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  1. It turned out his contact that caused the isolation was twice retested due to a suspected false positive and both tests negative RH tested negative. No apparent problem.
  2. We were much more incisive with Armstrong mostly playing on the right. If Walcott isn't going to play up front, (I'd be interested how he would play with Ings), maybe he should play on the left and let Armstrong revert to mainly right side. Adams needs to wake up, in the last two matches he has been marginally offside when crossing for Walcott and Ings goals to be ruled out. The crosses were spot on but wasted by a lack of awareness. He could see across the backline so no excuse. It may have cost us four points.
  3. Armstrong was an idiot, he'd won the ball and no passing options, so put it up into the back of the stand. Game then has to reset. Losing the ball was critical in the match and immediately led to a goal. Possession is great but not when it overcomes common sense. Any danger and no help forget possession immediately it's safety first and foremost. Grealish is a disgrace indulged by referees as he looks to go down with almost no excuse. I think its about time players realised he is going to get a foul so give him the foul but leave something for him to be wary of next time. the penalty was
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