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  1. EBS1980


    Least at Ajax he’ll get champions league football something spurs or Everton won’t be able to offer him next season
  2. Wonder what colour the away shirt is to need a third kit? Black or blue I guess so it means we can’t wear against palace or Newcastle? (Bournemouth too if they survive)
  3. EBS1980

    Obafemi or Adams?

    I think Adams has been unlucky as he is the backup to Ings and Obafemi is the back up to Long. We haven’t really seen Ings and Adams start much which I guess there must be a reason for but would like to see it given a go.
  4. I have 5 30day passes if anyone would like to try before signing up? DM me, first come first serve
  5. You’ll need to wait for next years accounts for that
  6. Pretty sure a sponsor isn’t picked based on their logo lol
  7. Not sure of their level though since they tried to by Wycombe recently but they went with another bid.
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-8281299/Dennis-Bergkamp-leading-consortium-buy-Premier-League-club.html
  9. Maybe an NFL owner, they always seem to be linked to PL sides.
  10. Daily Star reckon the hunt for a new buyer has been increased and asking price lowered as a result of the cornavirus
  11. Pretty sure Ashley has Newcastle profitable (latest accounts overdue) so new owners would be able to spend quite a bit and still comply with FFP
  12. £32M losses by Bournemouth, they are in a lot worse state accounts wise than us! Owed £5M in transfers but owe £80M in transfers out Borrowed £40M last year in loans To name just two things...
  13. I love how an attention seeking fan twitter account posts something to get interest and followers to their account and so many people take it as gospel.
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