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  1. Totally agree. He’s just an average premiership player that wouldn’t get noticed at an average club. It’s the player’s around him that make him look better than he is.
  2. How old was your hero Matt Le Tiss when he was snapped up at a professional academy ?
  3. 8, 9,10 year olds you quoted. Now you’ve spun it to 13 year olds aswell !
  4. That’s the problem. As Pilchards has said above, there should be a rule put in place that clubs can’t recruit until older. Or maybe say that from the age of 11 they can sign them, but only train once a week and still allow them to play for their local club .
  5. I’m glad to see you edited your response. I can assure you that many kids who are picked up at the age of 8 are released and overtaken by those who didn’t have 6 years of academy training by the time they get to 14. I know personally that 8 year olds don’t progress as well as those that are brought in at the age of 14. 6 years of coaching is great for a few but many more are successful from a later age without the coaching. You seem to underestimate the strength of street football. I strongly believe that kid’s should be left to develop and progress until a later age.
  6. It kinda of does. Kids at such a young age are expected to attend at there club 4 times a week and many at the age of 8 or 9 lose interest because it becomes a chore rather than an enjoyment. Many of those kids could well have progressed better had they been left to mature and love the game at a later age. Ive seen for myself how kids at such a young age have fallen out of love of the game because of the demands put on them at such a young age. I hope that answers your question .
  7. At the age of 14ish is when players are more hungry and determined. The percentage of players that succeed at 14ish is a higher than those at 8 or 9. At 8 or 9 you get a lot morel that drop out because they’re not mentally ready for it.
  8. That’s right, but what if the player withdrew on his own accord ? ie: personal reasons.
  9. Spot on. I’ve lost patience with Ralph now.
  10. Could be mathematically safe before then. If so, I would like to see changes to see what we may have for the future.
  11. If Jamie Carragher was the target then I don’t see a problem with that. 😉
  12. I’ve heard Jose wanted to rearrange training for Wednesday evening .
  13. Hope Burnley go down, can’t stand route one teams.
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