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  1. I think they robbed the place just after you left!! A strange offshoot from the virus letting bank robbers etc mingle with the public without attracting undue attention!! This virus would have caused chaos at The DEn with the locals not knowing who were home or away fans!!
  2. I'm sure it won't be too long before the Boo's ring out around The Old Girl after failing to beat one of the strugglers. However it will be a complete jizz fest if they could get Thierry Henri to lead Arsenal out for the FA Cup match, but might go sour as Scummer Cedric cracks in the 5th goal
  3. The only way I want to see them out of Div 3 is downwards, but not much hope of that unless they can get caught out with dodgy finances or something.
  4. 2-0 and they effed it up!! The best we got to was 0-0 before we effef it up. Got to worth something hasnt it?
  5. Sorry .... which part is the "fail' referring to? If it was my post, then maybe my sense of humour is too subtle?
  6. Let's hope portsmyth lose and avoid The Cup Upset result then!!
  7. Ha Ha ...Good Points and well presented .... you are exonerated!! That Biley miss and Moran's goal a few minutes later ... Scummahs scummahs here we come .... or maybe not
  8. Nick .......you've just been rumbled!! Your last msg was sent at 6.57 and you even know the names of ex players (Alan Biley) YSB !!
  9. Calm down ..... Mack is a very rare breed of skate with a sense of humour!! Also his 'old lady' is probably his Wife (and/or Sister etc) not mother ... so it is acceptable!! I thought he may have been talking about Fortress Fatpipes aka The Old Girl at first.....but the cracks in the floors/ ceilings / stands etc are probaly getting bigger
  10. That's all well and good ....but does he have an Instagram Account with dodgy stuff on?
  11. Still it was a whale of an improvement on their previous visit where a tiddler sized turnout of about 50 made the effort. Can't be arsed to find the pic but it's out there somewhere!!
  12. Winning 3-1 at Notts County to seal 3rd place in Division 4 ........ what an absolutely amazing achievement. Puts our 3-1 win there in 84 to finish Division ONE Runners Up into the shade doesn't it
  13. He heard that they were a Mickey Mouse Club playing in a Mickey Mouse League in a Mickey Mouse Stadium ... what's not to like.
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