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  1. I’d like to think we will also start moving on a bid for his replacement. Wonder who we will be linked with….
  2. EBS1980

    Adam Armstrong

    It goes against other reports but Alan Nixon is reporting that it’s effectively £15M plus Obafemi and if Obafemi doesn’t decide to join Rovers then we have to pay more than £15M for Armstrong. Seems unlikely tbh as fee has been agreed but he’s normally pretty accurate I thought ??
  3. “Southampton remain confident of adding two forwards to the squad, one of whom could be another cheap deal for an academy player from a top side — similar to full-back Tino Livramento’s recent transfer from Chelsea.” So what promising forwards do the big clubs have that we might look to??
  4. But the part everyone is missing off this quote is after listing those he says “but yeah we know we need someone else”.
  5. Why £24M. Liverpool get 20% of the profit so £2M not £6M
  6. Could Ings money fund Delaney, Armstrong and Edouard? I’d be happy with that if we did.
  7. £5M and a 5yr contract is what I’ve heard. Imagine a sell on % included too
  8. Looks like we are having a clear out of the younger players we feel aren’t upto the level we need rather than holding on and loaning out.
  9. The top line numbers were announced though weren’t they? I would imagine anyone looking to buy would have seen the latest set of management accounts which would be more upto date that then submitted statutory accounts filed at companies house.
  10. Not the best of sources but £15M seems cheap for him! https://www.teamtalk.com/news/exclusive-aston-villa-norwich-keen-west-brom-tell-star-can-leave-right-price
  11. Sergio Romero On a free would be an improvement to our XI, although would need us to sell another keeper.
  12. I would if it means we sell Redmond (only cos I wouldn’t see any of the others) Our wide players last season didn’t score or create enough so seems silly to go into next year with the exact same players in those positions. Armstrong is fine, Walcott already signed up so I’d like at least one new face in there this season.
  13. EBS1980

    20/21 Kit

    Everton are announcing their away kit tomorrow (assume ahead of wearing vs City on last day). Would give us a few clues on style possibly used for ours?
  14. Think only chance we would have is if we offered Mo as part of the deal to bring down the overall cost to us!
  15. No mention of signing a contract extn though. I’d be surprised if we let him go run down the contract and go for free. We couldn’t afford to let him go for nothing and have to buy a replacement
  16. EBS1980

    20/21 Kit

    Third kits are just becoming standard with clubs now, just another way to make more money from fans. If clubs thought about kit clashes there would never be a need for 3rd kits however that’s not the main consideration anymore.
  17. EBS1980

    20/21 Kit

    They don’t seem to be shy promoting Hummel though, their “wallpaper Wednesday” graphics had some nice Hummel stripes in the background today.
  18. The CEO of Spotify tweeted to buy out KSE. If only we had wealthy fans who would offer to do the same!
  19. It was more the sale and lease back of stadium and the high value they put on the stadium. A tactic clubs are using to try and get in line with FFP
  20. Mel Moris - hmm, a bit shady when it comes to trying to bend the rules though: https://www.accountingweb.co.uk/business/finance-strategy/derby-charged-under-financial-fair-play-rules
  21. Seems confident on asking price. £180M for the 80% share Gao paid £210M for. Or £200M for 100% ownership
  22. Anyone back for weekend? If we can get KWP in at RB and Diallo in centre mid that’ll be a big lift. Armstrong can go back to his strongest position then. Ings isn’t even getting scraps to feed on. When’s Theo back??
  23. Will need to raise more than that if they wanted a PL side though
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