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  1. I believe that what the plan was. They new they wouldn't get 17 GOP to vote guilty. Show the evidence to the world and then hold every GOP member who voted to acquit to account between now and their attempts at re-election.
  2. There was no way 17 GOP were going to vote to convict. The fact 7 did is pretty amazing in itself. McConnell's speech afterwards, deary me.
  3. That's because DfE are briefing jurnos about what they want to happen instead of telling parliament. For example, primary returning on the 8th but not secondary and tertiary, who return post Easter. Then it's primary and Y11 and 13 returning on March 8th despite exams being cancelled. Then it's primary and Y10 and Y12 and not Y11 & 13. Then it's no one until after Easter. Then it's "depends on each regions R rate". Causes confusion. Simple messages setting out plans with ideal dates with alternatives and not briefings off the recorded to pet mouth pieces.
  4. TBF it is the far right tories who are kicking up the biggest fuss, wanting roadmaps etc. The rest of us just want some certainty and mixed messages really don't help, as was seen at Xmas.
  5. We're still booking and rebooking flights and if we need to roll them over again then so be it. We know the risk.
  6. Every Feb 1/2 term we go away to get some sun. Last year it was Santa Clarita, 20 miles NE of LA, visiting good friends of ours who have settled out there. Seems a lifetime ago. When I can get back on a plane it'll feel like freedom. We had to roll so many flights over from last year to this (Rome, Bologna (cycling break), Milan (cycling break), Vienna, NY, LA) and it looks like it's going to happen again so it's looking like 2022 will be packed and paid for at least. We've flights rebooked for California in October and despite having flights for Canada booked for late
  7. Been using Rouvy as the weather up here has been appalling for weeks. Only doing very lumpy routes or, ideally, the big climbs as it's good training plus I'm limited to the 34 ring ATM. Well impressed with it so far, the changes in gradient are very good and instantaneous. I can easily bang out hours on it, which amazes me as usually after an hour on the turbo I'm ready to open my wrists.
  8. I live in a town of about 70,000 and whilst out for a stroll today I noticed that signage has gone up for at least 4 different vaccination centres. I appreciate that others from the catchment area will be coming into the town for their jabs but that's still pretty impressive.
  9. It truly is a monumental effort.
  10. No doubt, but the key part is they quit over his plan to raise voter fraud as his defence.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-55876035 When your legal teams bails out perhaps you don't have a case.
  12. Both my in laws have had theirs (71 and 70) up in the East Riding. Keeps going like this I'm hopeful that my Mrs and I will have had ours by Easter, or earlier if they move the teachers up the list.
  13. Dumb question. Are different regions getting different vaccines? For example, are the SW getting the Oxford vaccine and the SE getting AZ thus ensuring everyone in the region gets both jabs of the same vaccine as opposed to a mix and match approach?
  14. I believe the the positivity comes from the fact that it can be stored in a standard fridge and is easy to transport. At this stage I'll take all the positivity I can get.
  15. There does seem to be a very strange mistrust of the vaccine within some BAME groups. I'll happily take theirs if it's going spare.
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