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  1. By then in the absence of a vaccine you can send your avatar to the match and watch virtually
  2. The infection rate will only comedown once R1 it continues to increase The lockdown has brought thefigure down from 2.6 to now just under 1 if true that is good progress from where I sit!
  3. Quite right the other argument is watch what the countries ahead of us do and use their results as guidance
  4. We only shut down to ensure we have NHS capacity that is what reduces deaths in the absence of a vaccine So shutting down too early only stores up more problems for later. Shutting down is not a solution in itself it is only a delay tactic to smooth the curve push it out and buy time. As was stated earlier timing of a shutdown is very difficult as it involves a number of contradictory different factors that are very specific to each country and need to be optimised not least of which are appetite Of the population and social problems resulting from too lengthy a lockdown, versus economic impact On the population of a shutdown etc And are based on specific models produced by top scientists and health experts. The truth is that In the absence of a vaccine the only way out of this mess is for enough people to get it and come through. Otherwise you just get more waves particularly as many other countries with poor health services will continue to incubate the virus. The only other alternative is to eradicate it through testing and tracing once it is reduced in the UK and close our borders forever Not really a credible solution given the amount of globalisation the world depends upon. There is Also little point in comparing cases and deaths between different countries given the large number of different factors that exist Such as size of population, number of tests, strategy for testing, numbers of old and vulnerable people, population densities Different healthcare setups and capabilities different measuring techniques etc. If we go on face value figures Iran is better than the UK ( not sure anyone would believe that) We have succeeded so far in the main aim of growing the ICU’s and ensuring the NHS can treat all without getting overwhelmed and that was the principal aim!
  5. It makes no difference statistically once you have in country transmission and anyway we are the virus hotspot!
  6. Now is the time to look at pay in sports versus those professions the human race depends upon. It is only now that people recognise where real values lie.
  7. This is correct it is the ability of technology to allow the existing rules to be applied in minute detail when pitch referees would always not give a decision where any doubt existed. This can be sorted by amending the rules for example ensure offside is only given where there is clear daylight between defender and attacker any body overlap is onside. I would alo give each captain two or three appeal rights on referees goal or penalty decisions and in these cases the pitch referee reviews the footage. I would only leave violent play sending offs to an off pitch referee who can inform the on pitch one of any missed incidents. This I think would better combine VAR with the game we know and love.
  8. Valery for the disinterested Cedric Long for Obafemi (him and Boufal coming on changed the game both yesterday and at Arsenal we nood his running commitment and the fact he can hold up a ball up front) Boufal for Redmond Yoshida for Stephens
  9. From unlucky Semi Final losers last year to total abject failure this year “We March On”?
  10. Couldnt agree more we live in a ridiculous age where people go out of their way to find reasons for themselves or others to be offended Lawrie Mac made Southampton in the 70 he played good football with relatively meagre resources and he got some of the best to join Saints who can ever forget us signing Keegan Peter Osgood Alan Ball Charlie George Frank Worthington Dave Watson etc. Getting Keegan then was like getting Messi today unbelievable for Saints! He also goot the best out of the yourh such as Moran Williams Holmes Baker Gilchrist and Stokes To those at the Dell in the 70s Lawrie is always a legend!
  11. Fonte was better. Full stop corrected it for you
  12. We should have walked off then in accordance with UEFA protocols This was our best wat out yesterday
  13. Worst game ive seen in over 50 years supporting Saints we played worse than the 8-0 at goodison and the 7-0 At Ellend rd from the 70s and the more recent 7-1 s at Anfield and Goodison A complete gutless sell out none of those players deserves to where the shirt never mind collect their wages!
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