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  1. If only we hadn't of sold Lemina we'd have stood a chance.
  2. I was under the impression that clubs are free to sign any player out of contract at anytime.
  3. Good to see the spunktrumpets have written the lad off already.
  4. What harm can it do taking him on loan? None. Won't stop the wa_nkspangles moaning though. Liverpool wanted £20m. £20m! No takers so we nip in. That's good business.
  5. Totally this. Fu_cking bunch of fannies whinging and crying with entitlement because we've not magic'd up a 20 a season striker. It's been a good window, could have been better if we'd sold as opposed to loan and got rid of FF but that will be remedied over time. We've a solid squad and will have a solid if unspectacular season.
  6. The impression I get is that our failure to shift a number of high earners on permanent deals instead of loans has seriously ****_ed up some of our intended deals. FF, Carillo, Boufal, Long (although Hughes wanted him to stay), Claise, Davis (same as Long). Their wages must seriously add up.
  7. I'm away at the moment but sent a text to a mate yesterday about Cedric in case there was anything on the rumour mill. The response I got today was "Couple of Italian clubs I think but he wants too much €€". Perhaps Napoli were one of those, but that's just me guessing. I'm pretty sure our failure to shift him and FF, maybe others too, have cost us our striker, who that striker is I've no idea.
  8. He was a good friend of my late fathers and a really nice bloke.
  9. I know I'm in the minority but I rate him but he wants a move and if I'm honest, I can't see a "better" PL club coming in for him, so Spain/Italy looks the most likely IMHO.
  10. The moron is as strong as ever in Charlie as we head into the new season.
  11. Pickford - Everton -> Chelsea Butland - Stoke -> Everton Forster - Saints -> Stoke I genuinely wouldn't be shocked. Nor if Burnley came a calling if Pope is out for a long period.
  12. Let's be honest, most of us had doubts about Hughes, understandably so. His record at Stoke was decent until his final season but Stoke made the cardinal sin IMHO, of believing they could crack the top 6-8 and chased it making very unlike Stoke signings in the process and paid the price. If we're honest with each other, league campaigns can hardly be worse than the last two seasons. Up until Hughes I was losing the will to live in football terms.
  13. If Jack Butland leaves Stoke then Forster MAY get his move. It's just chatter at the moment but I could see it personally and Stoke could afford it. It could depend on the keeper merry go round spinning in time.
  14. His agent is trying, as is the club. It's via agents gossiping in the NW that I hear bits and bobs. That and from people at Stoke. His wages are proving to be a huge stumbling block, or were last thing I heard. I'm about to disappear on holiday so I doubt it I'll hear anything until I get back and the season will have kicked off by then. Does the loan window close at the same time as the transfer window?
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