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  1. Surprised by some of the criticism of Djenepo - thought he was excellent. Worked really hard to sprint and close down Traore quickly and help out Bertrand. He also shows good vision for a 'tricky winger' - he played a nice ball in the lead up to the goal, as well as setting Che up for a good chance with a beautifully weighted pass after cutting inside a couple of defenders. I think he's really playing for the team at the moment and provides enough flashes of inspiration to justify his selection.
  2. Great freekick from Slattery, 1-1
  3. Somebody on the Everton forum suggests Armstrong is out with a thigh strain (no idea of how they have that info): They are playing it down a little but with no Walcott option in this game Saints are struggling a bit. Dejenepo injured, Armstrong picked up a strain while self isolating !!! So they choose between Long (has 45mins max in him) and Tella (youth, headless chicken).
  4. Good write up on him here: https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2020/oct/07/next-generation-2020-20-of-the-best-talents-at-premier-league-clubs
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