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  1. Clinton Morrison was on so I didn’t watch it.
  2. I like Lineker, he’s an excellent presenter and has a fascinating incite into the game. I disagree with his politics but have absolutely no issue with him expressing his views on Twitter. It seems to me that free speech is only acceptable if it comes from the left.
  3. Always find these interesting, watched the one on Man City but could hardly understand what Pep was saying most of the time.
  4. iansums

    Site issues

    You can say that again
  5. Two at a push, three if I'd managed to get in there before you posted but with the site running so slowly I failed.
  6. Maybe so. Personally I've always enjoyed the show because the pundits would speak their mind whether it was popular or not, added to that it was often a good laugh. I fear that any new presenters will be typically bland, not daring to say anything controversial or humorous.
  7. To be fair though your first post on this thread stated 'everyone uses it as an excuse to have a good old rant about foreigners, women and people who aren't white' when in fact only one post made those comments. Basically, you couldn't wait to have a pop at those with a different view on the matter.
  8. If it means Clinton Morrison with that hideous Black London youth accent (I don't know any other way of describing it) then I stop watching.
  9. iansums

    Danny Wellbeck

    If you’re going to start a thread about a player at least spell his feckin name correctly.
  10. It’s not, the Turkish humour is a little predictable to say the least but some people on here seem to lap it up.
  11. Do you think he means that by posting on here "Some stuff is detrimental to the club"?
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