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  1. Has his sacred 4-2-2-2 ever actually worked? As others have said, 4-2-3-1 would be a better fit at the moment.
  2. What a shout! I forgot all about Hamill. I remember Christian Dailly being quality during his short spell, think he was made captain after about 3 games.
  3. No composure. Rich man’s Danny N’Guessan.
  4. I think we could all see he had something even if he was young and extremely raw. Fair play to him, one of those that has got every bit out of his talent through hard work.
  5. I don’t see how he makes it to Christmas. Let’s face it he wouldn’t have survived the second 9 nil if we weren’t skint.
  6. He seems to be saying we’ll pay Blackburn 21mil in total if Obafemi doesn’t go to Blackburn. Saints and Blackburn are currently treating Obafemi separately so Blackburn don’t pay extra to Newcastle. I think.
  7. Agreed. There simply has to be better options.
  8. He was the one we’d never sell, and if we do we may aswell relegate ourselves.
  9. Levy learning from the Les Reed playbook... best player is about to be sold so leak all the exotic signings you have lined up with the incoming money.
  10. Get linked with a centre midfielder and moan that we should be targeting a centre back, as if the club is unable to track more than one player at one time.
  11. Delaney would be superb, although he'd surely have better options than us.
  12. Agreed, big gamble. Brighton do like the hipster signings though, most of which don't come off.
  13. That’s a very “us” signing.
  14. Dreadful after the 20 minute mark. McCarthy, Bednarek, Redmond all terribly shit. If there’s not proper changes over the summer we’ll be in for another depressing season next year.
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