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  1. Any other streams? The above is spam central.
  2. Seems like a lot of 38 year old nut-jobs about.
  3. I must say I'm really loving this idea of letting Pompey's opponents use our facilities. Not only can we directly help in their demise, but there might be a player we unearth from one of these teams too.
  4. So many tempting options...But I don't really understand the pricing. What's the price if I pay cash after July 15th? I get a free meal when I add £70,£75,£80or £85?
  5. I bet he wrote the tweet, because he is drunk and wants to get an 'aww how cute' from some portsmouth spastico woman.
  6. Old chap in being ripped off by con artists shocker!
  7. I thought I'd seen it all on this thread. Then I saw Tapatalk HD!!111ONE1! ****nig hell. Anyone for Tapatalk 3d?
  8. Thought this Fred would be buzzing tonight... This could be the highlight of the year for me!
  9. Good heavens above. Trying desperately to remove my palm from my face but it got stuck.
  10. Guys I am afraid I am going to have to resign from being a nutjob at least for this evening. I am going to date a Portsmouth girl tonight.
  11. Irony not lost on some; then. I get a 'hard-on' when I get a mention on rivals spaz boards. I have already managed it on KUMB, some Manure site and a Spuds board. What I am really looking for is a mention on POL, for the irony of Portsmouth moerons calling me a moran. Which I am, of course. + a nut-job.
  12. Even their kids look like moreons. Its terribly sad.
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