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  1. Interesting that Ralph made comments about Diallo could also play as a number ten or full back. I wonder if he’ll try either of those one Romeu is back?
  2. My take on it is: he is happy at saints and would sign a new deal, however wants to know if a champions league team showed and interest, and the release fee is that way. He isn’t saying he wants to leave now for champions league but if there was interest in the future he would least like to have the option
  3. Why would he want a release fee in the new contract when he could leave currently for lower than that release fee would be. He could just run down the contract and make much more than signing one with a release fee in.
  4. So why can sending off suspension be claimed against cup games but 5 bookings can’t?!
  5. Good summary in this thread from Kieran Maguire
  6. Hopefully when fit he’ll start playing some B team games even if it’s just to get some games under his belt.
  7. He is 19. If the club feel his is better or potential to be better than Obafemi, Tella or Nlundulu then surely he is worth getting. I can see Obafemi being allowed to leave in the summer
  8. Just curious as to how the original decision was made when all we have is the tv footage to use.
  9. Hard to judge that from the tv coverage. He seemed to spend most of the game in the technical area whenever the camera showed it so assume he was being active rather than just standing there watching the game
  10. What makes you say that? Not sure what he did wrong and would have just been implementing instructions
  11. Long time linked with us but is off to Italy now.
  12. Do they exist? Not sure I can name any in the premier league that play left and right back
  13. Great keeper but would have to take a massive salary cut. On over £100k pw
  14. Who do you think we should be going for then??
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