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  1. When all sad and done and whichever side of the fence you sit with Ralph (or on it in the case of Trousers) - you have to admit when it comes to team selections and substitutions he is the most baffling and frustrating of any of our managers that I can recall.
  2. Didn't realised Catlin had left. Presumably thought things could only get worse.
  3. Nothing wrong with hating Portsmouth and celebrating it with a song. Wash your mouth my son 😀
  4. Think it a great way of waking up the Kingsland and generating some atmosphere. A success so well done to all concerned.
  5. How much longer is the excuse of being dealt a bad hand going to be viable I wonder. A lot of his “bad hands” have been self dealt.
  6. He’s hardly going to say anything else other than he has our full support. Things change quite literally overnight. Do you remember when Branfoot got a new contact but was given the push soon after. I am pretty sure Howe is waiting in the wings. A lot will depend on these next 5 games. Gao calls the shots and he certainly won’t let his heart rule his head.
  7. A good listen. Martin Semmens is a very convincing and articulate speaker and the questions were all relevant so well done. Still wondering about the Jack Stephen’s contract position though. Has he signed a new deal?
  8. Perhaps the two clubs should participate in the piss pot trophy on an annual basis? We might get to put some silverware in the trophy cabinet.
  9. Slight difference inasmuch Gao is not responsible for China’s appalling human rights record whereas the Saudi “govt”behind this takeover is up to its neck in murder etc.
  10. Oh no does that mean he will be selected for the next 38 games regardless?
  11. Have you been hibernating throughout 2021?
  12. The past gradually counts for nothing - we are nearing 2022 and the last 9 months have been depressing, confusing, illogical and mind numbing. I’ve lost faith in him completely and just because “there is no one else out there” I think it’s time the Board appointed someone who at least recognises a square peg from a round hole.
  13. Selling Ings was a “no brainer” according to a lot of fans although I accept we had little choice in the end. Talk of Ralph’s small squad last season makes me smile when I remember one of his early boasts was he liked to work with small squads. His myopia when it comes to the shortcomings of Redmond has convinced me he simply isn’t up to the job. A shame because I once believed he was the new Poch but he has himself to blame for some truly illogical team selections, stubbornness and questionable man management. My dear though is the Board have tied themselves too closely to his sails.
  14. Is “Don’t Rock the Boat” by the Hues Corporation your favourite record?
  15. Dragging up old posts to mock views made without the benefit of hindsight is a little sad. Football is about opinions and who is ever right 100% (besides Turkish)? For me that was a miraculous unexpected point but maybe we could have done better with a different team? We’ll never know, but I will settle for the result we got.
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