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  1. I was at the game. Very one sided I remember. Chants of 'What's it like to be outclassed' ringing round the ground.
  2. I genuinely thought this was a thread about a match in the year 1930.
  3. Noticed the following on the BBC Hampshire website. Northam Rail Bridge replacement It also mentions that the footbridge from Northam Road down to SMS would be replaced. This is long overdue as the current footbridge is completely inadequate and a bottleneck after games. My guess is that this is all dependent on the council getting the necessary government funding. Thoughts?
  4. It's all very well saying that it's up to the constituents to make a decision, but many of us treat general elections as an opinion poll on the main parties, rather than consider the individual candidates. We had that nice Gerry Malone as MP in Winchester for five years in the nineties. He rarely made an appearance in the constituency and continued to live in London with his family. He didn't even vote in Winchester in 1997, choosing to make a postal vote in Aberdeen. He lost by 2 votes in the General Election, but lost by over 21,000 in the subsequent by-election. Which was when he reall
  5. Emery will walk in and assess the Newcastle squad and say- 'Ooh, you are awful...but I like you!'. Not mine sadly. Copied from the comments section of the BBC article. Made me smile, although I guess that you must be of a certain age to appreciate it.
  6. Saints v Middlesbrough - October 2011. Came up on YouTube a few days ago and realised that it was 10 years ago. Makes you wonder where the years go. One of the most enjoyable games of the Championship promotion season. The third goal was brilliant - 28 passes. Brought back some good memories. Link below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLGo5-p0J1A
  7. Call me old-fashioned, but I really like the band playing 'O when the Saints' before the game and getting the crowd going. Makes a nice change for the team to come out to 'our' song. They seemed to manage to sort out their timing on Saturday and stopped it sounding like a funeral march Your thoughts?
  8. Started watching in the early seventies. So for me: Shilton Van Dijk, Wright, Bridge, Golac Paine, Le Tissier, Ball, Williams Channon, Keegan
  9. Did they play in 1945? I thought it was cancelled because of the war.
  10. Looks like this could happen relatively soon? Government plans to lift football standing ban https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-58357046
  11. Niemi or Shilton. Would gladly have either back We need an organiser, so either Ball or Paine for me. As an alternative I would love to see the Ale House gang play today, if only to see how long they would stay on the pitch for. So maybe John McGrath and Brian O'Neill
  12. We finished 2017/18 fourth from bottom and only just survived in the premier league. We had blown the VVD money on poor players and were in a complete mess. Three years later we have got rid of most of the deadwood and are still in the PL somehow. We have a manager committed to the club and some promising young players. Not always convinced that RH gets his tactics right, but at least all the players are playing for him. I think that we will be bottom 6 again this season but hopefully have enough to survive - especially as I think that all the teams coming up will struggle and Palace
  13. To be fair, the King Power expansion does look stunning. Maybe they can return the favour and give us the plans so that we can expand the Kingsland. If they did that to the Kingsland then the views from the top tier over Southampton Water and the Isle of Wight would be good. https://www.givemesport.com/1621191-leicester-city-leaked-images-of-clubs-king-power-stadium-expansion-look-stunning
  14. Don't think that the government is mandating everyone to have the vaccination. It's just that not having the vaccine has consequences for individuals that choose this option. So anyone working in a care home either has the vaccine or doesnt work there, as the consequences of passing the virus on to old people can be fatal if for any reason they havent had it either. It's perfectly reasonable for a responsible government to make this decision. If the evidence was clear that making everyone attend games be double-jabbed would greatly cut down transmission, then a sensible government woul
  15. The discriminatory argument is irrelevant. I have been to East Africa and had to produce a Yellow fever vaccination certificate to travel. The freedoms of the individual get trumped by the decision of democratically elected governments to make decisions in the best interests of the population as a whole. There is no such thing as absolute freedom without consequence and those who claim that it is an infringement of their human rights clearly dont understand how human rights work. It's really a matter of whether insisting on vaccine passports will actually work, both from a health persp
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