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  1. The moment I saw Redmond's name on the team sheet I knew Ralph has to go. Has he not learnt anything?
  2. Your first 3 words dissuaded me from reading any further. Mate, with the greatest of respec,t you must be blind.
  3. You ask why people can’t stay level headed. Fair enough but then you bring death into the equation?
  4. Don’t worry the B team are ripping up their League, plenty of youngsters to fall back on. It’s all a bit shambolic to be truthful. Perhaps he’s not the messiah after all ?
  5. It would be a better move to do away with offside. It was introduced in Victorian times to stop Old Etonians leaning against the opponents goalpost smoking a pipe waiting for the ball to be lumped towards him.
  6. How anyone can think Redmond is worthy of a starting place is utterly beyond me sorry. He epitomes everything wrong about us at present.
  7. We’ve only had two owners to be fair. I think fans don’t understand the concept of being owned by an individual. We can’t demand their removal like we used to with Lowe. He was accountable to the shareholders and the bank whereas Gao answers to no one in this country. And to add perspective there are a lot more dodgy owners out there who would do more harm than Gao by potentially asset stripping. I hate the fact we seem hamstrung financially and are having to compete against clubs with so much more financial clout but raging against Gao solves nothing. The manner of our defeat today r
  8. I know where you are coming from but the most influential man at the club (football wise) is the manager. Responsible for player recruitment (he has a veto); tactics, player selection and motivation. With success comes praise which he got in bucket loads earlier in the season but this recent run with 4 points out of 36 tells its own tale and as you know time is one commodity few flailing PL managers get.
  9. If he isn’t better than Redmond then the poor lad really is in trouble.
  10. If Redmond doesn’t play we have every chance of 3 points, if as I suspect he will start I may we’ll go for a long walk on the Common as I simply cannot watch him any more.
  11. I think Ralph is here for the forseeable as he has made himself virtually impossible to be sacked. Not only would it cost a lot to pay him off but the whole club's much-vaunted plan drawn up by the manager over the last 12 months would have to be shredded. Although Turkish claims I have a personal vendetta against the manager that is not true. Up until Xmas I was full of hope and confidence but this last 2 months have been the most miserable I can remember. He has made so many mistakes. Letting Valery go (yes I know he doesn't rate him but he's better than nothing) and if he didn't rate h
  12. “Redmond just short of confidence” Are you joking? He’s short of skill, bravery, nous, direction, intelligence, ability, wherewithal and aggression. Other than that he’s my first choice. He’s been shite for two years now but Ralph can’t see it.
  13. Sorry the manager has screwed up again with his team selection. Tella is preferable to Redmond, Ramsay, good enough for a new contract still can’t oust a central defender at right back and Armstrong as a central holding midfielder is wrong and a waste. I hope I will be proved wrong but I genuinely think we are beaten before we start and that’s just not good management.
  14. Do we sell every player who “wants” first team football? No this was all about getting 13m in the bank and was a mistake. Ralph didn’t rate him, so we let him go and now we will probably have to spend more than 13m to get a player the same standard.
  15. No it’s not but there’s no point arguing with someone who hates behind a clock of anonymity. Come out from behind your keyboard and spin your vile but we all know you haven’t got the bollocks. Go on brave heart prove me wrong
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