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  1. I think you sum up the problem nicely. I will add Forster seems to pass the easy balls but hits it out of sight if there is a whiff of danger, something McCarthy seems oblivious of. I also sense the defence has lost some confidence in McCarthy and are on edge. They seem a lot calmer with Forster. The other thing is with Forster's long kicking when danger threatens we don't get bogged down losing the ball as we did today and as he angles his long kicks we seem to get pressure on opponents wide way up the field. He has also kept three clean sheets against Liverpool, Arsenal and Wolves. I know w
  2. Another self inflicted defeat. The defence and management go on making the same mistakes time after time. The aimless passing at the back is a major part of our problems especially involving McCarthy. We were robbed twice leading to both goals the ball goes across the field and leads to the penalty and the second goal. Time after time we recycled the ball getting pressed tighter after every pass until we lost the ball or gave it away. I understand the theory of drawing the opposition but not with the players we have and especially with a keeper who is not a footballer and is a very poor kicker
  3. His contract had had a clause of a return to Liverpool, They chose not to exercise it and he joined us for £420,000 written into his contract,
  4. Another clean sheet. His long kicking is far better than McCarthy, a good out ball into the opponents last third into the corners when seeing out the game. McCarthy has been poor of late. His brain fart against Arsenal when he came out and gave a goal away and being beaten on the near post was a nonsense. Forster deserves a game after four successive clean sheets including Liverpool.
  5. I was a Herald captain, landed at Southampton. Met by the BA SDO, a season ticket holder, Keegan had just flown in and met by LM etc. He was told there was a news conference at the Potters Heron at Ampfield later. Everything happened as he said.. The most exciting signing in my time. The current European footballer of the year signing for Saints on a FREE.
  6. A hundred passes across the field against nine men. I bet Newcastle couldn't believe their eyes. Stick Vestergaard up front, put the ball into the box. Intense pressure not square passing just wasting time. If Redmond checked back once he did it fifty times. Get to the bye line you idiot.
  7. McCarthy is not a footballer, trying to use him as a sweeper is nonsense, He has hardly made a save recently. He either puts his foot through it or he sits on the bench. Forster isn't a footballer either but the difference is he knows it. He's had three clean sheets give him a go. We get ourselves into trouble time after time, there comes a time when it is getting tight to belt it long, not pass it to McCarthy.
  8. First team approximately that I watched, Christie, Wilkins Traynor McLaughlin Parker Elliott Flood Reeves Day Mulgrew Hoskins. Also McGowan Ellerington Page Kiernan that season.
  9. On Saturday everybody but Dean and Mason thought it was a penalty. The linesman who unless he had five minutes and loads of cameras would not have been able to see that Ings's equaliser was arguably offside but immediately waved his flag. Against MU Dean gave a penalty, reviewed and disallowed. Adams goal again disallowed with not even marginal evidence of offside. Bednarek's sending off for a forwards dive overturned even though it had to be a sending off if Martial impeded. It was obvious he went down looking for the penalty and hung out his right leg to contact Bednarek. It will be' b
  10. We are too slow to pass the ball forward when the central defence just slows everything down and aimlessly retains possession usually resulting in McCarthy kicking anywhere. Bednarek is bad but Stephens is worse. Build from the back but don't just retain the ball setting up the opposition with the ideal circumstances to win the ball back. It's happening far too often and we are not opening up teams because they are being given time to get back in numbers. Stephens is a hopeless centre back because he is a constant ball watcher focussing on the ball picking up nobody and rarely checking
  11. It turned out his contact that caused the isolation was twice retested due to a suspected false positive and both tests negative RH tested negative. No apparent problem.
  12. We were much more incisive with Armstrong mostly playing on the right. If Walcott isn't going to play up front, (I'd be interested how he would play with Ings), maybe he should play on the left and let Armstrong revert to mainly right side. Adams needs to wake up, in the last two matches he has been marginally offside when crossing for Walcott and Ings goals to be ruled out. The crosses were spot on but wasted by a lack of awareness. He could see across the backline so no excuse. It may have cost us four points.
  13. Armstrong was an idiot, he'd won the ball and no passing options, so put it up into the back of the stand. Game then has to reset. Losing the ball was critical in the match and immediately led to a goal. Possession is great but not when it overcomes common sense. Any danger and no help forget possession immediately it's safety first and foremost. Grealish is a disgrace indulged by referees as he looks to go down with almost no excuse. I think its about time players realised he is going to get a foul so give him the foul but leave something for him to be wary of next time. the penalty was
  14. SFC Ltd continued to trade and settled it's debt in full. The Administrator of SLH Ltd quoted change out of £14m to settle and own everything including the stadium.
  15. As he was sold prior to the administration shouldn't any money attributed to that time go to the creditors?
  16. I think if they go down to the Conference they don't qualify for any remaining parachute payments.
  17. Don't know what they are moaning about, Roy Lunnis gave them years of enjoyment.
  18. Just wondering, presumably the payments to players are the gross figures with Income tax @ 40% and NI to be deducted. If that's the case HMRC will have a tidy sum to collect always assuming it's being paid. Of course it could be paid gross and the tax collected out of PAYE at current employer.
  19. One thing for sure, there is no difference between rubbish watched by one man and his dog and rubbish watched by 18000+. it's still rubbish.
  20. I feel really envious of Pompey now they've pulled it off. I wish it was us:adore: On second thoughts I think beating Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea makes up for playing Torquay, Aldershot etc.
  21. If there was any justice the court will allow Portpin to take FP in lieu of the debt unless the charge is cleared.
  22. I went to a meeting where Crouch, McMenemy and Mary Corbett told us that the Football Club were now just about out of money. Bearing in mind this is not SLH in Administration we are talking about. The statement made was that there wasn't enough money to allow SFC to go into administration. If it wasn't saved quickly it was liquidation.
  23. Less the interest either paid by PCC for a loan or interest on their capital.
  24. Forget about the typewriters, give the monkeys money instead and they'll buy a bankrupt football club
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