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  1. Still only October and plenty of time to turn things around but, BUT; I’m worried. If we don’t win on Saturday, even if that doesn’t mean the Championship next year, it makes a relegation struggle look very likely.
  2. I’m proud to be a Saint’s fan and have been since boyhood. But one thing that grates is seeing the word ‘Bet’ on the player’s shirts. I’m not proud about that. If gambling only ruins a few lives, even that’s too many. Bolton Wanderers have cut all ties with the gambling industry. Instead, the club will support charities that help people with gambling addictions. I would feel very proud if that was my club. Don’t get me wrong. I’d still want Saints to score a sackful of goals if they were to play Bolton. But the Wanderers are setting an example our club ought to follow. Let’s have a na
  3. Preferred over Che against West Ham but for me, he was the weak spot up front. Poor decision making and poor execution. Given the ball for a clear run into the Area he hesitated far too long, losing the ball. Having failed to shoot when he could, moments later he attempted a hopeless shot from a wide angle, instead of passing. My feeling is he won’t be in Ralph’s starting line next time. Not sure he should even be on the bench.
  4. We are well provided for with international strikers (Scotlnd, Norway, Albania) all scoring at international level. But the first choice for Saints is probably the non-international, Adam Armstrong. Who should play alongside? Stick with Adams, using one or more of the others as attacking midfield? Or is it time to give Aams a rest?
  5. The people running football seem detrimental make themselves look ever more silly. Che’s goal was credited to the player it struck on the way into the net. Under this new ‘rule’ it will be interesting to see how many goals this season are scored by goalkeepers.
  6. So disapointed by the Everton game that I've not brought mysel;f to watch the highlights, excpet to see Adam Armstrong's goal. I was astonished by Ralph's team selection. To leave out Walker-Peters and Bednarek was asking for trouble. His in-game management was questionable, no it wasn't, it was non-existent. His half-time talk was followed by an Everton goal within two mintues. He failed to respond by strengthening the side, despite having two first-choice defenders on the bench and attacking players, Redmond, Armstrong and Elyounousii available. Only when the team were 3-1 down di
  7. Happy to see him go. That he’s failed to attract one of the big clubs tells me that he’s only interested in the money and that none of them wanted him. It’s fair enough to chase the pay at this late stage in his career, although he’s already so well paid that it smacks of greed. He’s on the downward path, already not the player he was 2 years ago and he misses too much game time due to injury. If the club spend the money wisely we could be better off without him.
  8. Sorry if JWP is personally disappointed at leaving the England squad but it pleases me that there are no Saints' players involved with the boring and useless national team. I gave up supporting England a long time ago. A summer holiday and a rest will be far better for JWP and Danny Ings. My only interest is how well they perform for the Saints and this will help them. As for England, the press and TV will continue to overhype the team, the players and the wealthy clubs that employ them. Not interested.
  9. As Bob Dylan said:, he was so much younger then, he's older than that now. He's not the player he was last year. Certainly scores some goals that other players wouldn't but even allowing for absence through injuries, he's no longer a prolific a scorer. Even if he stays, and with Nathan Tella coming through, it feels as if we need another quality striker, in which case do we actually need Danny if he can only be counted on for about 20 games?
  10. Well put. Another season of getting no where. Time for a clear out management, coaches and players. Oh! And ownership.
  11. Just seen this on the BBC website. It doesn’t say whether a yellow was substituted instead. I should hope not because the decision was 100% wrong. The primary fault lies with the Video Referee, Moss, who substituted his own incorrect judgement and failed to ask the match official to watch the incident on the pitch-side monitor. Had he done so, the decision of the independent panel shows it highly probable the ref would have cancelled the card immediately. We are still left with an appalling injustice, that Southampton had to play for 80 minutes with the team one player short. At the ver
  12. So true. The appeal against the red card given by mistake to Vestergaaard will test the integrity of referee management and the VAR system. I don't criticise the ref for showing the card because in real time, and from where he was positioned he couldn't see that Vestergaard had played the ball.But the VAR referee could, or should, have seen that and made the mistake of substituting his own decision over that of the match ref, who should have been advised to look at the incident on the pitch-side monitor. So we have two mistakes, one by the referee, a genuine error that should have bee
  13. its mostly been said about the red card, although early comments didn't appreciate that the Video Ref had studied the incident before advising the match ref. The referee made an error by failing to see that Vestergaard was first to the ball and had put it beyond Vardy with a pass back to the keeper. Not only was it not a foul, but neither was it a goal scoring opportunity. This must be one of the worst mistakes by a Video Ref that there has been because not only did he fail to realise that Vestergaard had played the ball, but he also failed to recommend that the match ref should view the pi
  14. Many people will have assumed that Ings failure to renew is because he believes a better paying contract is likely from elsewhere. If he's correct, I'd agree with those who say let him go. The club could use the money, both fee and wages for a replacement with better longer-term prospects. I'd let Adams go as well and use the combined funds for a higher grade player. We have cover for the second and third strikers from players already in the squad. With Ings and Adams we are in the bottom half of the table and need to do better.
  15. Very unfair. Some fans do allow wishful thinking to give them hope of an unexpected result, whereas others are realistic, recognising that it's more likely the best team will win. Saints' supporters who admit that Leicester has the better team don't want to see us lose, they are just being honest about their expectations. Expecting the game to go according to form is logical but we all know that the unexpected can happen. It seems reasonable to expect one result while hoping for another.
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