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  1. Because the whole thing is a load of crap
  2. open the stadiums (and everything else for that matter) get a bloody grip people. This so called 'virus' has a 99.7% recovery rate Take off your masks, stop watching the news and lets get back to normal
  3. This is simply not true. Please look at the facts before spouting crap and scaremongering. We need to get the stadiums open, and everything else for that matter, and get back to normal asap. The old normal, not a new normal. And everyone please, please stop watching the news and wake up.
  4. we have looked brilliant since the re-start. Can't wait to get back in the stadium now.
  5. davefoggy

    Adam Lallana

    and you haven't answered my question Adam 😀
  6. davefoggy

    Adam Lallana

    I'm beginning to think you are actually Adam himself. Are you Adam Lallana?? Might explain why you are so keen to defend him/yourself
  7. davefoggy

    Adam Lallana

    he effectively went on strike until he got his move. come on, we all know what happened.
  8. davefoggy

    Adam Lallana

    Absolutely not. I'll never forget how behaved to get his move
  9. Following the hysteria and scaremongering when all those people turned up on Bournemouth beach, a month on and there has not been a spike in cases as suggested at the time. So, what are the real risks of getting back to normal and opening the stadiums again, given the very small number of cases in our area? Or are we gong to continue to live in fear, fuelled by the mainstream media?
  10. absolutely brilliant, couldn't be prouder of the lads. Ralph's finest hour. Just brilliant
  11. Surely the keeper has to be dropped after the last performance? I am worried about this one, I can see Deeney bullying our powderpuff defence
  12. And when do you think that will be exactly? This year? Next year? Are we all to stay at home forever??? utterly ridiculous I will happily take my chances thanks. Like I said before, the overwhelming vast majority of people that get this 'virus' have little or no symptoms, or mild symptoms at worse. And the majority of those poor souls who need hospital treatment get better, thankfully. Over 95% of people who die with "coronavirus" on their death certificate (whether they've been tested or not) are elderly and have an average of 3 underlying health conditions. That's the facts. Not theory, fact. So lets do everything we can to shield the elderly and vulnerable, for as long as it takes, and let everyone else get back to normal, albeit with social distancing if you want. And let's get the hospital wards back open and start treating cancer patients etc again before it's too late for them. I suspect that there are many on here that agree with me on this but haven't got the balls to say so in a public forum. You'll be pleased to know that this will be my last comment on the subject
  13. I wouldn't waste your time thinking about me mate, or all my other loony friends for that matter
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