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  1. Watching the game on a stream that provides the Sky coverage, confirms what a useless set-up they are. The slanted commentary made me turn the volume down to zero and has massively improved my enjoyment.
  2. Usually enjoy seeing team selection predictions but they are thin on the ground at the moment, perhaps because most people feel the team picks itself when everyone is fit. The position that looks like it's changed recently, is left midfield where Djenepo seems to have replaced Redmond as first choice. If Redmond has stepped up his performance in training, that could change but the first choice line-up, with Danny Ings injured, is probably: McCarthy, Walker-Peters, Vestergaard. Bednarek, Bertrand, Ward Prowse, Romeu, Djenepo, Armstrong, Walcott, Adams. Anyone disagree, and any thou
  3. Have seen this word used before, that Salisu has, or has had, "issues". It's in the remarks attributed to Verstergaard and previously, I believe Hassenhuttl said the same thing. But what are "issues"? The term is so wide as to be meaningless. Just what is the problem? Salisu's signing was publicised as the first major recruitment of the last transfer window but we have yet to see him play. Does anyone know if he's turned out for the B team? Given that Salisu's signing represents a significant proportion of the club's transfer budget, it's understandable that fans want to know more.
  4. Whatever. More interested to see what excuse the BBC use not to show our game first on MOTD. Best could be that the programme isn’t MOYesterday unless one of the big 6 is playing.
  5. One down this afternoon, three to go. Guaranteed top 4 at least at 5pm.
  6. I imagine most of us have been studying the table and the weekend's fixtures after the Newcastle result. Usually, I like to see other teams draw so that they both drop points but not at the moment. In order to stay on top a little longer, unless I'm mistaken, the results we need are:- Man U beat Everton; Wolves beat Leicester; WBA beat Tottenham; and Man City beat Liverpool. Not much to ask...
  7. I owe an apology for doubting Adams. For me, Walcott is worth a regular place in the team which presents the question of which regular starter to leave out. I no longer think Adams should will be sacrificed for Walcott but they are both well ahead of Obafemi, who has slipped out of the manager's plans. Although Walcott and Adams are partnering well in the absence of Ings, what happens in the longer term? Redmond is looking like the weaker player up front at the moment, but plays on the left, whereas Walcott is essentially a right-sided player. Armstrong's contribution against Newcastle, a
  8. The club has had a track record of poorly judged transfers, bringing in players for substantial fees, only to see them fail to hold a place in the first team. Fans all know the list of names in recent years, some sold on for a loss, others still on the club's books but loaned out. With changes in the recruitment department it was hoped this period was behind us, but now we have all this discussion over Salisu. For a fee of over £10m, most clubs would expect a player who could turn 0ut straightaway but instead, we've just had excuses. Surely, if he wasn't ready, the club should have spent
  9. Now that matches are played over several days in this television era, league position has little meaning unless there's a points gap or all clubs are on the same number of games. We've managed to drop from 3rd to 5th without playing and with Villa and Man City just below us, each with a game in hand, even 6th might be an overstatement. Even so, it would be fun seeing us at the top of the table, even if only for 24 hours.
  10. I remember watching Saints playing Newcastle in January 1970 when we both in Div One. It was the second leg of an Inter Cities Fairs Cup match, played at The Dell after a 0-0 draw in the first leg at Newcastle. The game ended 1-1 but Newcastle went through because away goals counted double. I can't recall the team that night but it may well have included Ron Davies, Jimmy Gabriel and Micky Channon.
  11. The Ralph comment I enjoyed the most this week was when he was speaking about Oriol Romeu, saying he been first choice in midfield for some time, including when Pierre was here. Didn't mind hearing a put down of an ex-player who had got too big for his boots. Tottenham paid a lot of money for a player who was second choice here.
  12. Just noticed that football is a strange game. Win a 45 minute match 3-0 and then lose a second 45min match against the same team by3-1. No wonder my Mum never won the football pools
  13. Tough on Redmond. Due to get on just when his fresh legs would have given Villa some trouble but then forced subs have denied him. Even so, Shane Long could cause them some problems.
  14. One more goal to go second. OK, might not stay there after the later games, but would be nice to see, even briefly.
  15. I still wouldn't put money on our game being the first one on MotD. That's reserved for teams based in London, Manchester and Liverpool.
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