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  1. I never like criticising the team I've supported for over 60 years, but today ...! ...*!# /// *^^ ? Ralph was correct in saying it was the worst display of the season, (and probably a few other seasons, too). All this nonsense about giving grades to our players was out of the door. Who was the worst of the worst ? Given the injury situation we picked the strongest side available, but we have so few alternatives just now. We need two, perhaps three more wins to feel safe, but on this display ....where are they coming from? The only plus was that after a very long dro
  2. Cedric has made an " extra career " by playing both RB and LB at Arsenal, but I don't see Bertrand managing that - after last night's performance. Clearly we need to get a good LB who can DAJFU at Prem. level for the next 4-5 years, and quite frankly ..." it a'int gonna be ' im " . A more mature Vokins?, or A.N. Other ?... but somehow this must be resolved in the summer.
  3. After trying to wade through Turkish's hate mail, I thought* might some comment of the match. If McCarthy continues to be Ralph's first choice, then we need a quick re-think. He might surely have done... a bit better. However, watching replays of the action, it seemed as though he was moving in slow-motion on occasions. I'm sure there was some truth in Pep's comment about how he was impressed by our first half performance, but clearly City had players who could finish... .and we didn't. As he remarked..they paid the money and got the right players who could. Good po
  4. I agree with almost every word Turkish. Many people think there is a natural progression through the Academy and U23 / B sides and onto the bench. The reality is that around 50% never get past the U18 stage, and only a handful of the eventual U23's ever make it to a matchday squad. In part, because the " regular " first-teamer holds good form and is seldom injured, but mostly because they don't have " what it takes ". The demands of anyone coming into a Prem. side and playing against experienced internationals is enormous, and cannot be compared to the "boys game " at
  5. I've never been one to blame goalkeepers for alone for defeats, as our strike rate has been nothing short of pitiful since the Liverpool win in January. BUT Alex had to pick the ball out of the net 24 times in his last 8 games. Regardless of "blame" it must has been a real knock to his confidence..... just waiting for the next one to go in. Since his return Fraser Forster looks like a man re-born, and exudes self-confidence, and the defenders seem more relaxed. Ralph has always said he rates both of them and it's up to them to earn their place, and so now it's
  6. Forster has got the gloves now.. and if he keeps a clean sheet on Wednesday ....at least we'd get one point.
  7. I think ...that the Mormons follow the old biblical tradition. Perhaps it's quite normal in Utah ?
  8. Ever since the Ings contract story became common knowledge almost every hack journo has been publishing stories about how good DI would be in ; Spurs, West Ham, Palace, and Arsenal 's side ..or even further up north ....with the prospect of Man City needing to replace Aguero in the near future. Either way we have to get real and plan longer term for Danny's eventual replacement. The question that really matters to Danny has to be .. Does he want a big money move to Spurs? ... and perhaps occasionally come off their bench to replace a tired Harry Kane ..or, does he w
  9. Agreed sadoldgit. He still runs like Pinnochio, and even looked goood when he dropped back to defend and I liked his forward play when skipping between 5 Chelsea players. Salisu looked to fit in very well at the back and improved as the game went on. Impressive.
  10. well I'd like to think so too, but meantime .. can I have a glass of whatever you are drinking ...?
  11. Surely Alex McCarthy's confidence must have taken a beating v. Man U (even if he wasn't to blame for everything), but last week's 3rd goal v. Newcastle showed he has a real problem, and now he's picked the ball out of the net 20 times in the last 6 Prem. games. So WHY ...do we have a £70K /week keeper with 4 successive clean sheets to his credit sitting on the bench? Sort this out first Ralph . Our injury list still dictates just who will be available for the next game, but we must show some security between the posts.
  12. Oh, so he's just a column in our salary bill then?
  13. I blame the weather. The rain in the North East isn't the same as the sort we get blowing in off the Solent.
  14. Interesting , but you forgot about the sub-clauses at the back of the rule book that state : (1) Any player for (a) a top 4 side, or (b) a current international should be given the benefit of the doubt, irrespective of any dubious VAR evidence. (2) In the event of a foul by a player in either of the above categories; for a red card offence - show yellow instead, and for a yellow card offence - avoid giving a card, but give a calm, paternal-type lecture to the player and request him not to repeat the offence / non-offence, as the case may be. Showing personal displea
  15. This may be the difference between Maguire's hand and Che Adams' ..but there are two United players behind Adams and it looks as if one of them ..has rather large feet that are even nearer the goal than Ché 's hand.
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