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  1. Thats hould end the lowest attendance debate when they are forced to play a match behind closed doors. Should also hurt their finances with the fine and then re-imbursing the fans who paid for tickets.
  2. I shouldn't. No it really is stereotypical. Oh alright then That old use of a Skate, possibly she needed a push to get over the edge http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/Mini-driver-smashes-fish-van-pleasuring-sex-toy/story-26891651-detail/story.html
  3. Havant. We that is a surprise. Getting used to their new home already then?
  4. Last post today surprised we missed this yesterday, specially as Gay Dad's March was mentioned Seems he is accused of misappropriating almost as much as pcfc from other people The gift that keeps giving, So many opportunities Matt Slater retweeted Jeremy Hodges ‏@jeremylawhodges 15h15 hours ago Ex-Portsmouth FC owner Vladimir Antonov accused of stealing €450m from Bankas Snoras has fled the U.K. fearing for his life pre-extradition 26 retweets6 favoritesReply Retweet26 Favorite6 Follow More
  5. That's all I know as fact. Payments day. Then we all can speculate what happens if they can't pay or if they try the 4p in the pound game. Then we can wonder who is out of work these days with links down that way and we can all realise the dream ticket of Milan & "Arry are out of work and a bit flush having been paid off and bought out. So they have a bill to pay. probably where the Tescos' money will go. Assuming the top table didn't drink all that of course.
  6. The 20th July is fast approaching. Stock up on Popcorn gang. Sorry I only have 3 post a day. Enjoy the research & speculation.
  7. I think it is very appropriate. After all, the whole world associates Portsmouth with sliding down.
  8. Stop calling me Shirley. I'm really impressed by Granty, how does he tweet those pictures of cricket and German football grounds if he's stuck down here? Mind you he hasn't aged very well since the TSW forum match, perhaps that is what happens when you eat curry every week. I'm surprised there has been no official interview with Twitchy regarding Spinnakergate, seeing as it is his spiritual home and everything.
  9. So based on Southsea Common Maths, that means there are 245,000 who don't give a sh1t. (Just want to take this moment and say congrats to our local airline for this wheeze)
  10. OK Nutjobs. Something has been bugging me of late. When they created the world's bestest supporter owned club out of Admin number whatever, they had to defer a payment, but they said it was "ringfenced" - possibly by the (or one of the) charge(s) on Nott Arf I've been trawling back through the pages trying to dig this up. Was it the PFA? Had they actually paid all of the Football Debts in order to get their playing licence back? Help? This has become a heated debate between us lot, some Boro fans and some Scousers, there is beer involved!
  11. ON a randomly connected side note, one of PTS's pet Journos is a very happy bunny this evening - Matt Slater with whom we had some run ins back in the first 1000 pages or so of this thread is a Southend fan, so congrats to him
  12. I am concerned that nobody has commented on the sudden plummet of our moral standards as a club. How can any Saints fan not have noted all the references to "Having a Massage, going to get a massage and worst having a Chinese Takeaway" in our latest News article. Why, anyone would think there were insinuations in the direction of Hortons Heath? Actually, the standard of script writing was so sublime, the finger on the pulse of the club, it is now clear that only one person on the planet could have written that P1ss release. Nice work Rallyboy, now we know your day job
  13. I am SHOCKED. Nay, in fact I think I am STUNNED. 'Arry's transfer policy was dodgy? QPR's problems are all down to his transfer policy? No way, never. Who could possibly have foreseen that? and what minion would stick their head above the parapet to attack "the Chosen One" this time round? Joey Barton? Oh how I wish Turkish hadn't passed away it would have been so appropriate for him to say Joey Barton Critiquing 'Arry? Talk about calling a Spade a Banana. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/qpr-relegation-problems-down-harry-5385612
  14. 'Arry pops out of retirement to be on the Radio and then Milan does a huge piece for the Beeb. Meanwhile they are tearing themselves to pieces over 3 Grand. Okay, excuse me if i don't buy that http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/31897956
  15. Think every single one of the reasons has been posted on here at least since page 2032. Then add that to the current L2 position and the oft debated impact of another season in L2. We don't need to invent anything. Even this page speculated on what may happen at Board level about a day before all this broke out. If ONLY they had a Customer Engagement Manager around to manage the PR messaging. Oh, another one for the list.
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