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  1. That's what baffles me too about the whole thing. Anyone who has every bought from the States knows that all those charges are going to be levied and as a 3rd country it was going to happen when goods were bought from the EU. It simply cannot be the case that the Brexit cultists were so invested in the "they need us more than we need them" BS and British exceptionalism that they thought they wouldn't apply to us after Jan 1st? Even the extra paperwork needed for food exports was well trailed, although that was screamed down as "Project Fear" when in fact, it always was going to
  2. I just cannot get my skull around how anyone is surprised at the amount of paperwork/customs forms/fees etc that are required as a 3rd Country? Were people really so blinded that they thought being British was all that was needed?
  3. We have approx 10% in. Same at my wife's school and it's 15% at my kids school. That's about what it should be.
  4. Keith was and is a very sound chap and can be found on Twitter and on a number of the Soton Facebook pages where he shares his photos of the city.
  5. Griff's death was such a tragic accident. I hadn't realised about Toomer.
  6. IIRC she met and married a fellow forum member, whose name escapes me, but she'd battled the bottle for a number of years and that took it's toll and was a significant contributor to her demise.
  7. I won't argue with that as they should never have been there in the 1st place.
  8. Fuck me, that's some reach. Using the same criteria, Trump was involved in Iraq, Syria and most definitely in Yemen. Perhaps get your stories and memes from somewhere else but Gab. You're pretty good at this, a stiletto instead of a cutlass, but you need to finesse it a bit more.
  9. What we don't want is insufficient numbers that stops them doing what they are there for at the moment. You either have the numbers there you need or you bring them all home. Half way houses in these things leads to deaths and increasing belligerence from groups such as ISIS who view it as weakness. Whether they should be there is a moot point, we could say the same about our "advisors" across conflict zones but until they are withdrawn altogether, give the commanders what they require to do the job they've been given.
  10. Troop levels need to be what at the commander on the ground wants. I'd say that whoever was in power. Let's not forget that the US Army didn't want a reduction of troops in theatre it was a Trump thing. I will give Trump credit for not getting embroiled in a foreign conflict. It was always a big fear of mine and it was misplaced by me.
  11. The narcistic nonce has taken the failure of Qanon very well has he?
  12. I used to live in FL too, Cocoa Beach, and I'd agree. They were poor but ardent anti-communist.
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