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  1. A fair post. I think the club need to decide (if they haven't already) whether they want to push on, but that would mean expanding their budget and can't see that happening under the current ownership.
  2. If we aspire to be a top 10 club then I don't think Nathan Redmond has a future here. Nice bloke, hearts in the right place and on his day he can look good but the truth his he has been a bit of a disappointment for a season or more now.
  3. Perhaps Danny will spend his down time over Xmas studying the finer points of the new contract he has been offered?
  4. While its important and right his privacy is respected, I can't help thinking the club has not helped with its lack of clarity to the actual situation. Ralph told us he was in full training a few weeks ago so why no B team appearance? Surely that's a fair enough question? I just feel had the club been a little more upfront as to the problem, it would have put an end to the speculation. As it is with our good start with the two centre backs playing well, it means that there is no clamour for him to play, but had things started badly this whole situation would have been much more awkward.
  5. Yep pretty much nails it. Ralph is the dogs bollocks but he could do better by not being so obstinate.
  6. The scarf and the ball are just so 70s. Revert to the city crest with some fine adjustments like introducing 1885 into it.
  7. Wish you would use www.saintsplayers.co.uk instead of Wiki which is often incorrect
  8. It's all gone very quiet seeing Ings etc were on the verge a week or two ago
  9. Very impressed with him so far. Positionally sometimes a worry but looks to be a good buy
  10. Got to be better than Redmond current form. How he got MoTM I'll never know. Gave the ball away persistantly.
  11. Although not Saints related I thought, today of all days, this news (which has just come to me from an excellent well-placed source in P*mpey) deserves a position on the main forum. I am told news of the collapse will officially emerge in the next few days. This is not a wind-up. I don't usually "do" gloating but with the mod's permission can I indulge myself just a little? Perhaps today (July 8th) should now be made a public holiday in Hants.
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