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  1. It’s been rotten for a long time - can’t remember when it wasn’t. They’ve already done four season in L2 before as well. Speaking of 4, Ipswich go 4-0 up.
  2. I can’t stand Mike Dean but even I have to defend him here. He’s celebrating waving play on and getting a call right. Mike Reed got hammered 20 odd years ago for doing the same thing at Anfield and he was a far better ref. Dean makes plenty of bloopers and seems arrogant for someone so inept but even he’s allowed to celebrate an occasion doing his job well. As others have said, he is an example of a broken system, standards of officiating at the Euros let alone cricket and rugby where it is so much more transparent are light years away from the PGMOL shitshow. Sacking Riley would be a start, D
  3. It is going to happen though regardless if the club isn’t sold. Gao I suspect wants too much money if it is still in the PL but gets wiped out with relegation. It’s then Russian roulette as to whether there is a decent buyer and MSD will have a major say with the administrator. Gao could bail out for say £20m and the new buyer has the loan in their business plan. Gao loses either a lot of money/assets or all of it basically.
  4. Standard practice until they 100 per cent rule out that the motivation isn’t terrorism if that makes sense. I didn’t meet him but heard from people who did that even if his politics weren’t yours that he was one of the most generous and kind MPs. The devastation and emotion expressed on all sides from neighbouring Essex MPs to people on the Labour left is testament. Worryingly, that’s 4 attacks and three fatalities since 2000 affecting all three main parties, 3 of them since 2010. Even worse, ITN reported earlier that there has been several people jailed for plotting attacks on MPs in rec
  5. My old man was there and put a few quid on David Peach for the first goal at 16/1. Good price for the club’s penalty taker and a very nice bonus by 1979 financial standards. Lost a good game 3-2 to the European Champions but he still enjoyed the day.
  6. SFC already is really - staying up this season would just postpone the inevitable.
  7. There would not be much prospect of paying MSD off though in the Champ or even in the PL, player sales would buy maybe a season’s space but Gao couldn’t afford to run Netley Central let alone a EFL club. Club might at best bob around in mid table for a couple of seasons but with a vacant owner and no direction the Champ is as unforgiving as the PL, as you probably remember from last time. The can is kicked down the road season by season either way until either the club is insolvent - which won’t take long - or Gao sells at a big loss but still recovers a bit of money. Even with break clau
  8. Last one which was a first team player with a contract up that summer was Charlie Austin in Jan 2016. Happy to be corrected if wrong.
  9. That’s almost the team I’d play except KWP and Livra with S Armstrong on the bench as not had much football this season. Perraud was a Leeds summer target, should be good enough to play here. Moussa has his limitations but he will try and progress forward whilst working hard for Perraud. Broja ahead of Adams fit or not, opportunity to see how he and AA combine as AA and CA not working. You just know Redmond will be shoehorned in somehow though by Ralph. If Ralph doesn’t win this, Eddie Howe facing his old club at SMS next I reckon so let’s see if the players respond and want RH as manager
  10. If you’re a manager of people, you’ll have gone through the same cycle last autumn of preparing a team to part-return, doing COVID age tests with your team members to risk assess and trying to work out how many desks you can actually fit in plus core equipment if needing to socially distance later in the autumn/winter/early spring. Restrictions had restarted by this time last year so it was all in vain. HR policies are useless because the buildings can only hold 30% of the workforce at up to 2m distance which understandably OH professionals want to prepare for. This without the actual day to d
  11. At least there’s confidence they will get a decent buyer either way. Not using a period of exclusivity either but rather deposits which is sensible. £150m in debt, the football creditors including Keogh (quite the story) and Cocu must be paid in full. Morris already knows he will lose a huge chunk of his loanings. Admin saying more smaller loans to get through season and buyers will need to factor in. The loan to MSD is much smaller than SFCs - £15-20m as opposed to £80m IIRC - so Gao really is backed into a corner there if and when relegation happens and situation out of his hands. Should hav
  12. Good post. CL is an issue if they do spend like City and flout FFP. Spurs have huge stadium debts and likely to lose out on top 4, Arsenal still a long way off paying for Emirates although Wenger got them through the worst bits for all the flak he took. So if we say City and Newcastle regular CL, it leaves Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs and Arsenal fighting it out. Leicester’s owners have been great for them and probably invested enough in the place to not pull the plug and keep them in EL contention. Villa and Everton are in the next group but priced out of the top table, do the owners cons
  13. Correct. At that point, Gao is going to have to take £25-50m if he is lucky, the new owner takes on the loan in their business plan. If Gao tries to hang on, MSD ends up with the keys which is why Derby will be fascinating to watch as it’s probably SFC 12-18 months down the line. There’s no Mel Morris to keep pumping funds in, however recklessly it was done.
  14. Yep, and despite all of the guff on here about ‘Gao isn’t allowed to sell at a loss etc by the PRC authorities’ the fact is MSD has them both by the plumsack. He should have sold in the summer, he won’t get anywhere what he allegedly paid. See Derby now, see SFC in 12-18 months, there isn’t a Mel Morris spending money however appallingly it was spent at Derby. Derby have more debt because Morris ran it up at a rate of knots but SFC only has TV money plus shaky commercial income and falling gates because the home performances have been so abject. SFC is stuck in limbo, relegation g
  15. English referees get stick but at least they don’t have to face this in the Champ or League One https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58820881
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