anymore. It knocked him for six. I didn’t see any lack of effort, just frustration, with himself and with the team. It’s so easy to say a player who isn’t playing well has had his head turned, but I didn’t see anything to suggest that at all.
  3. Surely this is dead in the water now. A shame for the lad as he clearly wants to leave, but United seem pretty rubbish when it comes to getting rid/letting go of out of favour players.
  4. Phil Jones should’ve made that move to a Saints/West Ham/Burnley about 3 years ago, the ship has sailed for him now unfortunately I think. He’s very reckless and unrefined, which is a cause of a lot of his injuries, as mentioned above he’s not Jonny Evans.
  5. If he was as good as people say, surely a Championship club at least would’ve taken a punt on him. I was surprised how slow and laboured he looked on the occasions I watched him. Good luck to him, a few players have had to drop to the Scottish leagues to then go on to carve out a very good career. James Maddison spent some time up there and now look at him.
  6. People say this all the time, but Ings is our first 20 a season man since returning to the Prem, yet we’ve finished 6th, 7th and 8th with our strikers barely hitting double figures. Loads of Brighton’s signings have flopped, they’ve spent way more than us, and yet they drop more points from winning positions than anybody. Clearly scoring goals is not their only issue.
  7. Chelsea do this all the time - there’s big money in selling players to the Championship these days, it’s a good business model if you get it right. N’Lundulu is probably on a pittance compared to our other players, but if he does really well at Lincoln and a Championship team want him, he’s probably worth 4/5mil.
  8. I’m not saying players from small clubs don’t get picked, i’m saying a lot of players have been picked in the past just because they play for a big club. Rice and Phillips are both brilliant players, and would’ve been my choice to be the CM pairing for England - but did any English CM’s that were competing with them and play for bigger clubs get left out? I can’t think of any. Henderson would’ve started ahead of either of them if he’d been fit, but actually Rice is a much better footballer imo, so thankfully he wasn’t fit.
  9. I’m not sure you could ever really argue that some players haven’t had England caps based on the teams they play for. There was a time pretty much any player who’d played a minute for Spurs under Poch was getting an England call up. Harry Winks and Ryan Mason have 11 caps between them. Eric Dier had to have a completely disastrous season for Spurs this year to finally drop out of the England squad - he has 45 caps!! History shows plenty of players get into the England squad a lot easier if they play for one of the bigger clubs. And no, playing for a bigger club doesn’t necessarily make y
  10. But did they leave anyone out from Man United or Man City? Mason Greenwood was going to go if he wasn’t injured - what had he done to justify that?
  11. That Matt Law is a Spurs writer and was so far off the money with all the Kane stuff, pretty much said exactly the opposite of everything that happened. Not sure i’d believe a word of what he says tbh.
  12. I do think credit to him for wanting to leave to just play football, rather than leave to sit on the bench for a bigger club. Lots of young players aren’t waiting around anymore, and want to get games straight away, as we’ve seen with Sancho in particular but there’s a few more young players who have left PL clubs to go abroad for game time. It’s a shame all we saw was that horror show against United, I hope he goes on to do well.
  13. Lots on Twitter that Brandon Williams’ season long loan is about to be finalised. Fabrizio Romano said to have confirmed it in a video.
  14. I thought Vestergaard was really good against England, stepped into midfield and won a few great tackles to stop England attacks too. Agree with the feeling towards Sam Matterface though, dreadful. Remember listening to him on TalkSport a few times and thinking how glad I was he doesn’t commentate on TV games, now he’s commentating on the biggest games in my lifetime ffs.
  15. Of the strikers in the Prem that are ‘available’, Tammy Abraham would be the best/most exciting probably. But as mentioned, i’m sure the figures mentioned around him have been ridiculous.
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