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  1. Has even got monstered by Fox News although Chris Wallace has always been one of their few proper journalists more immune to Murdoch’s control I see James Murdoch has finally gotten fed up with his father’s geriatric weirdness and cut his business ties. Would have thought Hillsborough and Milly Dowler phone hack was enough but fair play to James for standing up to him, apparently Rupert’s support for this freak and fake news about the Australian bush fires where climate change denial was rife in his outlets was the final straw.
  2. ‘Them new toilets are triffic. People in Hamworthy are having the time of their lives with these. Honestly, I’ve just used them and that’s the best number two I’ve had since Kevin Bond’
  3. Poor bloke, hope the club sorts him out with a ticket this year, assuming that any of us can attend games anyway. As for Derek Jennings, pathetic from a 53 year old man, but what do you expect from a man who probably has Farage, Nick Griffin and the 657 crew as his heroes.
  4. LeG - guessing the CB/RB wasn't the player who signed for Brighton - Veltman - as he is predominately a RB that can fill in at CB. Could pay off for Brighton but two big risks they've taken IMO with him and Lallana. Could pay off from them like Ings has with us. As for PEH, let him rot in the U23s next season unless he gets real. Take the Everton/other offers or become a forgotten man.
  5. saint1977


    I'm sure PEH will be a fine captain next season...for the Saints U23s. Bye bye playing for Denmark in a home Euros. If we sign McKennie that's what will happen. PEH and his agent created this situation, if the's agent's as good as he claims, he'll be able to unsettle Mourinho for his client to get the move and put the skids under Levy, who is still under a lot doubt from their fans for sacking Poch. Pressure is on Spurs. Oh, and Levy needs the KWP money because Mourinho also wants a winger from Porto. We've taken on the extra borrowing so we can move swiftly in the market in a shorter window this year. Levy is just wasting everyone's time and it doesn't stop SFC's plans. He's bitten off more than he can chew with Mourinho as unlike Poch, he won't be diplomatic if Levy tries to make this protacted.
  6. Brighton got him for a release fee of £1m apparently. Last Netherlands cap in Nov 2019. Not sure why he was available for that price.
  7. John - didn’t include Forren as never played for Saints first team. Bad signing though. Following on from Turkish’s post, my worst ever top flight Saints XI including wanky Wesley is, in traditional 442 Blayney, S Baker (Rb), L Todd (lb), Hoedt, Jakobsson, Ripley, Lemina, Quashie, D Lee, Speedie and Dixon Subs - Woods, Bernard, Davenport, Dia, Wood, Marshall, Carrillo, Ely, Johansen, McCann, Bleidelis, Delgado, Chala, Mayuka
  8. His berth at CB alongside Jakobsson is safe in Saints worst ever XI. Unlike Carrillo he actually played in enough games for us to conclude he was truly awful. At least Jakobsson had a decent attitude. Struggling to think of worse top flight CBs for Saints? Callum Davenport but he only played a small number of games on loan (which admittedly were dreadful). Scott Marshall ditto, quite a small sample but both of those can sit in the bench
  9. McC kicking poor again, for all the quality saves. And nearly handles it outside of the area. Focus Alex! Romeu was awake and a great interception. Redmond our best player today. Robinson stops Che getting a second there although just needs to be reacting a second quicker. Getting into the positions.
  10. Astonishing blooper by ref, fk would have been in JWP range. That said, Lundstram knew Vest would get done there with a quality pass, Billy should score but credit to Alex for the block. Let’s hope Vest doesn’t get injured today and Rodgers does come back in for him. Bournemouth winning and Arsenal winning, all eyes on Villa now.
  11. saint1977

    Adam Lallana

    Yep, my view as well. Not bothered about 2014 and no axe to grind but at 32 not suited to Ralph’s style or system. Ralph wants a level of intensity in the press that was never Adam’s game even when he was a Saints player. If he starts well there will be a few moaning on here but have to look at the 2-4 year picture. Have good memories of him as a Saints player but no regrets at him going to Brighton. Our strategy has to be buying Mane-like gems with express pace in their early 20s to develop and make a big profit on, that’s how the club rebuilds. Two year contract would been the maximum I’d have considered if I was Potter, three is a risk at three but I guess BHA are thinking he might do enough in the first 18 months to fund the high wages and could move into a coaching role earlier if his body doesn’t hold up.
  12. saint1977


    Not saying that’s what the club should do or will do but to have it as a genuine option lets other clubs know that there isn’t an old duffer/5ft tall kid doing our transfer negotiating any more. I want to move on as well but not prepared to let PEH and his agent dictate and Levy think he can take the pee on that and KWP. He said he wanted a CL club which Spurs aren’t at present
  13. saint1977


    He’d like to think so. Personally I’d call his, PEH’s and the agent’s bluff by offering Reed a new contract and appointing PEH captain - of the U23s next season. Eg your career can rot for a season if you don’t start acting in a professional manner and have your go-for tell Spurs to pay up or chip a bit off the price for KWP. Think you will find PEH will need to force Mourinho’s hand a bit if that’s who he really wants in the summer.
  14. The putting the food on the table was metaphorical but people in those seats certainly won’t have voted to be poorer. And a levelling up agenda can only work if there’s a big enough economy to level out. Seems the industry itself is concerned - https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/no-deal-brexit-red-wall-seats-boris-johnson-majority-election-a9621421.html
  15. As other have posted, don’t see it myself. Still a good player but not suited to the press way of playing. Will go to Leicester IMO. We need to be signing 22-23 year olds with serious pace ala Mane when we bought him from Salzburg under Ronald.
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