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  1. Happy to come away with point. we really did seem to revert to the routine of passing it back and sideways again and putting ourselves under pressure. so many loose passes. that pass by Adams to Walcott for what should’ve be put away was simply divine. bad miss by Walcott,but overall I thought he was fantastic. Djenepo....was abysmal. Alex McCarthy should take a bow. Brilliant.
  2. My renewed optimism seems to be accompanied with anxiety and an even more desperate desire for 3 points. cant make out if I like this feeling more than fighting relegation or mid table mediocrity. Perhaps I’m expecting too much....I need to temper my expectations,but I bloody don’t really want to. Im desperate for a win tonight...just to show our form is not a flash in the pan. we’ve been so bloody good since the restart last season.
  3. I am moist. wowsers. please don’t bugger this up saints.
  4. European super league/tournament is being set up by Perez,Real Madrid president. financiers are putting things in place. Liverpool and Man Utd...and possibly Arsenal,Chelsea and another from England. just been breaking news on Sky.
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