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  1. Why the f*ck is Vic making that challenge when he's on a yellow? Stupid c*nt. Should have taken him off for Romeu. Let's try and get the ball back at least, put them on the back foot for the last 10 minutes rather than sitting deep in our own half. Our Second Half performances in the last few games have been rubbish, we always sit far too deep and invite pressure onto us. A good team will punish us for that, but luckily we're playing Bournemouth.
  2. I think Jason will be an important player at whatever club he ends up at - he is influential and a good organiser. Reminds me of Fonte in a way.
  3. Striker's finish from Yoshida! Great run up from RB.
  4. Controversial opinion, but his legs were gone in the last couple of months of his final season with us. Rotting on the bench at Liverpool did him no good - it'd be in his best interest to take a final stand with Nige at Sheffield Utd and then bow out in glory rather than suffering the ignominy of not making the WBA squad..
  5. Simples. For games where we're expected to control possession and attack more: Vic & 2 of JWP/Davis/Clasie For games where we're expected to have to defend more and be more physical: Vic, Romeu & 1 of JWP/Davis/Clasie.
  6. Saints are my club first and foremost, I don't feel the same way about any team although I do follow a couple. St Johnstone - Where I saw my first ever game (0-0 vs Aberdeen in 2000ish - not the best choice!), have family in the area so have been to McDiarmid plenty of times. Eastleigh - Mate I used to work with dragged me to a few games, seen them a dozen times or so home and away. Good bunch of people, well run club on the up. Hartley Wintney FC - Where I grew up, can almost see the pitch from my parents house! Another club on the up - former Saint Sam Argent is banging in the goals this season. Guess that doesn't make me a proper Saints fan
  7. SuperMikey

    Injury Watch

    Doesn't look like FF will be coming back any time soon - they amputated half of his leg
  8. SuperMikey


    Pre-drinks at Hypo's?
  9. Ron said in the pre-match build-up that Bertrand will be back in training on Monday, Clasie may be another couple of weeks.
  10. I don't remember saying that, although perhaps in your alternative reality I did. Maybe in that reality you're not so much of a tedious c*nt. Cheery pip!
  11. But now you're just talking about population growth in general - that's a different topic. The global population has exploded recently, but Europe itself is a rapidly ageing continent and, as such, will experience a labour shortage in the future due to lower birth rates and higher life expectancy. Other continents like Africa and Asia are seeing huge population growth as quality of life there increases - birth rates are sustained at the high levels that they have traditionally been at, but life expectancy is up and infant mortality is down. It's only logical to capitalise on the young populations of these areas to our advantage and that's exactly what Germany is doing. It's not only a humanitarian act, but also a clever economic one too.
  12. Because they've taken in an amount they feel will work well for their economy without being a financial burden in the short-term, but there are still hundreds of thousands of people out there who need to be settled, and many other European countries who can benefit from having these people in their country as Germany will do. Look, there's even a Wikipedia page I can show you to help you grasp the concept of migrants being good for a country's economy! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ageing_of_Europe
  13. Is everyone being sterilised now? I must've missed that memo. If that's not the case I suppose there would be people younger than them at some stage to replace them. I'm not sure if I understand your wonderfully eloquent and well-developed point. Care to elucidate?
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