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  1. Martin O'Neil finally managed to sell that house then
  2. ........... Mccarthy KWP Bednarek Salisu Perraud ............... Romeu Livramento JWP Diallo Djenepo .......... Armstrong Hopefully helps us gain a point 🤞🏻 Shame Broja cant play in this one
  3. Ive been told by someone who used to be reliable that we have spoken to Howe, guess we will see if thats true or not
  4. 🎶 Oh hes magic, Tino Livramento! 🎶
  5. Came on at Right Midfield, would like to see him and KWP playing together on that right side
  6. A couple of U16s in the team aswell today
  7. Spurs, they have just sold sissoko to get him in i reckon
  8. Livramento signing Mk2
  9. Forster Valery Bednarek Salisu KWP . JWP Diallo Elyonoussi. Redmond. Broja. Tella
  10. Yeah he was sat with Broja, Smallbone, McQueen and Obafemi
  11. Well what a player we have on our hands here, Only 18 aswell! Great start for him at the club, plenty more to come from him aswell
  12. He is Rated even higher than Jude was at Birmingham, dont think we would have a chance in getting him tbh
  13. Sideways Jim


    Another win for the U18s today, with Kamari Doyle getting 5 goals! One to watch 👀🤔
  14. Dual nationality, Brazilian/Serbian
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