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  1. Well that’s not actually what I said but yes, both are very good players doing pretty well for Leicester at the moment.
  2. Sorry but I can only see relegation. We may have a bigger squad but we’ve lost two of our best players.
  3. Never in doubt, use to love watching football on Ceefax
  4. Channel 4 Black to front day on Friday, every person BAME. Racist.
  5. Sky Sports highlights not showing the Djeneppo howler, must be feeling sorry for him.
  6. This, it’s just business speak, new phrases meaning exactly the same thing as the old ones. I do though find it all irritating though, I mean who was the first person to type ‘I hope this email finds you well’?
  7. Most of us are bored of you two bickering.
  8. It’s not just one game though is it?
  9. I agree with the ‘give him ten games’ post. RH is a good guy and a character but is that translating into results, no. Any one of Howe, Terry or Lampard would sit well with me.
  10. Relegation fight again this season
  11. The monkey goes on your back, not your shoulders, sorry to go all MLT but it needed saying.
  12. Slightly odd coincidence that the two players signing for Leicester were both sent off against them.
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