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  1. So who fancies KWP/ Cash.....Hinterreger...Salisu and Bertrand as the back four?
  2. Weston McKennie has just landed in London. make of that what you will. probably not a lot tbh.
  3. New contract for Bertrand and KWP signing a permanent contract. SFC Twitter May have just given a clue?
  4. Rumour that a unamed Belgian side is about to sign Hoedt,Not Antwerp however https://tbrfootball.com/report-wesley-hoedt-to-leave-southampton-permanently-this-week-5-9-million-fee/
  5. My sentiments exactly. would just love to see West Ham relegated. more so than Bournemouth. both would be bloody lovely though.
  6. May have already been said,but tonight’s equaliser was the latest goal ever scored at Old Trafford in the premier league by an away side. we just keep breaking records.
  7. Thoroughly deserved the point. As soon as Neville awarded man of the match to Martial “for the winning goal” I just knew we would get the equaliser. we were by far more the creative.
  8. saint lard

    20/21 Kit

    In the very beginning when we wore sashes,players put the sashes over the top of their shirts as they were seperate. it’s noticeable in pictures of the time,in team photos players had them over the left shoulder And some had them over the right shoulder. I wonder if that is the reason the sashes run differently on the two shirts revealed today.
  9. saint lard

    20/21 Kit

    Personally I think they are really quite nice. looking forward to the away shirt also. the sponsor logo is the only downside,however, it’s a vast improvement it being all one colour and not completely solid like this seasons abomination.
  10. I’m fucking buzzing for that. what an incredible performance. I’m shocked. Stunned. i want to single players out...but it just would do justice to a team performance.
  11. saint lard


    Never want to see him in a Saints shirt again.
  12. Hasenhüttle needs to be very astute with his substitutions.....not exactly something he’s renowned for. so we are still shite... you can’t polish a turd.
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