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  1. If McCarthy had done his hamstring he should have gone down before the kick was taken. He seemed to have no problem setting up the wall and didn't look bothered by anything else.
  2. 10 minutes left. We need to send these players back to school. Against 10 men. Stick the ball into the corners. We are so into the tippy tappy that we don't know that now it's play it long and pin the opponents into the corners. Today WH v Chelsea, Rice with seconds left stuck the ball into the back of the stand. that virtually finished the game. There were a load of under hit passes and give aways before JWP's stupidity rolling the ball to an opponent. Romeu and Salisu are out of the next game to cap it off. JWP running back out of the defensive line was a real panic over organisation. Everyb
  3. My suggestion. Get Saintsplayer, It is excellent, £70 a year. I've used it to watch Saints when I've been in Central Ireland. Where are you? Go on google, saintsplayer.com for all the information. There is a thread on here about it.
  4. It was Liverpool, given a heads start all fired up FFS. They were far better than us on the day. Having said that two big mistakes stand out. Liveramento gave up on the edge of the goal area and let his mark go for an easy tap in. Secondly Adams aimlessly headed the ball out to Thiago who ran in and shot helped by hitting Lyanco. Heading it out to the right would have given a chance to close it down. Two unecessary goals. The bloody disasterous zonal marking meant nobody marked anybody. Flapper misjudged VVD's low volley trying to stop it with his legs. FFS unless we get a goalkeeper he will t
  5. That was a disgraceful display. Flapper McCarthy was incompetent at the near post. Came out and missed a corner completely. As long as Forster is at the club in my opinion he should play. That was three points chucked away. We were back to trying to over elaborate at the back and lost the ball or gave it away time after time.Sideways, aimlessly back, sideways back repetitively. If that is the sort of play Hasenhuttl advocates he is an idiot. It caused us more problems than Norwich did. Once they started pressing us we were under pressure. Diallo is no replacement for Stuart Armstrong. For
  6. Canada Road. Wellow, near the Rockingham Arms.
  7. Hi Eric, We've all flown with or observed these people and just scratched our heads how they kept from the dreaded simulator chop. It always seemed to me that the aviation management in most companies was pretty poor and made keeping their heads down into an art form.
  8. As an example. An A320 crashed into the sea after attempting to carry out three visual approaches in Cavok conditions the pilot lost it on the third approach. All on board were killed. At this airport we were handled by the national carrier. A couple of weeks later I flew in there. I was completing the flight paperwork in their operations dept. In the course of conversation I asked what had happened with the A320. The European ops officer raised his eyes to heaven and recounted a sorry tale. A young well connected man wanted to be a pilot, the airline sponsored him, he was totally unsuitable
  9. Henderson can appeal. However employing a private pilot who didn't possess a night rating at night in a non approved foreign aircraft that the pilot's rating to fly had expired, together with the fact that the aircraft was single engined and illegal to operate commercially over water at night and hadn't been approved by anybody to carry out flights..
  10. Henderson got his jail sentence today.
  11. Hit the nail on the head. There is a big place in attacking for high dropping balls now and then. With physical pressure under the ball from attackers defenders find them a nightmare to defend. The inevitable consequence, the ball is headed up in the air but more likely a breaking ball which Armstrong was alive to and reacted first. I remember Johhnny Giles, one of the best passers of a ball ever, some times faced with a packed defence, just lifted the ball into the air to be able to loft it and produce a classic rugby Garryowen dropping ball along the lines of JWP's accidental up and under. N
  12. I saw it attributed to Daily Echo.
  13. Ron Davies was the best attacking header of a ball I've ever seen anywhere in the world. Absolutely unplayable. Paine and Sydenham teed it up and Ron buried it. It was Sydenham that assisted most in the four goals at Old Trafford. The ball was always out of reach of the goalkeeper as Ron timed his run in from outside the area and attacked the ball with an astoundingly high leap whilst almost hanging in the air whilst heading the ball. Nearly all players now stand around in the six yd box grabbong handfuls of shirt or holding opponents, so really can't attack the ball.
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