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  1. If Whatmough had scored a third OG yesterday, would he have been entitled to a match ball signed by the Hull players?
  2. Oh great, looks like the forum has a couple more QAnon weirdos to join the two loopy ex-pats.
  3. Biden senile? I think OP needs to have a good look in the mirror. Far left as well, deary me. GM is a bit old for the Proud Boys. Clearly Boris’s lockdowns are having a heavy impact on the forum’s sanatogen generation. Time for GM’s nap.
  4. There’s clearly some very bad people in Maidstone on a Friday night - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-55626148
  5. saint1977


    This times a million. Let’s see if Matthew Sinclair wants to run a story on how a Conservative donor is wasting taxpayers money at an obscene rate? No, thought not, but one can’t bite the hand that feeds them I suppose
  6. Thats certainly what many hauliers are asking. Disproportionate impact on NI, who overwhelmingly voted remain - https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/hauliers-spending-tens-of-thousands-to-bring-empty-lorries-to-northern-ireland-39956472.html Certainly on your story about sandwiches look like the type of irrelevance it is but then a certain fat blonde bloke made a career out of that sort of thing. Good job as he wasn’t capable of making a career any other way. GM - the Sheffield United 2020/21 of the thread
  7. Two more examples for you although the latter is more an example of being a fly by night. The Thatcherites loved the tackiness I’m sure. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/waking-watch-housing-secretary-fire-b1784448.html https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/mar/15/grant-shapps-admits-he-had-second-job-as-millioniare-web-marketer-while-mp
  8. The Republicans need to have a top to bottom clear out now. 68% of their Congress reps voted to have Trump as a fascist dictator, tacitly supporting the appalling violence which made Millwall at Luton in 1985 look like a tea party. Lauren Boebert is one of the first to expel, leading the scum to Pelosi’s office. Every time she says something she makes Sarah Palin look and sound like Einstein. Cruz needs to go from the Senate as well, what a moron supporting the orange one after the appalling things Trump and his boneheads said about Cruz in 2015 and 2016. Well done on PGA America for tak
  9. Have a look at the Twitter thread from this Fox News journalist - pretty clear it was set out to be violent, confrontational and with that volume of arms in a powderkeg situation frankly it’s a miracle more weren’t killed, although tragically 4 were. Ignoring the pointless whataboutery on this thread, because we all agree that violent storming of democratic functions belongs in failed states regardless of ideological intent, one point of difference was that BLM was in response to Floyd, dozens of other killings and a series of UK incidents going back to Windrush under May as Home Secretar
  10. After yesterday’s dreadful scenes in America and the COVID death toll, something that warms the heart. Well done Spurs fans, that’s what being community spirited is about and helping a club that clearly does a huge amount of good in its environment. Will be a great day for Marine regardless of the result and is what the FA Cup should be about. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55412755
  11. saint1977


    Grammar and typing a bit neat for TDD/Batman. Wouldn’t be surprised if someone like Dune. Whilst I don’t always agree with posters like LD, he has a perspective and there’s some nuance in that and a good discussion can often be had. Wes is more hard core than most on Brexit/BBC but a very good football poster that I enjoy reading. With this poster/troll, he has slagged off certain whole sectors 3 times now but doesn’t have any bottle to come back and respond. Joining VFFT putting him on ignore as a WUM and hopefully banned soon/pretending to be someone else on the UI. He would fit
  12. saint1977


    In which case so does most of the private sector as well using your logic. Currently without central heating after gas engineers refusing to install the new boiler and flue we just paid a ton for until late Jan because of lockdown. Not good enough and firm concerned have been informed a significant amount compensation required due to this market failure for an essential service (and the guidelines deem it as such). Have other quotes to hand from different firms but you can tell where the corners cut compared to the more detailed current quote we went with and the others will keep coming back n
  13. One of key Trump supporters, Leader of Neo Nazi Proud Boys arrested for burning a flag, and looks like Trump will follow at some stage. Cruz and others have disgraced themselves by backing Trump’s efforts at enforcing a one party state, let’s all hope for the sake of democracy that the Democrats win both the Georgia senate seats so the Republicans can focus on finding someone to clean up their party post Trump. Makes Kinnock’s clear up of Labour in the mid 1980s like a walk in the park
  14. Great win and tremendous effort with the players we had missing, bench as threadbare as the later 1990s squads. For sheer hard work, up there with the WGS Cup Final side which I also loved watching, full of character. Forster got better with his distribution and good block on Mane, wouldn’t have known he was offside. Very few saves to make as back 4 were unreal, not least Stephens and KWP but all 4 fantastic as a unit. Diallo a big part of that as well, just edged KWP and Stephens as my MOTM. JWP and Armstrong superb, and such a clever goal from Ings, he 100 per cent intended that. G
  15. Positives - took 84 minutes for McC to need to do anything and even that was through a Jack special. Bednarek excellent as was Dawson for them. Jack OK but brain fart at the end, KWP very good. Berty better defending but poor offensively. Romeu played well, JWP off form, Ings rusty, Che off the pace. Theo bright but final ball has been better recently, WBA would swap it. Have a feeling there might a 2 week circuit-breaker coming up.
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