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  1. Thanks. I thought it might have been taken off for some reason after it aired. I'll keep checking.
  2. I saw the first programme and it was full of such incredible strength from those that suffered. I hope they are now receiving all the support they need. Tragically their pain can never completely go away. I've worked with survivors and seen just how broken it can leave someone. I hope some help is of use to them. I didn't see the second episode when it was on and it isn't available on i player (the other two episodes are) and I wondered why. Anyone any idea?
  3. Born and grew up close enough to The Valley to hear when a goal was scored and along with regular trips to The Dell (for my Dad to make sure I was always going to be a Saints supporter) I went to my first games there and lots since. Got a lot of time for the club, and of course for Nigel. I hope it works out really well for them both. Hopefully decent owners there at last too.
  4. In terms of our attitude towards this mess, bizarrely if we had fewer points it might focus us. But we are playing with complacency in addition to all the other rubbish things we're playing with. So little fight to go along with so little ability, at the moment. What a spiral we're in, certainly it began with injuries and rubbish VAR but it's morphed into simple old fashioned terrible form.
  5. I wonder if they mistook the Man Utd player's foot (Fred I think) for part of Che. The yellow line seems to indicate that's a possibility, bizarre as that might be. Anyway you look at it there's incompetence. Frustrated with so much about the last two games but VAR and offside might be the worst.
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