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  1. So Southgate has used the increase to a 26 man squad to include 10 defenders and only 2 centre-forwards. Watkins can feel very aggrieved at missing out. Think we’ll be a dull watch.
  2. Well, that goal really sums us up defensively. Shit defenders who lack awareness and an unconvincing goalkeeper.
  3. 🤣 It would seem that you're not that uncomfortable with it after all.
  4. Perhaps people are sick and tired of actual racism being forced upon them from all angles 24/7. At least you have the option to ignore a gesture such as taking the knee if it annoys you.
  5. Pressing the self destruct button again
  6. Does any team make as many unforced errors as we do?
  7. We really are dense. Why take a goal kick long when your central defenders are standing on the edge of the six yard box - wave them up field before you kick it FFS.
  8. Nope, you read that in to my post. I said if England were as clinical as Man Utd they would have scored more. The stats you quote back that up not disprove it.
  9. So Man Utd were more clinical then...
  10. If England were as clinical as Leicester or Man Utd were against us it would have been 9-0. Or 10-0. Or 11-0...
  11. They’re finding even more elaborate ways to not score goals...
  12. One of the U16s - midfielder - think he’s been involved with the England youth squads
  13. Think there is a B team game tomorrow with a lot of the regular u18s. Looks like a very young side today.
  14. Peter Walton “a late challenge by both players”. Dear God...
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