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  1. MLT is an utter gentleman, polite, helpful, courteous at all times etc etc etc but he has poor judgement at times. His backing of Pinnacle even after it was obvious to everyone else they were not genuine had the potential to scupper the Liebherr take over. Even now if you were brave enough to ask him he would insist their credentials were fine.
  2. I think he is one of those players that everything has to be just right before he performs at his best. I know he is a nice guy, popular with his team mates but he is too inconsistent for me. Good when he's on form but does not always turn up.
  3. Ralph insinuated last week the fee etc had already been agreed and the ball is entirely in our court.
  4. Spot on. I have seen zilch progress at home this season. It’s the same old same old and makes me wonder if RH is as smart as some think.
  5. Have a look at the passage of play 30 seconds before it
  6. Yep think you are right - he charges around like a bull in a china shop
  7. Really? I hadn't heard that. Tough times I guess - hope Carl survives the inevitable cull
  8. Met Carl a few times and a real nice chap. From London but has embedded himself in So'ton and is the Athletic's dedicated reporter exclusive to Southampton. Carl is very hot on the tactical side of the game (often leaves me confused) and has also conducted interviews with ex-players like Moran, Tessem, Beattie etc. He goes to all the away games, travels and chats with the fans and really has tried to get into the soul of the club. Attends all pressers and fully credited. I have been trying to persuade him to do an article on the punch up years and have even tracked Andy Oldknow (living in Saudi) for him but think Carl got cold feet. You get some proper grown up football articles in the Athletic so even the non-Saints stuff is worthwhile.
  9. Yes a bit of a surprise he was given his debut unless that was part of the deal to induce him to sign?
  10. Tella's debut was a bit of a surprise - he seems to have leap-frogged above other youngsters. Did I read last week he is stalling on signing a new contract?
  11. There is footage of Saints win over Liverpool in the FA Cup 1925 around, the BFI were advertising it back in the 80s I remember. I have colour footage of Saints playing Leeds at Elland Rd 1948 which I bought from a private collector. I think it must be the first of Saints in colour. I lent it to the Sea City Museum during the exhibition and they showed it on a loop.
  12. Just writing up Hesketh's profile and wondering if he has a future with us. His contract runs out in 2021. The defining moment in his career (and his last match for us ) came when he was yanked off in the away leg of the Be'er Sheva match after 35 mins. I was there and couldn't really see why. Admittedly he hadn't done much up to them but neither had any one. Some said the raucous atmosphere (which was quite intense) had got to him but I'm not sure that was the case. It came the week after he scored in the League cup-tie v Palace. Is it just a case of he's not good enough.? He struggles to hold down a spot at Lincoln.
  13. Fitzhugh Fella

    Sam McQueen

    The forgotten man. Hopefully this lock down will mean he can catch up on his fitness. His contract runs out in 2021
  14. I'll amend that before anyone notices
  15. There is a photo of him though on either Ripley, Hughes or Marshall's profile can't remember which one. Or Howells, there is a photo of them all signing the same summer.
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