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  1. Best thing i've seen in ages! Hahaha :lol:
  2. Why don't they just stop faffing about and build a 250k seater stadium to hold their entire fanbase?
  3. So many bitter Skates on Twitter, just had a good chuckle at some of the comments on there. They seem to think they got the better deal by winning the FA Cup and getting into Europe that way, despite the fact that they are now in L2 as a consequence of that. Brilliant
  4. I particularly enjoyed this comment in response to a guy saying he'd rather be in our or Bournemouth's position right now: I'm sure the distant memory of their glorious 2008 FA Cup win against the Championship's mighty Cardiff City is keeping them warm when they entertain behemoths of modern football such as Mansfield and Newport on cold Tuesday evenings at Fartton. The fact that they've managed to carry on that momentum so well is truly incredible to behold, although the momentum may be carrying them downwards faster than particularly heavy sh!t dropping out of the ar5e of a seagull.
  5. I'm just waiting for somebody to explain to the P*mpey fans in chimpanzee sign language what their finance figures actually entail. Could one of our esteemed posters potentially educate them? Or at least give it a bash..
  6. "We'll have another crowd in on Saturday, which will again be by far the biggest in the league.." Alright Andy, I know you lost to a Conference team tonight but there's no reason to call your fans porkers is there!
  7. Dunne played at St Johnstone recently - my second team. Wasn't a bad player, L2 probably about his level at the moment but not a bad deal for the Skates on a free.
  8. It's the little things in life really, isn't it?
  9. I got 26/1 at the start of the season on that! *GlasgowSaint smug betting Face*
  10. Where are they going to put all the extra fans tempted in by this scintillating offer? I thought all the seats in the Fatpipes Arena were taken by Season Ticket holders?
  11. I woke my dog up laughing at that one RB, cracking!
  12. Definitely wouldn't buy anything from the fish counter at the new Nottarf Krap Tesco Supermegastore. It's going to be like a f*cking Roman orgy in that section.
  13. At least the bestest fans in the world would travel across the South to all of their games though, standing on the sidelines of some rec watching the mighty AFC P*mpey lose to Winchester City or whoever the leviathans are that they're facing.
  14. I can't proclaim to be as big of a nutjob as some of you on here, but f*ck me this whole thing is turning out to be hilarious! Aaaaaaltogether now...
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