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  1. Just marvellous…🤦🏻 Southampton are in talks to extend Macca’s contract. The 31 year-old has lost his place as first team keeper at the club, with Ralph now preferring to alternate goalkeepers. I hope this is wrong on all counts.
  2. I’m sincerely hoping both these are utter bollix….. Southampton have made an offer for former-Saint Filip Djurucic. The 29 year-old is also being closely watched by West Ham. Ralph has confirmed that talks are ongoing over the permanent transfer of Taki Minamino.
  3. Confirmation pour Romain Perraud (Brest). Toutes les parties sont très proches d’un accord global pour transfert à 10 M€ —> Southampton Confirmation for Romain Perraud (Brest). All parties are very close to a global deal for transfer to 10M € -> Southampton Comes from what appears to be an established informed source in French sport media.
  4. As well as Henderson being picked I really don’t see what Phillips Brings to the party which is so special. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Skates want Sims…. https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/sport/football/portsmouth-fc/portsmouth-plotting-move-for-out-of-contract-southampton-winger-josh-sims-3261603?fbclid=IwAR0dR4kGrmScGkbEIU4D-BIilCQp4FT15_hiCCSzhn-uaXWYEr8BcVpLt7o there sure will be some disparaging remarks about this possibility in the comments section. And some idiotic ones.
  6. Nuno Espirito Santo remains the favourite to become manager of #CPFC after three days of talks with the Premier League club. Sky sports reporting.
  7. Interesting read and Thankyou. Nothing jumps out as a particular surprise but it’s intriguing to see it in statistics and percentages. I would like to see similar equations somehow used on Ralph’s management,coaching etc in game. thanks again.
  8. Rather that than hearing Ralph’s completely uninspiring barking from the touch line,which could be pretty much on loop for every game. just watch the game rather than the chewing eh. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Can we bring in Thomas Frank to please.
  10. saint lard

    20/21 Kit

    Arrows point the way we are heading. quite apt. quite boring.
  11. Ings isn’t good enough and he’s made of glass. he stands out for us because he’s surrounded by dross. but to other fans he’s just meh. cash in now is what we should do.
  12. Absolutely no comparison to what Adkins had at his disposal to what Frank had or has now at Brentford. different era….different make up of the opposition. you just can’t compare our squad and the league at the time to what Brentford have had to do to get this far two seasons running. but you carry on with your agenda. However I’ll informed and misguided it is. Adkins is still very lucky to have us on his CV.
  13. I used to live in isleworth just up the road and go and see them….Brentford were a nothing club. he came in and transformed it….and the fact that Brentford have been so close to the premier league is quite staggering. he’s nurtured players and brought them on leaps and bounds….so much so they have been sought after. And I think he would be a realistic, candidate for us. unlike so many others mentioned.
  14. For the last couple of season I’ve wanted Thomas Frank as the gaffer. my only reason I don’t want Brentford promoted is in the hope we could get him in. Ralph really has to go. Its just been embarrassing for the majority whilst he’s been in charge. I see no positives in him at all…all levels at the club are suffering.
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