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  1. Sorry if JWP is personally disappointed at leaving the England squad but it pleases me that there are no Saints' players involved with the boring and useless national team. I gave up supporting England a long time ago. A summer holiday and a rest will be far better for JWP and Danny Ings. My only interest is how well they perform for the Saints and this will help them. As for England, the press and TV will continue to overhype the team, the players and the wealthy clubs that employ them. Not interested.
  2. As Bob Dylan said:, he was so much younger then, he's older than that now. He's not the player he was last year. Certainly scores some goals that other players wouldn't but even allowing for absence through injuries, he's no longer a prolific a scorer. Even if he stays, and with Nathan Tella coming through, it feels as if we need another quality striker, in which case do we actually need Danny if he can only be counted on for about 20 games?
  3. Well put. Another season of getting no where. Time for a clear out management, coaches and players. Oh! And ownership.
  4. Just seen this on the BBC website. It doesn’t say whether a yellow was substituted instead. I should hope not because the decision was 100% wrong. The primary fault lies with the Video Referee, Moss, who substituted his own incorrect judgement and failed to ask the match official to watch the incident on the pitch-side monitor. Had he done so, the decision of the independent panel shows it highly probable the ref would have cancelled the card immediately. We are still left with an appalling injustice, that Southampton had to play for 80 minutes with the team one player short. At the ver
  5. So true. The appeal against the red card given by mistake to Vestergaaard will test the integrity of referee management and the VAR system. I don't criticise the ref for showing the card because in real time, and from where he was positioned he couldn't see that Vestergaard had played the ball.But the VAR referee could, or should, have seen that and made the mistake of substituting his own decision over that of the match ref, who should have been advised to look at the incident on the pitch-side monitor. So we have two mistakes, one by the referee, a genuine error that should have bee
  6. its mostly been said about the red card, although early comments didn't appreciate that the Video Ref had studied the incident before advising the match ref. The referee made an error by failing to see that Vestergaard was first to the ball and had put it beyond Vardy with a pass back to the keeper. Not only was it not a foul, but neither was it a goal scoring opportunity. This must be one of the worst mistakes by a Video Ref that there has been because not only did he fail to realise that Vestergaard had played the ball, but he also failed to recommend that the match ref should view the pi
  7. Many people will have assumed that Ings failure to renew is because he believes a better paying contract is likely from elsewhere. If he's correct, I'd agree with those who say let him go. The club could use the money, both fee and wages for a replacement with better longer-term prospects. I'd let Adams go as well and use the combined funds for a higher grade player. We have cover for the second and third strikers from players already in the squad. With Ings and Adams we are in the bottom half of the table and need to do better.
  8. Very unfair. Some fans do allow wishful thinking to give them hope of an unexpected result, whereas others are realistic, recognising that it's more likely the best team will win. Saints' supporters who admit that Leicester has the better team don't want to see us lose, they are just being honest about their expectations. Expecting the game to go according to form is logical but we all know that the unexpected can happen. It seems reasonable to expect one result while hoping for another.
  9. The first choice starting XI looks quite settled, including Redmond ahead of Adams at the moment. Adams' awful miss against Burnley hasn't helped him. But in the League the club is only playing for places, whereas an FA Cup semi-final is a rare opportunity. I feel certain that Ralph will hold some players back, not so much to rest them but to protect against injury.
  10. Che has done well enough to get international recognition, even if it is only due to having a grandmother who was born in Scotland. On the south coast, he hasn't gained a definite place in the starting line-up despite Ralph's perseverance. Maybe he's become what many people would call a squad player. When the club bought him, it felt as if there were higher expectations. These are his performance stats on the Premier League website: Goals 11 ; Goals per match 0.19; Headed goals 0; Goals with right foot 10; Goals with left foot 1; Penalties scored 0; Freekicks scored 0;
  11. Interesting how opinions vary despite being based on largely the same information. On Sunday, while commentating on the Burnley game, Adam Blackmore told Dave Merrington he thought Bednarek was his Man of the Match. If he's been "consistently rubbish", you have to wonder why the manager keeps picking him and he gets selected to play for Poland. I suppose its just that some opinions are more valid than others and some are of no value at all.
  12. Although players are credited with goal assists and records are kept, a large number of such assists are simply a crossing of the ball into the penalty area in the hope that one striker or another will make something of it. Most of the credit for a goal, rightly, will usually go to the scorer but sometimes the assist creates a chance that seemed very unlikely. There were two perfect examples in the game against Burnley. Firstly, the subtle back-heel flick by Danny Ings that gave Stuart Armstrong the opening for his goal. Quite rightly, that flick was praised by the pundits on MotD2. Th
  13. Agree. At last, Ralph has almost his whole squad to pick from. Only Romeu and Smallbone not available. What a change to see such a strong starting line-up with equally strong options on the bench.
  14. Such a surprise. The BBC is usually so accurate and reliable.
  15. In a post-match interview with a Sky reporter, Klopp claimed that Mane is not "a diver". He went on to claim that Mane falling over when prevented by KWP from getting in a shot, or crossing the ball, would have resulted in a penalty for "any other team". Klopp was letting then mask slip, showing that behind it there's a standard, dishonest moaning complainer. But he also showed that either he doesn't know Mane the player as well as he should, or he was simply lying. In that incident, it is my opinion that Mane played the old trick of trailing a leg in order to make contact with the defend
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