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  1. A good big 'un will always beat a good small 'un.
  2. You can thank me for that!
  3. Fuck me, this is just like watching bad-version Saints.
  4. Why the fuck didn't Stephens play?
  5. If no defender ever made a mistake, there wouldn't be many goals!
  6. Absolutely, clearly he gives a shit and is one of the few who really does leave it all on the pitch.
  7. Yes, I have touted Antonee Robinson on here before, looks a left-sided version of KWP, excellent going forward, not quite as tricky but more robust.
  8. They do look scarily good and even likeable!
  9. On that, I certainly agree. I remember a game at St. Mary's a few years ago, when the terrorism threat was high and armed police were posted around the stadium, West Ham fans were giving them (and Saints fans) grief - stupid fucking cunts. At least they lost.
  10. Antonio is a fucking monster.
  11. Didn't he play left back recently - and acquitted himself quite well?
  12. "He may be a nob, but he's not a twat."
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