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  1. why does the Solent coverage online sound like they are reporting from Brazil circa 1970?
  2. going down. I said this at the start of the season. Pathetic.
  3. another inspiring half time team talk by Ralph
  4. Yeah ok, fair enough on the Howe comments, maybe I have got that wrong. But I do believe Ralph's time is up...
  5. Enough is enough, Ralph is totally out if his depth, nothing has changed. Every Saints fan can see what the problem is, defense, goalkeeper, game management......why can't Ralph and his coaching staff can't see the obvious?? There has never been a plan B, his subs are weird and too late, we concede way too many goals, and keep giving away points from leading positions!!! The stats say he is the worst Saints manager in history, lovely bloke, but MUST be sacked tonight. Get Eddie in.
  6. why has the game been postponed? Everyone has fucked off now. What sort of fucking snowflake mask wearing world are we living in now for fucks sake??
  7. Never ever a red card. He won the ball!!
  8. Jesus, this is hard to watch. Did we have a shot in that half? Anyway, everything to play for
  9. the game's gone. week in week out, shocking referring decisions. Empty stadiums, VAR, and taking the knee. The game's gone
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