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  1. Ivan Toney if we’re going to dip into the Championship
  2. Caleb Watts the only one i’ve not heard of before and he’s been the best so far!
  3. Haha was just thinking this - I remember seeing someone got him a first touch practice board for Secret Santa, I can see why!
  4. I like the look of the lineup. I can’t say the FA Cup ever interests me at this stage but i’ve been looking forward to this fame, excited to see Chauke in particular and for N’Lundulu to get a start. Come on boys!
  5. People keep saying we have a really small squad because of lack of investment. Aren’t we currently missing 9 first team players? Think most teams would struggle to field a strong bench in that scenario. We’re still starting almost every game with 11 senior starters. Not sure how big our squad is supposed to be!
  6. It’s always felt like Spurs would be the one. Kane surely won’t be there forever, and Ings would be a good replacement and has shown he’s more than happy to do the defensive work that Mourinho requires.
  7. Didn’t realise Steve Cotterill had ended up in intensive care with Covid and thankfully has just come out, but obviously won’t be there tomorrow night.
  8. Love Hummel, great training kit and have had a few kits with Saturday league teams and they’re always a good fit. Really happy with it, they’ve got to re-do that Draper Tools kit at some point haven’t they. Maybe we’ll just get an ‘authentic’ retro version to buy instead, like with our own brand kits where we can still use the proper badge and sponsor due to having the rights.
  9. Bednarek made two absolute clangers last night, and luckily for him Leicester wasted the chances. Then i’m seeing people saying he was absolutely superb last night. Both players made two mistakes, one of them had his punished both times and one didn’t. They’re the first goals he’s conceded in 4 games..
  10. Ref cost us, simple as that. Chasing a game for 45 minutes when we were in control first half.
  11. The last time Demarai Gray moved clubs it was during the January transfer window. That club then ended the season as Premier League champions... 😉
  12. Brilliant, thanks, hadn’t seen that. Didn’t realise Djenepo came back out to watch, nice to see him smiling with Ralph at the end. What a team.
  13. Completely agree - great fee at the time for a player we didn’t even really need bar a short term injury for Clyne which got him in the team in the first place. Most people probably don’t even remember he played for us, has done next to nothing for any club he’s played for since. Think his only decent period was playing holding midfield for Fulham after being poor for them at CB, they seemed to like him when he moved further forward.
  14. I want the game to go ahead for footballing reasons, but a bit worried about the thought of us ending in a situation of missing anyone important the week after if their outbreak hasn’t been contained as well as they hoped! But i’m probably not clued up enough to know if that’s a likely scenario or not.
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