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  1. Slowly turning into ScothamptonπŸ˜‚
  2. Offer them 15m plus Long Hell why not throw in Obafemi on loan aswell. Talking of Loans i wonder if we will look at Harvey Elliott πŸ€”
  3. https://twitter.com/JoshW_SFC/status/1402581404853194752?s=08
  4. Waiting for the he didn't catch much comments
  5. Surely his form is better than Henderson's form πŸ€”
  6. Justin can play both sides, Pereira/Castagne at right-back Justin/Thomas/Bertrand at left back unless one of the others will leave them
  7. He will be 3rd choice left back behind James Justin and Luke Thomas, unless the James Justin injury is going to keep him out for a long time
  8. Left backs hopefully were looking at.... Rico Henry Romain Perraud Adrian Truffert Josh Doig Javi Galan Henry would most likely cost the most out of all of them, all good viable options although Truffert has a contract until 2025
  9. The sooner this c**t is out of our club the better it will be
  10. Where has he said something? Nothing on his twitter
  11. I wonder if we have been keeping an eye on Ryan Gauld, would be well within our budget and knows Armstrong well so would bed in quite well
  12. Thomas Delaney https://bvbbuzz.com/2021/05/18/borussia-dortmund-thomas-delaney-southampton-interest/
  13. Simple really, but who gets your vote? For me its Stuart Armstrong πŸ˜‡
  14. In id like to see happen. Rico Henry Michael Olise Connor Gallagher (Loan with option) Brandon Williams (Loan with option)
  15. Forster KWP Vestergaard Salisu Bertrand Jankewitz JWP Redmond Armstrong Adams Ings Meh.....
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