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  1. Indeed he did, on his first PL start (around the 2 minute mark). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pk1E15K7cvo Also scored in their 6-2 win at the weekend.
  2. I've not seen him play but I believe he was top scorer in the second division last season as they got promoted, and has continued to score goals in the top flight this season. Maybe we're looking at him as an alternative if we're unable to keep Broja.
  3. Yes this is it in a nutshell, obviously with the long contract Chelsea hold all the cards and I can see no reason why they would want to sell now (or in the summer). Also as much as Broja might be enjoying it here I'm sure he fancies a crack at the Chelsea first team. I think the best we can hope for is a second season on loan. That said I would hope Saints are exploring every avenue to at least try and secure a permanent deal however unlikely it may seem, as if you don't ask you don't get!
  4. Your opinion, I disagree. I like what I have seen of Lyanco so far although no doubt he is prone to the odd rash moment. I feel more confident with Lyanco at the back (and Stephens) than Bednarek, who always looks scared sh1tless.
  5. Bednarek is pretty crap imo yet seems to escape a lot of the criticism aimed at some other players on here. He is as slow as Vestegaard, Bambi on ice with the ball at his feet and poor positionally and has been the mainstay of our awful defence that has shipped so many goals over the last few years. For me he is behind Stephens and Lyanco, I guess as a fourth choice he is fine but if we were offered £15M I'd snap their hands off, I can't imagine any other PL side being interested. What we really need (probably in the summer) is a new starting quality CB to partner Salisu but as we already
  6. Salisu is our best CB, why would you leave him out? Especially as he had an enforced rest at the weekend. I would drop Bednarek who is a liability and play either Stephens or Lyanco.
  7. Puel deserves credit for the cup run. The quarter final at Arsenal, both semis against Liverpool and the final which we should have won gave us some great memories. Unfortunately they were the exception and most of our league performances, especially at home were utterly turgid. We failed to score in our final five home games and I think only scored more than one in three of our home games. I accept that the squad had been weakened but every week felt like we were just going in to limit the opposition rather than have a go at them, similar to Rafa at Newcastle. There was no intensity, not
  8. Hearing Martin Semmens speak on Solent he is very reassuring. Maybe I'm naive but it feels like he's a good and intelligent bloke who does actually care. Very pleased he, Crocker and Steele are staying. If he feels this is good for the club then I'm on board. Whilst we could have had a much worse owner than Gao, it feels like SFC has had a millstone removed from round it's neck., but only time will tell.
  9. Until we know more details it's hard to know if this is good or bad but I'm cautiously optimistic. One thing is for sure, we needed new ownership as we were going nowhere fast with Gao. As others have said, I really hope Semmens and Crocker are staying on.
  10. But they are only three points from safety so you can say the same about the other clubs down there. Watford have lost 6 in a row, Burnley still only one win and Norwich are hopeless. With three or four good new signings Newcastle should be able to stay up with ease.
  11. Since when has finishing 15th with Brighton been such a great achievement that the likes of Man Utd should come calling? I think Potter is ok but some people go way over the top with him. I mean they have just come out of an 11 game winless run in the PL. They play decent football but like many clubs in the bottom half struggle for a consistent goal scorer. In many ways they are similar to us and I certainly wouldn't be touting Ralph for the Man Utd job as much as I like him. I certainly don't buy the idea that their squad is so poor that finishing 15th is some huge achievement. I wo
  12. Mr dependable, was excellent again today. He really needs a song though. He plays on the left He plays on the right Kyle Walker-Peters Makes Cafu look shite
  13. Fantastic Saints! Would have been delighted with a point before the game, never mind playing more than half the game with ten men. Brilliant battling performance and everyone put a shift in, very happy with that. Well done Ralph and team.
  14. Apparently it's Broy-a in Albania but it's always been Bro-jar in this country and he is fine with either. That was according to a commentator on one of the games recently. But yes he needs a song!
  15. He was excellent in his first few years here, especially under Koeman, but had been in a steady decline ever since tbh. All those criticisms mentioned by Leicester fans echo what has was said on here even going back to the Puel days. Bad attitude, can't be arsed etc. I think he has a rather laid back style which can wind fans up the wrong way. Either way I wish him no ill, he gave us seven years of good service but was well past his best when he left. Sadly doesn't look like he's up to top level football any more.
  16. Probably because we're not living in Nazi Germany and he has just as much right to an opinion as you do. It's people like you who want to censor anything they don't agree with who are the dangerous ones.
  17. I was caught out by the 7.30 ko so missed the first twelve minutes, but from when I tuned in we were the better side for the first half, aside from Edouard's chance Palace barely threatened. Second half was better than what we've become used to recently and was pretty even, so frustrating to again give up the lead but a draw was a fair result. They have better players on the whole (Gallagher is class) and their bench options were way stronger than ours and have only lost once at home this season. Didn't think anyone played badly (well Djenepo) so a bit confused at the negativity towards s
  18. Norwich were dire tonight too. Still irks me that we lost to them.
  19. The point is it's nowhere near 100%, and debatable whether it does at all with Omicron. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/health/medical/omicron-wave-driven-by-young-healthy-vaccinated-population/ar-AARLYs6?ocid=msedgntp Which all renders vaccine passports pretty useless, aside from the ethical issues.
  20. Well that was bloody depressing. Regardless whether you blame Ralph, the players or the ownership, we are just not good enough and struggling to compete with most of the league. Can't remember the last time supporting Saints actually felt fun. I almost find myself thinking relegation might do us a favour in the long run as right now it feels like death by 1000 cuts.
  21. Damnit, thought Bednarek was out? Would much prefer Lyanco in there. Other than that it's a decent team, still not expecting us to get anything though.
  22. My original post said the vaccine does not stop you passing covid on, your reply does not counter that. between 38% and 49% less likely to pass the virus on than unvaccinated people, PHE found." Unless that is 100% then they can still pass it on. It's not even close. If every single person in the country got vaccinated covid would still circle. It is here forever and I'm afraid some people will be living in fear forever.
  23. Even if that's correct, put another way it means they are between 51% and 62% as likely to pass it on as unvaccinated, and that is three weeks after having the vaccine, when its effects are at their strongest. The numbers will wane with time. Vaccine passports are not only an affront on our freedom, they are a complete waste of time. Vaccinated people are plenty capable of passing it on.
  24. Prejudiced nonsense. The vaccines help prevent serious illness, they do not stop you catching or spreading covid. Funny how France has just closed all it's nightclubs for four weeks due to a spike in cases, despite only vaccinated people being allowed in.
  25. I guess you could argue Villarreal are quite a big club, yet they come from a town of only 30,000 which is incredible really. Outside of football you have the Green Bay Packers who are quite big in American football but Green Bay's population is just over 100000. They are exceptions to the rule though, generally more people = more fans/revenue = more success. I have family in Leeds who are big fans so know the place fairly well, they are very passionate about their team and have a very big catchment area with lots of surrounding towns. Saints and the City of Southampton by comparison are
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