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  1. Charlie Austin. That said, some there that CDAJFU
  2. How can you say that, when JWP never misses a game, so you can't make a comparison!
  3. There is a mega yacht moored in the dockss, came in a few days ago.
  4. That young lad, Carvalho, from Fulham, looks to have something about him, 18? I think.
  5. His goal, against Palace, was really really good, have a good look at it.
  6. Umm! having just watched the whole match again, I have to say, that the Palace goal was offside. Watch the free kick, when taken, three Palace players were offside, the play the went into phase 2, where, they scored their goal, and Benteke was onside. But it should of gone back to the first phase, which was offside. My opinion. Also, in the 74 minute their substitute forward threw himself to the ground with zero contact, in an attempt at gaming a penalty. Finally, Zaha’s assault on Stephens in the last few minutes , was a clear red card IMO.
  7. I lay the blame, solely with the big clubs. They started paying the big bucks, and we, along with all the other also rans, have been trying to keep up. We are paying ridiculous amounts to what are, average players, and we are struggling. If we fail to pay those stupid wages, then we get average, below average players, and that is the market we are about to enter.
  8. You should add, that this is what they do in AFL. It works.
  9. If you go and buy a Roll Royce for 200g, then sell the doors, the tyres, the engine. Do not expect to get 200g when you want to sell it again.
  10. Perhaps they have been given the 3 points in secret, to save us the on field humiliation 😉
  11. If RH persists with the current formation, then a 5-0 loss, if he tries 4-3-3, them maybe a cheeky 2-1 win. Ralph! Redmond is not a striker, not now, not never, Adams is twice the player he is in that position......wake up man!
  12. I don't often post now, due to the forum idiots. That said, I have always given RH my support, but his credit has just run out. That was the most gutless display I have seen in years, and the buck stops with the manager, he picked that team, and then stuck with it until 3-0 down. Sorry Ralph, that was pathetic.
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