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  1. Actually it is Mrs EoA who is against masks .... safe in the knowledge that no other right minded female would make a move on me, when they can see what I look like 😂
  2. Quite right Nolan. Mrs EoA and myself have differing views on Face Mask wearing, social distancing etc but she digs deeper beyond what the main stream media feed us, and some of it is quite eye opening. Its not all Conspiracy theory garbage, there is quite a lot of that out there too, but some genuine points being raised by intelligent concerned people, being surpressed by the lokes of Google, FB and Twitter amongst others whenever they post their views. Maybe Saints loyal would suggest that I divorce Mrs EoA , as her views don't match mine? I did prefer Matt as Comedy Villain winding up Scousers at every opportunity over the last few years though!!
  3. Any streams .... normal sites nothing doing!!
  4. Any dodgy streams for those of us who arent Sky or Virgin subscribers?
  5. I am probably wrong, but the actual title of this Thread is grating on me a bit. "Grammar and Spelling Mistakes Which Annoy You" Either, "Which Grammar and Spelling Mistakes Annoy You"? or, "Grammar and Spelling Mistakes That Annoy You" seem to more suitable to me. (or should it be myself or one?) I have probably made some pretty basic Punctuation Errors and usage of Capital Letters as well, just to add to the general poor standard of grammar being discussed (not disgust, which is one of my pet hates).
  6. Same here!! Are Matt Le Tiss or Francis Benali officially appointed as well?
  7. ericofarabia


    I think they robbed the place just after you left!! A strange offshoot from the virus letting bank robbers etc mingle with the public without attracting undue attention!! This virus would have caused chaos at The DEn with the locals not knowing who were home or away fans!!
  8. Oh and how did we manage to find a FB even shorter than Cedric? He looked okay on the ball, but easily brushed aside in challenges and probably near post from a corner should have been his position?
  9. We were very poor 2nd half. Also none of our substitutions recently have done anything to improve the team on the pitch, in fact just the opposite. WFT was the opening goal all about? Nobody on the near post, one minute Macca is 3 feet off the goal line with 2 attackers nearer the goal than him, next moment he's 2 feet behind the line. If he's going to go on walkabout he has to get his defence right first. Complete and utter brainphart by Danny as well. The ref was utter dogturd as well. So many fouls unpunished and how Cork got away without a booking is shocking. Getting worried by Ralphs substitutions, none recently have enhanced the team ... if anything the reverse. But my main gripe is the Handball/Var/Refs not making decisions and hoping VAR will cover. Why oh why do the powers that be think it is ok to review and cancel perfectly good goals for the slightest of accidental touches of the ball against an attacking forward's arm or hand, that nobody has even appealed for, and only spotted after 3 minutes of VAR reviewing, yet when a defenders arm is involved and spectators on the phucking moon are screaming handball, is it not deemed worthy of a penalty????? I've said it a million times over the last few years .... most tackles that are awarded penalties aren't actually INTENTIONAL fouls, just as today's and others aginst us this season, may not have been INTENTIONAL, but an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE was gained. That should be the crux of the matter, none of this was his hand/arm in anatural positon etc. Feeling really gutted, but not surprised. Just the same as opening day, the worst possible weather coditions to play against Burnley, but hats off to them they know how to defend, I guess they have plenty of practice!! Barely any of our crosses beat the first line of defenders. Disappointed with Moussa today, after Boufal showed how to scare them.
  10. If they did, it would only be because they didn't make any announcements, or send reminders to Members when the tickets were available, especially so far ahead of the actual games being played.
  11. I'm sure it won't be too long before the Boo's ring out around The Old Girl after failing to beat one of the strugglers. However it will be a complete jizz fest if they could get Thierry Henri to lead Arsenal out for the FA Cup match, but might go sour as Scummer Cedric cracks in the 5th goal
  12. Tsk ...... haven't you been told before about letting facts ruin a good story FFS.
  13. Assist and og in one move ... so unlucky!!
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