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  1. If anyone thinks that, after selling JWP, we would use the funds to "rebuild the team", They surely haven't been paying attention.
  2. Anyone got a non Amazon Prime link for us overseas listeners? I have prime, but you can't watch the football overseas.
  3. Anyone got a decent stream? The one I was using has started failing.
  4. You're right, mate, it is weird for an adult to discuss international politics. Good spot. I feel foolish.
  5. Just to check, you do know you're a grown man who is widely known for spending hours of his life squabbling with strangers and obsessing over other people's opinions on a football message board, right? I mean, nothing wrong with it, but, while we're on the subject of weird things adults do for entertainment...
  6. Insanity. I can understand being fed up with seeing im on too many things, but the guy is incredibly quick witted. His sense of humour is pretty dry though, so perhaps just not your thing.
  7. One thread that I've never even considered opening. I can't imagine how it could possibly be funny or interesting
  8. I remember the days wen Return of the Jedi was the embarrassing, crappy one and we used to cringe at ewoks. It shows how bad things became that it's now one of the good ones. A franchise of eleven films so far and none of them have been great since the second one.
  9. Live and Let Die as a Bond theme. A great intro, followed by a really banal load of crap. Earrings and nail varnish, neither of them make anyting more attractive than they were. I'd include false lashes and false nails, but everyone knows they are just crap overweight people use instead of eating less and exercising more. Saunas. It's just an uncomfortably hot, steamy room where it's hard to breathe. Cream, it's just bland Sweetcorn, ruins any food it comes into contact with and clearly as little nutritional value.
  10. Nice highlights reel and Iggy is always a good soundtrack. The only detractor is that the whole point of the "Choose life" list is that everything in it is supposed to be useless crap.
  11. They're only talking about counting all of the postal votes sent in on time, so that just seems proper and democratic. It's not as if they are counting votes cast after stations closed. Trump's complaining, but that's just a continuation of his efforts to inhibit a section of the voting public that is largely democrat. Of course votes cast in time should be counted, no matter how slow the post is. I'd imagine most places will have declared before Friday anyway, as the amounts of remaining votes will probably be insignificant by then.
  12. Even if Biden scrapes a win, he's almost certainly failed to take control of the Senate, so he'd only be a weak leader with the equivalent of no majority.
  13. My H key is playing up. I'm not trying to sound like a geezer.
  14. aven't read this thread at all for a long time, but thought some might like this prediction page. With Trump's recent improvements in key states, I had the whole election coming down to wat appens in Pennsylvania. I think things could go either way right now and after 2016, I certainly wouldn't bet against another Trump victory. https://www.270towin.com/
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