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  1. Yeah, I’ve seen you postings re players, thank f*ck you aren’t the manager.
  2. Behave, haven’t you had enough of square pegs into round holes. Perraud was bought as a RB, and as a direct replacement for Bertrand. He has been ok so far, and needs to integrate, cut him some slack.
  3. Our three remaining CB’s are all a year older, and history tells us, most CB’s get better with age. Salisu will have settled by now, and I see a better season ahead for him. As for the new boy, I have a feeling on this one, that we may have dug up another diamond, time will tell. All my opinion.
  4. Lots on here, have no idea how to run a professional football club, seems they have been playing to much FM. Getting rid of players who don’t want to go, is hard, likewise, holding onto players who don’t want to be here, is also hard. We are stronger this year, than last, my opinion, based on the fullbacks, I also think we will be stronger at CB, again, my opinion.
  5. I see the bully boys are out in force again. Wind your necks in lads, it’s a forum.
  6. So, we have to get rid of a player that ‘could be a star’ in the Championship, to fund the purchase of a star from the Championship. Too much football manager going on I suspect.
  7. Yeah! Adams with his left foot. That will shut a few knockers on here, up.
  8. Coming from ‘Mr I hate Saints’ anything you have to say, I take with a pinch of salt. I can’t remember the last time I saw a positive post from you, if ever! You knock every post, and think your opinion on everything is the only opinion of note, and dare anyone disagree, you resort to insults and bully boy tactics. You are the main ‘Lookatme’ at the moment.
  9. I am struggling to understand some of the forum ‘lookatmes’ shouting down anyone who disagrees with them. Simple, JWP is the best player we have, for many reasons, yet they want to sell him! To be replaced by whom I ask? I’d sell every other player first, get real some of you, we are lucky to have him.
  10. The Orange one please. I can wear it at the Perth Scorchers big bash games……nice.
  11. Charlie Austin. That said, some there that CDAJFU
  12. How can you say that, when JWP never misses a game, so you can't make a comparison!
  13. There is a mega yacht moored in the dockss, came in a few days ago.
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