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  1. It appears that all the charges against Higgins were 1980s and 1990s. I remember flying Saints to Norwich and Amsterdam matches in the late seventies/early eighties and speaking to Ted Bates in the terminal before the flight. Ted was still travelling to matches then. I remember on the Amsterdam flight Lawrie McMenemy got the whole squad to autograph Peter East's Saints book for me. I am absolutely against damaging Ted Bate's reputation and legacy on the back of one hearsay comment especially when there were so many others closer to the offences for over ten years and did nothing. I think Higgi
  2. Firstly, Ted Bates gave his life to this club. Without his vision and success we would still be pinging around the lower divisions like a well known club we all know. The statue is recognising his contribution. Secondly, I was around local football at the time and the rumours about him and a few others were out there. Nobody knew anything definite and there wasn't any evidence or accusations levelled at any of those suspected. It was all hearsay. It was really a failing in Higgin's case of those in and around the Saints youth set up. I expect Ted was far removed from the youth set u
  3. Personally I thought it wasn't a penalty because the Wolves player wasn't in playing distance of the ball, mistimed his lunge and clattered into Bednerak's leg with the ball two yards behind him at the moment of contact. I felt it was more a foul being late on Bednerak than blocking the Wolves player.
  4. He was suspended against Brentford but was training.
  5. I was surprised that KWP wasn't at full back. Tella was an emergency selection against Brentford and did ok but not that well. The goals all came with him having no involvement so I see no good reason to keep him in. Against Brentford he was slow to try and pick up the goalscorer, today he had loads of time dithered just outside our penalty area and lost the ball which led to the penalty. I thought we were slow to build up with too many passes and played into Wolves hands allowing their consolidating defensive tactics to work. Too many short going nowhere passes and not enough quick back
  6. Djenepo is at ACN in Cameroon playing for Mali.
  7. It was less than that. The administrator quoted to me "change from £14m". That included all debts, the FC, The Holding Company, paying an agreed settlement to clear SMS mortgage, Staplewood, Jackson's farm etc. That was an unbelievable snip at that cost. What was amazing was that ML/NC were the only bidder at the time. That is other than from joke timewasters.
  8. The reason Puel and his successor were sacked was enough feedback from supporters criticising the turgid style of play which the club recognised as valid.
  9. I don't care what the selective statistics said, what I do know the two seasons with Puel and Pellegrino were soul destroying and turned an exciting spectator sport into the most negative boring waste of an afternoon that I was paying good money to watch.
  10. KWP not JWP looks like wrong key and no read back. Definitely two yellows for Salisu.
  11. As I read it Salisu's suspension is served by missing any FA competition whilst JWP's suspension is the next PL match.
  12. That is one smart cookie. He extracted this philosophy from his experience with a gamblers analytical program. This could be an interesting experience depending how much influence he exerts over time. I suspect a lot in due course behind the scenes organisation.
  13. Best of luck Sam. You were incredibly unlucky but tried to overcome your injuries courageously but it wasn't to be. Now you have taken another courageous step by facing up to what you considered inevitable. I'm sure you will find something you want to do and be a real success.
  14. I thought it was an obvious deliberate tactic to use as it slows the game down drastically and allows the team to consolidate goal side. He usually hits long into the two channels away from the centre backs or chips it down either touchline as in the first goal at West Ham. Kicking long out of play was a good move in the circumstances. Pissing around at the back doesn't cut it as we've found to our cost when we lose the ball.
  15. Come to think of it you're right. Only the Newcastle match if it gets played.
  16. Magnificent rearguard action. Wonderful point gained. All the players gave everything to earn that point. Forster gives the players confidence by being on the front foot. Deserved his bit of luck. A shout out to Valery played his heart out. JWP great goal. Does Salisu get one or two matches as the first booking was number five.
  17. If you are using a smart tv select the Amazon Prime video app and sign in on the tv. I have perfect reception.
  18. That was a great result away. Why do we have to make it so difficult by tip tapping it around then giving the ball away and putting ourselves under pressure. Forster had a good game and no chance with either goal. He certainly cleared our lines at corners and gave WHU little chance to head and his long kicks to either touchline caused pressure on WHU. Today was all about not losing, the win was brilliant. I saw a penalty given last week, the foul started outside the area but it was explained if it carries on into the penalty area it's a penalty. We still lack that ruthless streak closing out g
  19. It is rediculous in the extreme that our one reasonable defender gets 40 yds out of position to take a not particularly good throw, especially when we are not that good defensively. We are awful at throw ins. It's almost that nobody except the full backs or Salisu are allowed to take them. The theory seems to be let the opponents get ten outfield players goal side and tight marking before we take the throw and then mostly gift it to the opponents. IMO the nearest player should grab the ball and throw it forward if possible to the nearest unmarked player as quickly as possible. Otherwise d
  20. Crystal Palace's first goal was worse than a silly pass from Salisu towards Lyanco. Run it back a bit, we had a good attack down the left, Tella and I think Redmond had good position near the corner, instead of pressing on with the attack the ball was recycled backwards into our half, Hughes upended Romeu the rest was poor. We didn't need to give up a good attacking position, worst case, attack the goal line and win a corner. We often play the ball backwards from good attacking positions invariably finding JWP who virtually always plays it further back sometimes to the goalkeeper. Does nobody
  21. It was done to accommodate Adams and Armstrong who are the only others who might get us a goal. He is still very young and inexperienced and could possibly benefit from the extra space he might get coming in from wide. The other alternative would be to play Armstrong there but personally I prefer Broja. As for CP, the team will be entirely different because of injuries to all of the those..
  22. I would have thought it was pretty obvious why? Firstly he has played wide at times for Vitesse and Albania, secondly there is no other player that can play wide and would be even remotely likely to score on a regular basis and thirdly he has good pace and power. He is useful in the air and if we attack down the right could be a threat coming off the line into back post scoring positions. Only Stuart Armstrong when he is match fit could possibly do a job there but he seems more comfortable on the right. All the others tried there have hardly supplied any goal threat. He would have to sharpen u
  23. I had heard that happened before the first match and was revisited a while ago. I was never able to get confirmation. As for Forster I didn't get him being registered and not being picked when McCarthy was performing poorly. Even if he is leaving he performed well in his appearances.
  24. We have some fundamental organisational problems added to the fact the players don't seem to fit. Leaving the goalkeeping nonsense aside we have to be better organised at the back. At the moment we need to stop this rediculous zonal marking with nobody marking anybody and opponents playing through the gaps. For me Liveramento gives too much space to opponents on our right side because he is encouraged to get forward and struggling to get back, KWP was the same. They are defenders first and foremost so defend and back up attacks when possible. Centre back wise only Salisu is worth his plac
  25. Co commentator Tony Gale made a telling comparison that one of the major differences in the two sides was the goalkeeper that saved everything against the goalkeeper that saved nothing. Personally I find KWP a critical problem, cosmetically pleasing going forward but again today his failure to be able to tackle left footed let Arsenal break our lines. Emergency left back, yes but not every week he is just too right side orientated. We need to be rebalanced. No left sided players in the team. Diallo floated around but failed to impose himself. When the ball went into the left of our goal S
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