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  1. Yep, fully agree with this. I’ve been a big Bednarek fan but since the OG against Utd and the subsequent drubbing and (overturned) red he has looked lost at sea. Has to double check all his decision which slows his game down, and when he doesn’t the pass, block or tackle is rash.
  2. Has Bertrand actually kept the ball at any point without passing it to a BHA player?
  3. I don’t get it. Was feeling oddly optimistic earlier today but that line up has fucked me right off.
  4. Pancake

    Injury Watch

    Do we have any option on recall for Valery? I know it’s not the in thing to like him, but needs must. Ditto for all other players we have out on loan at the moment.
  5. Oh honey, really? We are shit, but youre being a tad hysterical.
  6. Ralph is basically the Jack Stephens of management. Pretty decent, some flashes of brilliance but also the tendency to oversee a colossal balls up. Which is kinda what Saints are and have always been 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. Super, I’ll look forward to losing 3-1 rather than 3-0 each match now then. Ace.
  8. Possible the best we can get out the odds and sods we have available. Can Jankewitz play wingback to allow JWP to return to the middle? What would the bench look like?
  9. That was enjoyable. Scenes when Cox got the 3rd, went about 3 rows down the stand!
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