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  1. There are rarely big crowds for midweek games (especially) with late kick-offs. It's the travel time to-and-from that presents most problems. OK if you live in So'ton and can get yourself to the ground on public transport or by car, but quite a few fans live outside the city, and some even further out in the county, and finishing work then travelling in is almost impossible, especially if you are dependent on trains, which may end up being cancelled. ( Noted: those Albion fans who were relying on a quick trip back to Brighton ended up being re-directed via Clapham - and
  2. On several occasions in the past Saints have outplayed Brighton without coming away with the points. Certainly Potter has grafted a good side together, and we might see they are more of a challenge than many people think. Aside from any media nonsense about.." a South Coast derby ", this is a game that we must win to consolidate a mid-table spot and stay clear of the drop zone. The remaining 5 games in December, (3 of which are away) are against London sides and unless we find some goal-scoring acumen, we could come away empty-handed, as none of them looks to be
  3. Seems many varied reactions to McCarthy's performances, yet much is made of the good saves he makes, but maybe people should remember that a goalkeeper is paid good money to be there and make great saves, but there should be a better analysis of how goals are conceded. Saints have concede 8 goals in the last 3 games and the majority of those can surely be put down to " keeper error ". Ever since he arrived there have been comments about McCarthy's propensity to concede goals at his near post, and it's something that the coaching staff have seemingly failed to c
  4. Obviously that one session wasn't enough.......
  5. I guess that we were both in the generation to appreciate the likes of O'Neil, Case and Walker, but even they never picked up so many yellows as Romeo has done. In many cases they just got straight reds. I won't disagree with another contributor who said Romeo was a good deal for £5 million - indeed he was, but he has slowed up somewhat from previous seasons. He hasn't hit the form he had previously, and has already been subbed off 5 times (of 12 games) this season. Just a modest 3 yellows so far, and with luck he may earn a "get-out-of-jail" card, IF he avoids th
  6. Romeu doesn't have the pace to combat fast-running youngsters, his passing is frequently off-target and he always looks as though he's just waiting for his next yellow card. We need a "hard-man" in that spot, but sadly Jimmy Case's playing days are long gone. I totally agree that Diallo had a poor game, and although his fancy footwork looks good, his final pass often went astray or fell short of the target man. JWP started at right back and allowed Tino make forward runs in first half, but after moving to MF after HT he reverted to " his normal game " ......would
  7. Che Adams had two tough games for Scotland and surely tired quicker as the game developed. I'm afraid none of the subs. worked out very well. Romeu is beginning to show his age, and the game had started to get away from us after HT. Lyanco DAJFU, but it was a goalscorer we needed.
  8. S.N.A.F.U ...again ! We were the only team in it for the first 45, then we melted and came away with the only positive stat. of 63% possession. We had 12 shots to 1 in the first half, yet managed only 1 goal. It's even worse when considering that in the last 5 Prem. fixtures we have had 73 shots ...and managed just 6 goals. Some more dubious refereeing decisions (and I can't be fined £20 grand for my comments).... Where was VAR when you needed it ? I really have tried to think positively about the prospect of having Alex McCarthy as no.1 keeper next season,
  9. Norwich - theoretically the weakest side in the league, but I bet he'd like to play against Liverpool on the 27th ...
  10. The U21's normally get hammered in these sort of Cup games, but are now leading 3-0 after 60 minutes OK we know Crawley are League Two, but it's a real lift for Dave Horseman's side that is normally full of teenagers.
  11. .....unless he continues to score for us , and their injury problem isn't solved by then..
  12. Our best strikers are supposed to be the ones we've paid big fees for, namely Adams and Armstrong. We need them to start scoring ASAP. Agreed Broja is in great form, but (according to Ralph), he was only back to training on Wednesday, a 90 minute game a.t.m. is a very big ask. I'm sure we'll see him on later in the game, but he's not "our" player and may not be here after New Year - if Chelsea decide to " play hardball" over his loan.
  13. Yes I remember it well. 0-3 down ..what fightback. George Kirby was one of the original toughie CF's - and always with a smile on his face. The O.G. went down to Peter Grummit in the Forest goal. When the cross came into the box, he and Kirby both went up together and the next moment there was Grummit AND the ball in the back of the net. Then we got to 3-3 .... What a finísh ..how did we fail to score in Extra time? The 5-0 replay at Tottenham was legend. It has gone down as Ken Wimshurst's finest game in a Saints shirt. Shame about the Semi Final at Vill
  14. .....think you may have omitted Dean Hammond, Radhi Jaidi and Jose Fonte amidst Pardews' signings.....or ?
  15. If Spurs can't win "something" with Conte, they'll never win anything. After sacking Pochettino and Mourinho, Spurs really are in the " Last Chance Saloon ", and when they eventually lose Kane and Son, and without top class replacements they will look like a very ordinary mid-table side, and Levy doesn't like to spend " big money " on transfer fees. I really rate Conte, and recall that he had the courage (as then manager of Italy) to select a 29 y.o. Graziano Pelle to debut and help Italy win big games (when they were going through a terrible spell in 2016). His
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