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  1. Make the most of the remainder of this enjoyable season. Because as from next season it’s going to be pretty dire. Ings will go,Ralph will go....as will JWP and any other saleable asset. brace yourself for the inevitable relegation scrap....and eventually it will happen. we will be bought by charlatans along the way.
  2. Their gaffer,Cotterill,won’t be in the dugout on Tuesday.
  3. Holy shitballs. wow. incredible.
  4. I think there might be some truth in us being in for Damarai Gray
  5. Devoid of ideas,so pedestrian...looks like we don’t have the desire or know how to break a side down. so boring to watch...it could be Puel all over again once again we look to just settle for a draw from about 75mins our passing and final ball is terrible Thank goodness they didn’t play their strongest 11 from the start we look stale and unimaginative and so bloody ponderous its a relief we’ve got some points on the board already...because we are only going one way in this table on the recent performances
  6. The last few games it looks like we’ve settled for a point from 75 mins onwards. we just don’t up the tempo and take the occasional risk of late. All a bit stale since wolves or Man United.
  7. He’s been immense. his distribution of late has been superb. dare I say....a Van Dyke in the making?
  8. Am I right I thinking that the fans were in the Chapel/kingsland stands today? Why not put them in the Itchen? Atleast that would show on TV.If not some in the Northam. watching Palace they have put them behind the goal that they usually have good support from. I know it is maybe different people in the seats but surely it would add a slight physiological advantage.
  9. I find it difficult to imagine they won’t get promotion this season. I can live in hope though.
  10. Diallo would be the perfect sub when managing a game....unfortunately he’s brought on far too late in a game to show his worth. He should’ve been brought on against Man U to do exactly that. but once again Ralph leaves it way too late,by which time the game is getting,or already gotten away from us.
  11. By the time we play on Monday we could’ve dropped a fair few places in the table. really need a favourable result against Brighton to try to regain a bit of momentum.
  12. He was over in gunwharf last night...he didn’t look the picture of happiness. Bit weird. just saying.
  13. Djenepo is complete shite. he’s obviously been asked to go backwards every bloody time. that’s not what his job is,it’s to create a threat. so many loose passes by so many today. And even when it’s obvious that we are under pressure we invite more with this consistent fecking about at the back and passing it backwards. which leads to more pressure and then shite passing. it’s time to look up and put pressure on the opposition. ok,I know we are exceeding expectations right now but bugger me we are commiting suicide by inviting the opposition on and pissing around,we aren’t g
  14. Happy to come away with point. we really did seem to revert to the routine of passing it back and sideways again and putting ourselves under pressure. so many loose passes. that pass by Adams to Walcott for what should’ve be put away was simply divine. bad miss by Walcott,but overall I thought he was fantastic. Djenepo....was abysmal. Alex McCarthy should take a bow. Brilliant.
  15. My renewed optimism seems to be accompanied with anxiety and an even more desperate desire for 3 points. cant make out if I like this feeling more than fighting relegation or mid table mediocrity. Perhaps I’m expecting too much....I need to temper my expectations,but I bloody don’t really want to. Im desperate for a win tonight...just to show our form is not a flash in the pan. we’ve been so bloody good since the restart last season.
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