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  1. MLG. Alert, they’re Laws, not bloody Rules.
  2. .... and the skin colour of our last three signings was?
  3. Now, that will count Goooooaaaaalllllllllllll
  4. No-one! Ralph has said many times, he wants a small, manageable squad, he has that. I would suggest that's it for this season, we do not have to buy, for the sake of buying, when did our fans get so greedy! I love watching the youngsters get games.
  5. You two need 'Help, like 'Yesterday'.
  6. Wasn't there a quote once, from Pele, who said, that MLT was the only Englishman who would of got into a Brazilian team.
  7. Plenty of self confessed experts on here, maybe they should apply!
  8. Not in WA, 2200hrs for a 1500hrs K.O.
  9. I feel blessed here in Western Australia, I see every Saints game live, every Champions league game, every National game, and all the re-runs I want.
  10. Talking about him, is a bit of a drug to some on here!
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