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  1. But again, they held the ball better than us and had just as many shots on and off of target. Some might say they deserved a point. Granted we had the better couple of chances.
  2. I’ve seen worse, much, much worse.
  3. The rest of December is massive. The games come thick and fast and I seriously think he will be shown the door, if our points to games ratio drops to negative at new year. It will time to change. Fingers crossed we will pick up a couple of wins.
  4. Bet they will not mind their walk home now.
  5. I would say that had more possession and the same amount of shots on and off target? But still we probably had the better chances.
  6. So are we just hoping to hold on for a 1-0? 🤔
  7. We will see on the next Romeu challenge!
  8. Seriously do we practice popping the ball in the net or not?
  9. Here we go then. Get a second Saints rather than letting the oppo back in it quickly! Please. Big 45.
  10. So 1-1 at half time, anyone? Or just after the break within 10 minutes. Let’s hope we can break the trend and get a second please!
  11. Now everyone, and I mean everyone I speak to up here, and there are a mixture of fans, seem to have the same thinking as me. We try and play football the ‘right’ way. We get the ball down and we pass, we have wide men that run at defenders. We are pretty toothless in attack when it comes to the final 3rd. We are very inconsistent when it comes to defending, and over the course of games, one half to the next, and we have a goalkeeper that can be a petty dam good shot stopper, but his errors are highlighted, like most keepers as they lead to goals. Overall with our spending power we gi
  12. Dr Who?


    If lockdown measures are put in place in England it would be the end for my business, no two ways about it, and perhaps a huge weight lifted off my shoulders at the same time. We could not survive losing our Christmas bookings.
  13. Dr Who?


    The Jab is mandatory for ALL front line in the UK. It is also very strongly advised and spelt out that ALL NHS workers should be jabbed.
  14. We up our game, score and take our foot off the pedal. Let’s hope we do not switch off completely in the second half. Win here and get another win at the weekend will relieve a lot of pressure. Big 50 minutes of football.
  15. Bad timing from the Southampton marketing department. 🙄
  16. Looks like the home game against Pompey will be played at St Mary’s. Not going to be fun for them playing at Fratton Park, they will get plenty of grief, if the Pompey fans know about womens football that is. I’m sure plenty will go along just to hurl abuse!
  17. That was a little disappointing, but I’m not surprised.
  18. Pretty rubbish weekend. Then winner of our league play the winner of the north league and that team group. So evening winning the league might not be enough. This is a big result. Will need to beat them on the last day I think.
  19. I think if we win we will win the league. We will have the superior goal difference, so even losing to them on the last day will mean we are level on points with better GD. If we lose on the other hand we will have to beat them at theirs to win the league on goal difference. 👍 I think we will win every game (outside of the Ipswich fixtures) but just depends on how many by. But we will batter pretty much everyone apart from Ipswich.
  20. Back in league action tonight, but seemed a little rusty as it was 0-0 at half time and not looking as sharp as they were before this long break. Could be that they have their minds on the big game at home to Ipswich on Sunday which I believe will decide the title, but they will need to put in a better display than this. But another 3 points in the bag! Southampton 3-0 Crawley Wasps
  21. Yeah in your dream! Wake up, in more ways than one! 😡
  22. National Cup at Ipswich today. This will be a great match to see where we are against the other side we will be battling for the top spot in the league for. The 2 league games against them will pretty much decide the league. I think we will need to beat them once as we will have the better goal difference. I have said all along that the winners of our league will go up as the northern teams are not as strong. But after what seems age since our last league game (October 3rd) it’s the cup again today! COYR!
  23. Brentford, Newcastle and Norwich for me. Brentford are going to drop like a stone. villa, Leeds, Watford and Burnley will also be down there and we flirting around the area. All going to be tight, but Ralph is the man for the job for me. We play football the right way. Need a proven striker while the others find their feet. Shame we look much better away, probably better suited to counter attacking and away is normally the better option for our style. I think we will draw with Villa but beat Norwich comfortably.
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