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  1. Armstrong should be banned from crossing into his own third, where he can be a bit of a liability! Ahead of that, though, he is bloody useful. Great player.
  2. I get a few seconds, then a message "Oh no! Sonething's gone wrong." Followed by a long error code
  3. Anyone else struggling with Now TV? I can hear the pre-match commentary, but can't see anything...
  4. Watching him against Everton, what is the point of Mario Lemina?
  5. Oh, do fuck off. This is a football forum.
  6. Agreed, too slow and no motor for the pressing game. Can he even tackle? Seems a nice fella, though...
  7. I tend to agree, but why is this not being replicated in other major leagues (accepting that the natural order of La Liga has been somewhat disrupted thus far)?
  8. For whatever reason, defence is a problem for all teams in the Premier League this season. Shipping 3 goals to that strike-force is no disgrace, irrespective of who may have been to blame.
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