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  1. Of all the Boscombe players available, Ake aside, he's the only one I'd really go after.
  2. What do you think De Virj was at the time apart from a fairly young Dutch international playing for Lazio?
  3. I'm still convinced we went to Lazio to buy "that Dutch CB of theirs" but instead of coming back with Stefan de Vrij.........
  4. We got hammered 0-9 at home. It's a record that will stand long after we are dead and buried. Of course it's the standout result of the season. Yes we get pissed off to the constant references to it but it's hardly surprising that it is reference all the time.
  5. Reading the piece in the Telegraph about Boscombe and how they owe £81m still on players plus have players with no relegation clause, they could well go the way of the skates.
  6. We spent £15m on Adams and have £15m Carillo out on loan plus Long and Obafemi. There is no way on planet earth we are going to sign another forward.
  7. MOTD goal of the season is a straight choice from the winners of their goal of the month.
  8. Me neither. Redmond's goal at Chelsea was better.
  9. I know a few watch the Bundesliga and Schalke are often one of the live games with them being such a big club. Having seen McKennie I can see how he'd fit into the Saints set up and, personally, would consider him an upgrade on PEH but I'm usually a shocking judge as I thought Vestergaard would be a brilliant signing from BMG!
  10. The Merckx is set up perfectly but the winter Bianchi is a different geometry, more sportive than racing snake, plus the seat post is stuck tight. I may invest in a new winter frame and just strip all the components off the existing one. For saddles I've gone from a Fizik Alinate to a PRO Falcon. Getting it in the ideal position has been a challenge and going out to do a century without getting it dialled in was, literally, a pain in the arse. Did a faster 100km yesterday which meant more time in the drops, which the shoulder complains about, and it felt far more comfortable. Riding on the tops, to alleviate pressure on the shoulder meant too much pressure on my sit bones and with the saddle not in the right position, that meant trouble.
  11. And spent an absolute fortune too.
  12. Great 2nd half. We've come an awful long way since October.
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