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  1. Ah ..but it was Everton, and " the commission " can't be seen to show disfavour to such a famous manager as Ancelotti...when he makes a joke. Digne looks like the type of player who can garner Yellow cards without any real problem..I 'll watch him in their future games....
  2. and Bernard was lucky to stay on the pitch as he fouled badly after the yellow...
  3. Most managers like the idea of .......signing someone they know of ...or, who had played for them ....or they tried to sign before... Many times it's a disaster ... Pochettino signed Osvaldo .. and Carrillo persuaded us to sign Carrillo....(!) Koeman did a great job with his " Dutch" signings ... (not all Dutch) but he knew them from their time in Holland.... but Puel (in interview) said that he knew of Boufal from the French league and was glad to have him in the Saints side.... I'm just glad that Mark Hughes wasn't with us long enough for him to be allowed to sign som
  4. I don't think Wilson would dare to take credit for signing VvD. IIRC. .Saints were only one of several Prem. club who had watched him at Celtic, but most thought.. " he wouldn't make it in the Prem ." otherwise I'm sure they would have bid for him long before we did. Koeman bought 8 players in his first season , and most of them were his (Dutch) choices and not necessarily those on any club list, although I'm sure we knew about them. Puel's main contribution to the squad ...was to sign Boufal.
  5. Les Reed was the figurehead for the entire process, and perhaps took credit for some of " Mitchell's signings" after PM left...it seemed like Reed just passed over responsibility to Wilson, because the standard of recruits was poor not to mention the size of some of the fees we paid out. Wilson was out of his depth and OK'd some very poor choices. Hoedt was a bad choice. Bednarek was better AND cost only one third of Hoedt's fee. I think I'd give Claude Puel his share of the blame ...for letting Jose Fonte go ..because he thought VvD could take over that role. Two
  6. We are all anxious to see the new guys playing, but WHO would you drop in order to put them in? ... two wins, two clean sheets..and Vestergaard finally showing up .. maybe no changes are due yet. " If it ain't broke - don't fix it" ..... and never change a winning side .... Being without Armstrong is a blow, but Theo will start (at least) and maybe prove those doubters wrong. Chelsea may get a lot of the play, but I take it for another Saints win at " the Bridge."
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