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  1. I would just about accept him back on a pay-as-you-play basis but only if he was willing to pay a reasonable amount ! 😇
  2. This thread is entitled, "January Transfer Window - 2020 Edition" and not who can slag off the Club and owners the most. The thread has got very tedious no one knows what Goa is going to do. but unless he spends loads of money like Poopey he is the worst owner in the league. Do we not have any admin/moderators to get the arguments off to somewhere else so people can see what transfer rumours, if any, there are.
  3. I used to enjoy this thread when we had people up trees watching for movement in but it's now the same old people slagging the club off time and time again. I do not pay my £5 to go through all this dross. For one thing all your opinions are not going to change one iota how the club is run. We have to go with what we have and Support the team. Could all this "I do not like the way we are run" be taken of the main board. I see a lot of the detractors do not even pay to support the forum so could they not have a "I hate the way the club is run" and "I could do better" thread somewhere else and you can bicker to your hearts content
  4. I have always been a great fan of JWP and this year he has added steel to his tackles. I thought the one on Moussa Sissoko against Spurs was special but may be the reason he is out until April. We won’t need to worry about him (or Kane?) if Spurs get through to the next round of the cup. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51026934
  5. I thought the ref was totally inept there were a lot of late tackles he ignored, the No 4 should have gone for the foul and subsequent dissent and after that he lost his credibility. It was interesting that despite the celebration after the "non" goal, the VAR, game stopped for injury, stop for Hojbergs new shirt and the debacle with the no 4 there was only a minute extra time? Perhaps they wanted the ref off the pitch quick to read up on the rule for late tackles. No surprise he is new and will improve we hope.
  6. Rudi Skacel didn't he sign for us
  7. http://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/995925667?-11205:798 From an article on News now it looks a bit safer than the Alderweireld transfer "The fact that it is a loan deal for the 20-year-old, with an exclusive option to buy, suggests that the south coast outfit have learnt their lesson after what has happened in the past".
  8. I am believing any story that we get more than £20m - Danny Ings on a free what a great deal - a nice positive spin
  9. FWIW I heard a rumour a few weeks ago which if true I would have expected to see here but I will post it anyway. It's a mate of a mate who is close to someone at the club rumour. I was told that Lemina's wife and family are living in london whilst he is living down here with his brother (in Bournemouth?). His brother is apparently a bit of a lad and they are out drinking and socialising a lot. It goes on that they took Obafemi under their wing and RH was unimpressed which is why he made the comment about Obafemi needing to be more professional. I am sure somebody knows better but thought I would share.
  10. What a diabolical one sided refereeing performance. Probably the worst I have seen in over 50 years of watching Saints. It ruined a good game and totally ruined my enjoyment - well until the second half when we frightened them with pace and great play. Even when we were pushing on the second half Friend tried to keep them in the game with his decisions most of which have been covered but what about the defender nearly taking Josh Sims head off. I feel sorry for Romeou, he was given a soft yellow for his first foul and he had to be taken off as I am sure the Ref? (if you can call him someone who is there to see fair play) would have loved to bring out a red. How they did not end up with 9 men I do not know. Well done Ralph for the substitutions and keeping the players calm in spite of all those decisions going against them.
  11. Good to see another manager seeing something in JWP and giving him a chance. For me he played his best football for us under Poch's pressing game. I hope he takes the chance to prove the Forum experts wrong.
  12. Yes contrary to all the Forum Experts the new manager sees something in him as well. I thought he worked hard against City and more like the form he showed under Poch when he had him pressing. I also hope JWP takes the chance and shows what he can do.
  13. Disappointed with the result, but we did look tired and Ralph now knows Lemina is not a reliable replacement for PEH. However I cannot see the Officials getting a good score with their very poor performance. Amazing they (well mainly Carroll) were never shown a yellow card. Still should have known the Officials were not going to give us anything when I saw they were wearing the same colour shirt as Fabianski.
  14. I agree with moving the away fans into a corner. If their position was swapped with the Northam/Itchen corner we would have the majority of our singing fans behind the goal. It would also be worth canvassing season ticket holders/members as well as this forum to get a proportionate view from the supporters. I tend to think that some of the views on this forum are not the views of the majority. I also agree that we should have our singing fans in the Chapel and we could ask if they would, in the best interest of the club, be prepared to move so they can make their voices heard. Surely the infrastructure of the stadium could be easily modified for the away fans in the Northam /Itchen corner to leave through the same exits as they are now which would sort out the Police/Safety factors. I think away fans in a corner and especially away from the singing home fans could dull some of the opposition support.
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