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  1. Very unfair. Some fans do allow wishful thinking to give them hope of an unexpected result, whereas others are realistic, recognising that it's more likely the best team will win. Saints' supporters who admit that Leicester has the better team don't want to see us lose, they are just being honest about their expectations. Expecting the game to go according to form is logical but we all know that the unexpected can happen. It seems reasonable to expect one result while hoping for another.
  2. The first choice starting XI looks quite settled, including Redmond ahead of Adams at the moment. Adams' awful miss against Burnley hasn't helped him. But in the League the club is only playing for places, whereas an FA Cup semi-final is a rare opportunity. I feel certain that Ralph will hold some players back, not so much to rest them but to protect against injury.
  3. Che has done well enough to get international recognition, even if it is only due to having a grandmother who was born in Scotland. On the south coast, he hasn't gained a definite place in the starting line-up despite Ralph's perseverance. Maybe he's become what many people would call a squad player. When the club bought him, it felt as if there were higher expectations. These are his performance stats on the Premier League website: Goals 11 ; Goals per match 0.19; Headed goals 0; Goals with right foot 10; Goals with left foot 1; Penalties scored 0; Freekicks scored 0;
  4. Interesting how opinions vary despite being based on largely the same information. On Sunday, while commentating on the Burnley game, Adam Blackmore told Dave Merrington he thought Bednarek was his Man of the Match. If he's been "consistently rubbish", you have to wonder why the manager keeps picking him and he gets selected to play for Poland. I suppose its just that some opinions are more valid than others and some are of no value at all.
  5. Although players are credited with goal assists and records are kept, a large number of such assists are simply a crossing of the ball into the penalty area in the hope that one striker or another will make something of it. Most of the credit for a goal, rightly, will usually go to the scorer but sometimes the assist creates a chance that seemed very unlikely. There were two perfect examples in the game against Burnley. Firstly, the subtle back-heel flick by Danny Ings that gave Stuart Armstrong the opening for his goal. Quite rightly, that flick was praised by the pundits on MotD2. Th
  6. Agree. At last, Ralph has almost his whole squad to pick from. Only Romeu and Smallbone not available. What a change to see such a strong starting line-up with equally strong options on the bench.
  7. Such a surprise. The BBC is usually so accurate and reliable.
  8. In a post-match interview with a Sky reporter, Klopp claimed that Mane is not "a diver". He went on to claim that Mane falling over when prevented by KWP from getting in a shot, or crossing the ball, would have resulted in a penalty for "any other team". Klopp was letting then mask slip, showing that behind it there's a standard, dishonest moaning complainer. But he also showed that either he doesn't know Mane the player as well as he should, or he was simply lying. In that incident, it is my opinion that Mane played the old trick of trailing a leg in order to make contact with the defend
  9. Just started reading this thread but after the first dozen or so posts on page 1, I gave up, was convinced I wasn't on a site for Saints' supporters. If all people want to do is to slag off our team, why not do it where such negative attitudes will be appreciated. On a Pompy website perhaps. But, having come to this page, there's some good discussion on the VAR decisions. There's no doubt in my mind that if it had been anticipated by the original rule makers that offside would be measured by by body extremities, by millimetres, and by seconds, the rules would never have been framed as it
  10. Strange game, football. If we'd won that but Leicester had won and Liverpool/Tottenham had drawn, we'd have been level on points at second but 4th in the table instead of 3rd. So much depends on how other teams do. I'm never in favour of wanting a result decided by a penalty unless the foul is one that prevented a clear goal-scoring chance. Too often, penalties are too big a reward, on top of which, simulation has had a seriously negative effect on the game. It seemed to me that a string of lapses led to the Arsenal goal, so I'd put the result down to midfield defensive errors, rath
  11. Come on you lot. Let's assume the manager of the team that's currently top of the table knows what he's doing. Last thing he needs is advice from a bunch of amateurs watching on a screen. The criticism I have is for the biased commentary on Prime.
  12. Experience says that an opportunity like we have tonight ends up as a disappointment. But the team is NOT the old Southampton. If my Mum was doing this fixture on her football pools coupon, she’d see the team in 4th away to the team in 15th and put it down as an away banker. I reckon my Mum would have it right.
  13. I've been a Saints' fan since before we got promoted to Div2 in the 1960s. I don't remember the pessimistic element that some fans have today as always being there, even when we had the spell back in Div2 in the 1970s. Perhaps today's fans have been affected by the relegation struggles of the 1990s and the drop to League1. We had the bounce back after Marcus bought the club but recent years have mostly been in the lower half of the Premier League table. But 2020, has been a revelation with no reason the expect anything other than a good win tomorrow. This is an ideal time to play at home a
  14. People can moan about VAR but realistically, all it did was make Ings the goal scorer instead of JWP.
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