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  1. Great to see Theo score and a good point, but yes, that miss clean through was frustrating. Wolves better second half and deserved something. McCarthy very good, back 4 decent, Berty coped with Traore well, KWP played well bar one silly giveaway after beating two, Vesty very good, Bed ok but couple of ropey moments. Romeu and Armstrong best of the midfield, Djenepo tracked back well, JWP decent but not 100% his normal energy level which understandable given the precaution with his hamstring. Adams decent but would like to see him take more gambles on the far post, good assist for Theo.
  2. I said it would be 3-1 but possibly not after just 34 minutes.... Any kind of movement and Fulham are in all sorts of trouble. Lemina has been poor, first touch like trapping a bag of cement. Reed tidy but 3-4 yellow shirts around him every time pressing the ball. Wonder how many outstanding transfer fees Fulham have from the £170m spend and their last relegation? Shows you the damage Les and Ross could have done with serious backing. Fulham’s Burley-esque approach to building a back 4 not functioning. Should have been more there, miskick in front of open goal. More here for
  3. WBA astonishingly are even worse, Man U still laboured to beat them though. Fulham should be 3-0 down although Everton look shaky at the back as well. Will end up 3-1 Everton. Reed tidy but not better than we have. Edit - Fulham score, player that gave away Everton goal.
  4. Having been confirmed as defeated comfortably in Georgia - by his own party’s vote managers - now the desperate tactic of trying to persuade states to elect different members and ignore tens of millions of votes. What Swinney proposed in GE 2019 was bad enough with ignoring Brexit but this is a whole another level. Pure Mussolini, Putin or Hitler. I don’t think those states will acquiesce either but Trump is one of the most dangerous leaders in the history of democracy for wanting to destroy it. Best he concedes before the military eject him.
  5. Probably best he doesn’t read the DT saying today that the French have shifted on this issue and according to Coveney there is a ‘landing space for a deal’. With the US election outcome killing the Anglosphere idea and the chaos from WTO on top of COVID, although there will be further twists and turns it looks more likely some kind of deal will happen with more detail over time. If that does happen - big if - the fanatics eg Farage won’t be happy. Cummings and Cain may have known what was coming on that dent although looked totally stage managed.
  6. Hershey’s has a horrible vomit 🤮 note in the aftertaste. I thought it was down to the transfats it contained but it is still there. Cheese - probably my lactose intolerance but have never liked it. Parmesan is the worst - and beats Hershey’s on the vomit enzyme count. Have seen people eating Parmos in the NE - foul. Garage music - house I enjoyed but when Garage came in it was the first sign of me not being young any more. Carling - Carlsberg not great either and Stella has a certain nickname in the trade, but Carling has the sulphur note from Marsdens without any of the fruitin
  7. Some phenomenal keepers around 1970s and early 1980s - Clemence, Shilts (loved watching for Saints), Parkes (would have been automatic England pick now before the knee trouble) but also Southall, Pat Jennings and slightly before, Bob Wilson. Clemence was ahead of his time in distribution and with his feet. Allison is decent but when was the last really great PL keeper since Schmichael and Seaman? De Gea and Cech had spells but not in the same calibre as the names above IMHO. Even Niemi was better than anyone around today. Kasper probably the best PL keeper now.
  8. saint1977


    Glad you are feeling better Crab Lungs, sounded awful but some positives in terms of shifting. I had to make similar changes pre COVID due to chronic stomach problems and lactose after lots of testing and hospital visits lactose was found to be causing the issues. Occasionally have fish but digestion miles improved without meat intake. Agree with Cat and Hypo that banning the anti Vax brigade, much as I dislike the misinformation, is the wrong way. Shine a light on the robustness of evidence of findings to date and communicate the science really well to positively combat it. The Grea
  9. saint1977


    This is probably fair assumption - lots of great info online (for practical tasks especially and for research and for advocating freedoms eg Arab Spring which couldn’t have happened without it) but can be conversely used for spreading extremist material, leading to radicalisation, terrorism and deliberate misinformation. Of course, the traditional media could be used historically to make claims to large audiences but there was more chance of genuine inaccurate claims being challenged by better journalists or experts in the field. People vulnerable to joining outlying movements have al
  10. saint1977


    Seems the QAnon loons on the far left and right have even come this way ps -get well soon Badger https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/nov/11/totnes-covid-concerns-reflect-uk-wide-rise-in-conspiracy-theories
  11. Nonsense about the mobile phone checking after being subbed seems to have gone away. The Celtic fans thought it was Lennon and his mates Lambert and Sutton trying to deflect from the Slavia Prague debacle. s Won’t fit Ralph’s system but could sell now for a reasonable fee. Watching Torquay v Crawley in Cup, 16 minute delay due to a horrific injury to Crawley’s on loan keeper from Brighton. Torquay 2 up and playing well but that looked really bad, hope not as severe as looked
  12. At least it gives the unfortunates - those sitting around Westwood as well as being Pompey fans - some nasal respite. A bit like the Fabreze advert, they’d probably gone nose blind at games. Michal wotsit is only saying that because his beloved PFC flopped in the play off semis again.
  13. This on the subs, wall did its job on the fk. Murphy good on fks but not JWP
  14. Alan Smith called it straight away with a growl - the centre forward union still there. Scharr got away with one. Good first half but gutted at Theo miss, certain it was going in. Theo lively, Djenepo very tidy, Stephens doing OK out of position, KWP very good game and Adams has the measure of their CBs. Armstrong and JWP our best players.
  15. Republicans fighting back against the Trump entryists https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-us-2020-54835454 Clearly they like democracy, Trump family and the hangers on want a one party state. They need to look at the Labour Party’s experience with extremist entryists, expel them. Short term pain for long term gain.
  16. Keep thinking back to LeG’s comment ‘it’s not easy to be Salisu at the moment’. Passing of a relative which means training OK but match focus more challenging? Had COVID and taking time to recover fully to get up to Ralph levels of fitness? Positioning and awareness of Ralph’s system taking longer? Vegan Forres Mk2?
  17. Minnesota solid blue and worth 10? Picked up a surprise vote in Nebraska and everyone counts.
  18. Two very good goals by Fulham, albeit not as a good a hit as Danny’s, but overall I wasn’t convinced. WBA started stronger and after the goals, twice Fulham gave easy possession away centrally in dangerous areas, and WBA should have made them pay, although Lemina did recover his loss of concentration unlike Anguissa (IIRC). Against Saints in current form let alone Spurs or Liverpool, that would have been two goals shipped. Karlan Grant missed a chance that he sliced as well without working the keeper. Second half WBA heads went down. Lemina injured again - didn’t have a bad half but
  19. Was a 2-1 v Man U, Glenda and Rod Wallace. Remember the Newcastle game well and the shocking winless run, keeper did catch Wallace but he made the most of it. Scuffed penalty but what a relief, it went in and the celebrations were huge relief. TBF, got a bit derailed after the goings on at Arsenal with Paul Davis knocking out Glenda and David Axcell seemingly playing on until Arsenal equalised, using Davis’s thuggery as an excuse for several extra minutes. It was very controversial even at the time. Saints were always leaky under Nicholl despite some very exciting attacking play. Nume
  20. Great win. Very good performance for 60 minutes, all 4 goals were crackers, great header by Vest, no one was stopping him or his header, two MLT fks to the JWP showcase and MOTM for me. Ings was best of the lot, unstoppable. Stu got a bit carried away for Mings’s goal and marked a spell where Saints stopped doing the basics for 30 minutes. Jan - who was doing much better until he had to go off - and Berty who has been in fine form - going off was disruptive but silly challenge for the pen. Grealish’s goal was a bit unlucky as big deflection and no chance for the keeper at all. Enjoying wa
  21. Delighted if so but not totally surprised. I know Ralph mentioned the injury but neither JWP or Vesty mentioned it and players normally know when there has been a serious. Bound to be concern given the history which was on Ralph’s mind. I will post about game management on the other thread but chance for Che and Theo to share the load, although Che has been in fine form himself.
  22. Pathetic that Trump endorsed his thugs causing a security issue in Texas trying to barricade Biden. Animals, somebody could have seriously hurt and one of his loons actually tried to crash a car into it. if that type of partisan behaviour ever spreads to UK Elections, we’ve had it as a civilisation. The worst we’ve ever had is an egg at Hedge End Sainsbury’s or a pint from a farmer in Wales. Hope it stays that way. Those idiots were no better than the Millwall thugs that smashed up Luton in 1985, and probably similar political views. Has to be a concern of serious outbreaks of disor
  23. With Chris Farnell closely involved https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54723696 Wouldnt be filling me with joy but might be that Garlick and his directors cannot finance the club post COVID
  24. Not a fan of Trump at all but in the interests of balance the First Step Act had strong bi-partisan support (rare) in leading to more sensible federal incarceration terms and reducing some of the more silly impractical aspects eg a defendant could get a much larger sentence for one form of drug use than another. More funding was offered for job specific retraining and rehabilitation and some of the worst aspects of prison treatment eg shackling pregnant women was struck out. Space Force didn’t get a lot of headlines but brought together in a programme a diverse range of agencies who had f
  25. I do agree with much of that analysis - just a different balancing act on the axis - economic compromises vs social and cultural ones. I’m reading an interesting book at the moment by Steve Rayson on the fall of the red wall and how the Labour Party has left many white working class communities feeling up represented. 25% of the way through and very interesting so far
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