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  1. Bertrand back. Redmond not in squad
  2. I hope not as well, but for example if you're travelling from Manchester it will mean travelling through different tiers to arrive in Southampton. I travel to games from London by train so i would expect they wouldn't be too keen on that, it's all speculation though.
  3. I would be surprised if anyone from outside the local area will be eligible to go to games for a while, which is a pain for me living in London.
  4. Any defeat moves us below Everton on GD
  5. I think another full back that can cover either side what would an important addition, as it stands if KWP gets injured we’re in a bit of trouble.
  6. You know what he means, we were never once in contention that season to finish in the top four, our form from November to January cost us anything really special, bar the win over Arsenal.
  7. Starting. Stephens RB, Djenepo starting.
  8. He was stitched up a bit on the penalty to be fair, howler from defender.
  9. If Bednarek is fit. Stephens at RB and KWP at left back, we can't afford to lose JWP from midfield.
  10. Norwich away last season, but Friday evening games just make me think of Leicester. This game makes me think of Swansea in 2015 when we had a chance to establish ourselves at the top and we lost one nil.
  11. Win and go top. 1-0 defeat incoming.
  12. I would push Walcott up front with Adams and bring Redmond in if Ings is out on Friday.
  13. Well that’s exactly what he said.
  14. If Armstrong isn't fit to start i would guess JWP will move to the right, especially with the threat of Digne.
  15. Knowing us whoever replaces him will have a blinder and score.
  16. Expecting some promising team news from Everton this afternoon.
  17. I make it two of them starting.
  18. Appy

    Josh Sims

    And Sims should be leaving the club permanently
  19. Appy

    Josh Sims

    Walcott And I bet he doesn’t.
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