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  1. The money went into my account on Friday.
  2. emailed them this morning ( tickets@saintsfc.co.uk ) requesting a refund for the Watford tickets and they've just replied saying they have processed it and i should see the money in my account within 3-5 working days.
  3. Chris Sutton does my head in and i wish they'd remove him from 606. Comes out with utter crap just to get a rise out of the presenter or callers
  4. The Mosque on Compton Walk is £5 SO14 0BH
  5. Shame we couldn't hear the half time interviews due to the sound being too low. Wouldn't have minded hearing what Chaplow and Oakley had to say
  6. Bump up for this thread. Will be in Cape Town over New Year for the Cricket Test Match and looking for somewhere to watch the Spurs game on New Years Day
  7. Chelsea now Sunday 6th October at 2pm Leicester now Friday 25th October at 8pm
  8. Last year it wasnt until the first week of August
  9. marc_saint

    Fan Zone

    I could see it catching on if we played football as a summer sport. But sod standing about in whats basically the car park when it's cold, windy and rainy in December!
  10. That's certainly achievable. We're currently 5 points behind them but with a game in hand and they have to come to St Mary's. Win both of those and we are above them!
  11. Bit late but for future reference the Mosque by Compton Walk just off St Marys Street. £5
  12. Kruger went to Europe to buy an apple strudel Instead he bought a Manager He's name is Hassenhuttl He presses up the left flank He presses up the right And when he takes us up the league we'll sing this song all night!
  13. Saintsplayer for me. Shows every single premier league game as well as champions leagues, Europa League, Boxing etc. £5 a month via pay pal
  14. I use Saintsplayer (£5 a month via paypal) and never had any problems. Decent quality, no lagging or buffering and connect to my TV from laptop via HDMi cable. Plus they show all other premier league games as they have ten channels and other events such as the Joshua fights, NFL etc.
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