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  1. I've just told 'the boy' that Pompey are now condemned to yet another season playing at the arse-end of English football. The look of sheer joy that instantly appeared over his little face on hearing this news was both wonderious to see - and not a little frightening all at the same time. I think it is safe to say now that at the age of 9 he is already a fully paid-up member of the 'Southampton 'till I die' fraternity - God help him.
  2. Although a rank outsider at the start of the 'race' to be the new Labour leader, the latest YouGov poll gives Jeremy Corbyn MP a significant 17pt lead in this campaign. So he is obviously very popular among the Labour Party membership and with trade unionists then. I for one however can't see the wider electorate voting for a politician as 'old school' leftist as Corbyn undoutably is to be their Prime Minister. UK elections are now won from somewhere near the middle ground of politics are they not? Perhaps at least two of the more centrist candidates will drop out and a successful 'Stop Cor
  3. The bestest supported club in all Christendom with a mere 11k fans ? Shirley shome kind of mistake has been made .....
  4. Let me get this straight . The 'transfer window' closed less than 3 weeks ago . They were actually attempting to sign players a week or so ago . They now want to sell players against the games regulations . The EPL for some inexplicable reason has said 'no' . The Pompey Pokey . You sign a right back in , You sell your left back out , You put a pretty penny in , And shake dirty pound out , You do the pompey pokey and you run your club aground That what it's all about . Whoa the pompey pokey ! Whoa the pompey pokey ! Whoa the pompey pokey ! Club bent , cash stretched ,
  5. Common sense should tell you that if PFC find someone daft enough to make a significant investment in them and pay off their due debts then the judge is not going the wind up a (now solvent) company regardless . The possibility of criminal proceedings against the previous board(s) is an entirely different question however .
  6. This possibility of PFC receiving next seasons 'Parachute Payment' prematurely is a interesting question for the Premier League . If unanimous agreement from all 20 EPL club chairmen is required then I can't see it happening as some clubs (Liverpool for instance) could gain an significant advantage by vetoing this proposal . http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2010/feb/11/portsmouth-avram-grant-fa-tax You can more or less guarantee club Chairmen will put the interests of their own club first - there's so much money involved they can hardly do anything else .
  7. Good News for Pompey fans - Mystery new investor identified . Bad News for Pompey fans - It's Peter Ridsdale .
  8. This feels like being one of those ghouls who used to turn up at public executions just for the fun of it - I'm starting to see the appeal .
  9. Well I guess it's too late to organise a money transfer tonight even if an agreement is reached , so it really is a case of '1 minute to midnight' for them now .
  10. Without being at all 'in the know' I suspect that in reality HMRC are under a legal duty to maximise the tax return to the exchequer , and all this 'send a message out' stuff is just so much chaff in the wind . Something is always better than nothing , and some kind of messy deal will be reached . Probably something like PFC agreeing to donate most of next seasons 'parachute payment' directly to the taxman .
  11. Nah , you're thinking of the Vatican . Is the Pope a pompey fan ? I think we should we should be told . :confused:
  12. As we very well know here it can (probably will) take many months for an Administrator to sell a football club , and SFC's takeover was a relatively simple matter compared to that labyrinthine mess that is PFC . We payed the wages during this period only courtesy the generosity of shareholders such as Leon Crouch and being able to transfer players during the summer transfer window . Neither of these advantages seem to be available to Pompey . I can see PFC going into administration (this week possibly) but subsequently struggling to find a realistic new owner - I don't think they are worth
  13. Can I just take a moment and step back from the gloriously funny detail of this unfolding story and offer my personal vote of thanks to the fans , players , management , and above all the many owners of Portsmouth Football Club for the months of free entertainment they have so selflessly offered up to Saints fans everywhere . The magnificently venal greed so openly displayed , the sheer farcical incompetence exhibited by all concerned shows such a spirit of generosity towards us that I can hardly express how deeply grateful we truly are . The really great part is that hilarious as your seas
  14. There's no need for a 'AFC Portsmouth' because I understand that poor sap who owns the title 'Portsmouth Football Club Ltd' (and gets the bailiffs knocking on his door as a result) might just be open to offers .
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