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  1. saint1977


    Is that Piers Corbyn? Looks like him. Either way, totally bell end thing to do but hardly a surprise. Being deluded seems to run in the family.
  2. Has a role and very effective at it. Victor performed that role for Saints and the defence was far more secure because of it. He dovetailed really well with Morgan who could afford to be a bit more offensively minded. Lallana, J Rod, Rickie and then Tadic, Pelle and Mane enjoyed the platform. At least Dullgate has taken off Kane who either is distracted by his agent or isn’t fit. Rashford at least is more direct but would have taken Sterling off for DCL. DCL must have spat in the manager’s coffee or something. Great season for Everton but Southgate won’t give him a proper go. Oh Ch
  3. Do you have a swimming pool and a Cadillac to make it Keith Moon style? Grealish is a different player to MLT - more athletic but not as productive in finishing and set pieces. Both flair players with creativity though and both viewed with suspicion by England managers despite public clamour for greater opportunities in an England shirt. And no-one on his wavelength there. Only Mount that could be. Phillips off the boil compared with Croatia display but Rice playing his own game. Can understand playing both of those v France, Italy, Spain but Scotland and Czech Republic? Che ha
  4. Saints have been like a person holding on for ages and then going for a big dump in the toilets of all Les’s (and his wee assistant) pension day specials tat in the damaged/ONO/only an idiot would pay that aisle. Hopefully more outgoings keep heading for the exit. The contracts winding down seem to have helped. Well done on your move Wesley - your SFC appearances have earned you a spot alongside Callum Davenport at CB in my worst ever SFC XI. Olivier Bernard and Steve Baker at full backs. Lee Todd just didn’t have enough appearances. Long, Lemina, Forster and McCarthy, Redmond, Oba
  5. Oh yes he can, or will have no choice, if the club gets relegated or looks very likely to be, even with that and the pressure from PRC. A smaller loss is better than most of £200m.
  6. Tells you everything you need to know about how the club has been run over the last 4 years. Get the little things wrong or don’t bother with them, the big things won’t have the right level of attention either. SFC has always gotten complacent and parochial after a run of success - after Lawrie mid 80s, post WGS and Cup Final and Europe and after Ronald. You can’t start coasting as a mid size top flight club.
  7. Not a very nice start, could be like 2012/13 repairing a poor start. First six out of seven not games Saints have good history in. Gets better after that. Ralph could be under huge pressure quickly unless Saints can pull off a couple of upsets from somewhere. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/teams/southampton/scores-fixtures/2021-08
  8. Makes him a more likely target for Saints IMO because Ings’s future won’t be decided early in the window and Norwich will move on if Venky’s are asking for too much £££. Blackburn can’t afford for him for go for nowt summer 2022 unless they risk a smaller fee in January or have made a storming start and look like promotion candidates. Less likely with a 2nd ACL for Dack. The price will soften and Saints will have a bit more of an idea as the summer goes on if the clubs Ings would prefer have secured their first choice targets. Eg is Armstrong an Ings replacement or have they shifted Lemina and
  9. Adams made positive difference already with touch and hold up. Scots nearly scored twice already this half, Scots well in this game as long as they don’t give a soft one away at the back as Czechs starting to panic.
  10. Feyenoord are a huge club - European trophies, big stadium and big gates. Newcastle sort of size but a lot more successful. We had Feyenoord and Groningen fans at our games under Koeman and they were brilliant. If that lot down the M27 think they are passionate and make noise they should go to a game at the ‘Tub’ in Rotterdam and they will see what fierce support looks like.
  11. Maddison was interested but Leicester came in, Midlands lad. And frankly Leicester’s vision was a hell of a lot more compelling than Les Reed’s. Lemina was a fairly ambitious signing at the time but due diligence would have shown a lack of consistency and focus. Hoedt and Moi - eff knows, Moi’s record in Switzerland was good but I’ve never seen PL raw attributes there. Hoedt wasn’t showing the trajectory that was worth anywhere near the fee paid https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wesley_Hoedt Squad players at Lazio should not be going for premium fees, even a supporter knows that, let alone pe
  12. I think both BBC and ITV are using UEFA’s footage so I’m not sure how much they could do. The work of CRY - Cardiac Risk in the Young - needs promoting and more funding, saw a presentation on it by Professor Gregg Whyte through work a long time ago. Vivienne Foe, Muamba and now Eriksen, hopefully the outcome is more the latter than the former and he survives this for the sake of his young family.
  13. Real determination there from Italy to keep the clean sheet even at 3-0 with a minute to go. Winning mentality, forgotten what that’s like at SFC. Kept coming for more goals as well. Turkey were woeful but Italy a side to watch.
  14. Agree but also think Ralph is wrong about not needing a 6. Look at how little screening the back 4 received after Romeu did ankle at Leeds. Diallo will end up being a box to box midfielder and JWP want to see further forward which is certainly where Stu’s strengths are. Ideally move on either McC or Gunn for a new first choice keeper but in danger of getting into fantasy realms.
  15. Cheer up, at least this means no more baby shark song. I hope Wrexham’s movie star owners have a good pipeline of blockbusters ready to go as Les Reed will be preparing to squander more money at that level.
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