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  1. With Chris Farnell closely involved https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54723696 Wouldnt be filling me with joy but might be that Garlick and his directors cannot finance the club post COVID
  2. Not a fan of Trump at all but in the interests of balance the First Step Act had strong bi-partisan support (rare) in leading to more sensible federal incarceration terms and reducing some of the more silly impractical aspects eg a defendant could get a much larger sentence for one form of drug use than another. More funding was offered for job specific retraining and rehabilitation and some of the worst aspects of prison treatment eg shackling pregnant women was struck out. Space Force didn’t get a lot of headlines but brought together in a programme a diverse range of agencies who had f
  3. I do agree with much of that analysis - just a different balancing act on the axis - economic compromises vs social and cultural ones. I’m reading an interesting book at the moment by Steve Rayson on the fall of the red wall and how the Labour Party has left many white working class communities feeling up represented. 25% of the way through and very interesting so far
  4. The challenge Boris is in holding together a hugely diverse geographic, social and cultural consortium to keep power. Just a small demonstration is the research Matthew Sinclair commissioned in the lead up to the referendum to bottom out what range of views potential leave voters in target seats held. Amongst the findings were that an overwhelming majority wanted to see the railways and other key industries eg utilities back in public hands. Firmly ‘leftie’ territory. The other side of the equation is that many of the same respondents are culturally more conservative than many Tory MPs on a ra
  5. I agree, although they have borrowed it from the tabloids who used it through the 1980s against opponents of Maggie and then those in the Labour Party who opposed Kinnock’s reforms. Those were genuinely ‘lefties’ eg GLC and Livingstone, Militant, as were many of Corbyn’s followers. Applying that tag to Heseltine, Clarke, Hammond, Ashdown/Kennedy/Cable or even Starmer, let alone Major or Blair is just weird and demagogic blind following of populism.
  6. Most comfortable home win since we beat Everton 4-1 in what was the loony’s finest game. Surprised at Redmond getting MOTM although mainly his finishing iffy, level of industry was strong. Vest, Ings, Che, JWP, Berty, KWP, Stu and Romeu all very good games. McCarthy tidy when had to be although last half an hour he could have brought a book to read.
  7. Sorry to take the air out of the tyres of the Trump boys on here but the Republicans are past masters at rigging electoral boxes https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/12/us/politics/california-gop-drop-boxes.html https://www.politico.com/states/california/story/2020/10/15/schwarzenegger-california-republicans-off-the-rails-with-fake-ballot-boxes-9424470 https://www.miamiherald.com/news/politics-government/election/article221484265.html
  8. Hardly surprising if Les’s team were sacked, especially after 4 largely shocking years of recruitment at all levels and that recent article in the Athletic reviving all of the Black Box nonsense was probably the final straw. I doubt Reed and Wilson were the only bad apples going by that and looks like Crocker wielded the axe.
  9. Pleased with that, great spirit. Vest is improved this term, Theo lasted 90 and contributed well. JWP good game and strikers’ movement caused Chelsea problems. Defensively some concerns and Bednarek has been really poor. ‘Scummer’ Sims sets up Donny winner at the rust shed on his Donny debut and watching Exeter in the European Final Rugby which is a cracking game. And they score a try. Happy days
  10. Only upside is Werner and Chilwell in my fantasy football line up. Rodriguez got an assist for Everton as well. On the debit side, I kept Ings (who had otherwise been very good for me) and JWP (poorer this year but cheap midfield set pieces taker option). As I posted on that thread, Salisu situation mind-boggling.
  11. Bizarre that not in the bench at least today. Something not right - Forren Mk2? But has faced Messi, Dracula, Hazard and co last season. This is getting like Clyne not playing for Liverpool which was also mysterious. Media - do your job and start asking SFC some searching and persistent Qs. With a poverty owner, spending £11m on someone who can’t get past Bednarek today wasn’t a good use of funds at all.
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