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  1. I wonder somehow if we aren't missing a trick. Years ago not only did the likes of Liverpool and Manchester Utd buy ready to play players they bought in young not yet ready but good young players from the lower divisions. For example Ray Clements and Kevin Keegan who didn't play immediately in the first team but came through quite quickly. Our purchase of ready made players for multi million fees has been very hit and miss in the last few years, It seems it's either that or the academy which also isn't producing as it used to. Maybe we should add another tier of two or three players from
  2. Never mind McCarthy's lack of shot stopping, his in possession play is just totally incompetent. What manager in his right mind would allow him to do that. It led directly to the first goal, that and outnumbered at the back. Diallo spectating, just the back three and KWP managing to get back. Redmond is brainless stood offside for ten seconds until he noticed, moved onside but was offside when he received the ball, air shot defending then not bothering to defend. Our defensive organisation is non-existent. Vestergaard doing a great impression of a lamp post
  3. Harry Kane and Son suckered our centre backs second game of the season. Leeds suckered us at Elland Road, and again tonight. Just three examples of Kamikaze defending. Our defenders might and it's a very big might get a couple of goals a season between them. They are employed as defenders. Vestergaard and Stephens carrying the ball forward just opens us up at the back. JWP was the only Saints player back for the second goal against three Leeds players. Defence is too important to allow them to showboat. Until we organise and become a disciplined team we are going to continue to be also rans ju
  4. Stephens has had this problem for years. He has been at fault on numerous occasions for losing his mark while ball watching. His body position is a major issue. A marker not only needs to see his mark he needs to be goal side and have a view of the ball. on these occasions Stephens focusses on the ball.
  5. I was hoping you'd give your opinion. What's your take on the rule. I've checked McCarthy's position and the ball was gone towards McCarthy before Vardy collided with Vestergaard. The collision was as much Vardy's actions as Vestergaard's momentum. I'd go so far as to say I can't see how it could be a foul, more an accidental collision.
  6. As I remember it Armstrong rolled a pass to Vestergaard who took his eye off the ball, meanwhile Vardy was probably about 10 yards away as soon as he saw Vestergaard miss the ball he sprinted hard at right angles to Vestergaard's position from the ball, Vestergaard stretched to knock the ball away but Vardy's pace took him into the path of Vestergaard's momentum. It was an accident not a foul. Neither the referee or Jon Moss took into consideration Vardy's part in the incident. He wasn't tackled he didn't have the ball, Vestergaard had already moved it out of his path. I haven't checked how c
  7. Personally I'd love us to win the cup. Secondly not if we were relegated. With the ownership we have, to be relegated could be terminal. There is a suspicion from me that the assets would be stripped and the relegation payments used to assist the owners to balance the falling value of the club. If we want to be in a position to even compete in cup competitions we need to have a competitive team in the Premier League together with the income it generates. Falling out of the league could open a trap door. I'm working on the premise "Be careful what you wish for".
  8. One of the critical faults in Saint's game is the almost 100% ingrained habit that when a forward run into space is made instead of playing the player in, the player in possession ignores the run and recycles backwards and sideways. As time goes on that leads to less runs and sometimes no runs because what's the point, as the ball isn't going to come. Added to that as the players know the ball is going sideways nobody tries to decoy a marker to create an opening for the runner. We are completely one dimensional. Bednarek is a game killer, he is frightened to play forward. Today in the fir
  9. That game looked like we were a team turning up expecting to pick up an easy three points and getting their pants pulled down by a side giving everything then not able to adjust. Passing the ball along the back line just helped Brighton consolidate and play on the break.
  10. I certainly will cut them some slack. It was a pragmatic side in the circumstances. What I was annoyed with was Adam's stupidity trying to pick out Salisu on the other touchline, playing straight across our box to Mahrez. Salisu passing forward but straight to a MC player. That was two goals. Bednarek played one pass forward all night. Turning and playing backwards with McCarthy in goal with the ball usually going back to him did us no favours. Never mind his lack of saves his kicking is abysmal and mostly his passes just get us into trouble. It was right to rest players. It was good to s
  11. Two ways to use his pace, put the ball in behind defenders, he knocks the ball 10-20 yds past the defender and uses his pace, Close control reduces his pace. He won't be any quicker than a nippy defender that is running without the ball. Not to worry though because from his play he gets how to exploit his pace. Walcott was also very quick but rarely uses his pace as he keeps the ball too close. He was better before he went to Arsenal.
  12. For a start, Bednarek needs a sharp kick up the backside. In the first half he had plenty of possession and just hesitated, its in his DNA, instead of taking the initiative he chickened out turned back and played a short ball back to Vestergaard etc. This happened every time he had possession. For us it was a disaster as we rely on the full backs initiating and supporting attacks. The best thing he could have done in the circumstances was put the ball down the line behind Digne and let Ings and Adams try and hunt it down then push up into the space. It is also an ongoing problem when he is cen
  13. I think you sum up the problem nicely. I will add Forster seems to pass the easy balls but hits it out of sight if there is a whiff of danger, something McCarthy seems oblivious of. I also sense the defence has lost some confidence in McCarthy and are on edge. They seem a lot calmer with Forster. The other thing is with Forster's long kicking when danger threatens we don't get bogged down losing the ball as we did today and as he angles his long kicks we seem to get pressure on opponents wide way up the field. He has also kept three clean sheets against Liverpool, Arsenal and Wolves. I know w
  14. Another self inflicted defeat. The defence and management go on making the same mistakes time after time. The aimless passing at the back is a major part of our problems especially involving McCarthy. We were robbed twice leading to both goals the ball goes across the field and leads to the penalty and the second goal. Time after time we recycled the ball getting pressed tighter after every pass until we lost the ball or gave it away. I understand the theory of drawing the opposition but not with the players we have and especially with a keeper who is not a footballer and is a very poor kicker
  15. His contract had had a clause of a return to Liverpool, They chose not to exercise it and he joined us for £420,000 written into his contract,
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