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  1. Dennis was MOTM! Insane riding in the mountains.
  2. It was only closed because the tour was going over it. I rode it last year. Up from Bormio, down to Prato, round into Switzerland, up from Santa Maria and then back down to Prato and finishing up Cancanno. One of the best days on a bike ever.
  3. Winksworth is like that. Every way in/out is at least 20%. We went around the head of the valley to avoid it! The 25% didn't even flash up on my Garmin as a climb, nor did a 15%er 20 miles later that broke one of the lads I ride with. We take it in times to do the routes and this was my turn. I want hilly without being OTT to keep my 2 "larger" mates happy. They are both confirmed hill dodgers. It was the cold and rain that did it for me. It started drizzling at 30miles and by 80miles I had frozen hands, I didn't have my "good" gloves on as no rain was forecast. That's the
  4. Don't know why I didn't think of this early Summer. Where and how much riding have you done this weekend? I did a 75km club ride Saturday with 600m of climbing and a solo 90km Sunday with 1100m climbing. 1st rides for a week and I'm feeling it now.
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