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  1. Is Forster eligable to play for us this season? If he is maybe Ralph will give him a few games and put him in the shop window, see if a PL club is tempted to buy our top earner. Celtic can't afford his wages even if we gave Forster to them for free and he won't take a significant wage cut even though it would guarantee him legendary status among the Cetic supporters. At £90,000 a week Forster can just sit it out and neither Celtic or Saints gets his services. I don't think he is bothered either way.
  2. I sometimes wonder what would have happened in 2015, after Corbyn was elected Labour leader, if he had stuck to his principles about leaving the EU. Since the 70's Corbyn was very vocal about leaving the EU and even voted to leave. If Corbyn had stood by his conviction took the initiative while Johnson was still dithering and lead the leave campaign in 2016, would Johnson (a remainer at heart) had lead a remain campaign against him? Fair enough Corbyn would probably of had to give up being the Labour leader but surely fighting for something you have believed in your whole life is better than selling yourself out. Would Johnson have still beaten Corbyn?
  3. All the very best to your Mum. She is in good hands mate.
  4. Staff at St Thomas' have reported Boris Johnson is looking bloated, sweaty, generally dishevelled and talking incoherently. A Spokesperson said.. "It's encouraging to see him look like his old self again."
  5. " Southampton Football Club have been made available for sale less than three years after the Chinese businessman Gao Jisheng purchased a controlling stake in the Premier League club. The Sunday Times understands that more than one broker has been invited to source a buyer for Southampton at an asking price of about £250 million. Achieving an enterprise value of around that level would allow Gao to leave English football at a sum similar to the amount the previous owner — Katharina Liebherr, who inherited the club from her late father — received for 80 per cent of Southampton’s shares in August 2017. Since Gao’s takeover the club have been repeatedly endangered by relegation, finishing 17th in 2017-18, and 16th last season. " The rest of the article is behind a paywall so I don't have the full story. Is there any truth in this? https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/southampton-put-up-for-sale-at-250m-3d57h22zs
  6. Utter madness, mind you it's not unlike when Cortese sacked Adkins really. I can't see the next Spurs manager getting in the top 4 never mind a CL final. I think in the long run Levy will regret sacking Poch. I can see the same decline happening to Liverpool and Man City when Klopp and Pep go.
  7. A handy reminder of Ralph's and the clubs philosophy 3 months ago. Ralph Hasenhuttl has been explaining Southampton’s philosophy in the transfer market and insisted that he remains ‘comfortable’ with the way things work at the club. Saints have championed a strategy over the past years that entails recruiting younger, lesser-heard of players from across Europe before refining them and turning a significant profit. However, this model appeared to shift in recent transfer windows, and as such, the club faced battles to remain in the Premier League. Hasenhuttl is now at the helm and has been discussing how Southampton’s philosophy is carried out. He was keen to stay realistic and spoke to TV2 about the club’s aspirations for the future. The manager said: " We know our philosophy. It’s developing players who can move on to bigger clubs after a couple of years. That’s the way we are, and we’re comfortable with that. We cannot have the same goals as Liverpool and Manchester City. But we can have our goals, and last year we beat some of the big clubs. It means a lot. We learn a lot from it. Either we win – or we learn." Hasenhuttl’s comments will probably anger a section of the club’s fan-base; he is clearly aware of the limitations that have been set at St Mary’s Stadium under the current ownership and has not been tasked with achieving unrealistic feats in his first Premier League campaign. However, it is positive to see that we have a manager who continues to be transparent despite the evident restrictions of a tight transfer budget, and there is now a clear emphasis on returning to the ethos of nurturing young players, which had previously gone awry under the likes of Mauricio Pellegrino and Mark Hughes. Saints fans may want more money spent, and in an ideal world, we would be in a position to finance deals for players who could propel us to competing for the top seven again. https://readsouthampton.com/2019/08/20/hasenhuttl-explains-saints-philosophy-and-it-may-serve-as-a-reality-check/
  8. Thanks, I don't pretend to be in the know or anything like that, it's just an observation and my own opinion which is pretty much how this forum works.
  9. This isn't about Ralph being able to turn things around. The the man looks seriously ill and he doesn't look like a manager that is up to leading the players on some miraculous journey out of the bottom 3 ever. The damage has been done and what we are watching now is the demise of a once good manager who is now finding it impossible to make a comeback from a 0-9 defeat. I don't think Ralph can afford to walk away and I don't think Gao can afford to pay him off. There seems to be a standoff between Gao keeping Ralph to his contractual obligation and Ralph wanting to be paid off asap.
  10. Is there even a person in place that is looking or has found a replacement for Ralph?
  11. Well we gave it a fecking good go. Everton next. Silva could be gone by tomorrow.
  12. Great determination so far. Like to see us surprise City by getting a early second half goal. If we win this and Aston Villa beat Liverpool Brendan Rodgers will be the winner...again.
  13. I would have thought any new manager coming in to manage Saints after Pellegrino and Hughes would want to start building his team from the back. His priority would be buying 1 or 2 experienced but older players to organise the defence during the summer window. Instead the priority was on assembling a team of youngsters all under 24 years old but as previous managers have realised our academy players aren't good enough for the PL. It's taken a while but I think Ralph has realised too late the folly in trying to put a team of youngsters together while fighting relegation in the PL. If there is money to spend in January who will spend it more wisely Ralph or a new manager?
  14. Regardless of the Leicester match and that scoreline I don't think many of us would have Saints down for a win or even draw tomorrow against City. I think Ralph has got a free ride on this game and it will be all about pride, performance and damage limitation. It's next weeks match that will be interesting Hasenhuttl Vs Silva. If Saints beat Everton Silva could be gone. Man City 3 Saints 0
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