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  1. Yep, JWP scuffed the penalty spot for England when we played Iceland away, who went on to miss from the spot. Though we are no way near as bad as other teams who have mastered the art of "winning" penalties, or wasting time, or harassing the referee. It frustrated me so much hearing that McCarthy was injured against Brighton and didn't stay on the ground to try and halt some momentum.
  2. United sold out to premium members, whilst Spurs went on general sale today. Currently about 80 tickets left for Spurs which I expect will go soon!
  3. Isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing... Time to begin with a clean slate given that almost everyone agrees Ralph belongs in the hot seat for a while yet.
  4. Half time SMS is buzzing today. My first time at Saints since the international break in fairness, but is it just me or has the screens at either end stayed the same? So much for the upgrade. As for the game, atmosphere is class, we’re more than worthy of our lead regardless of Sterling’s miss, let’s keep it up!!!
  5. I believe Dele Alli is in a relationship with his daughter already! I mean it is classic Pep though, he is literally complimentary about every team before he plays them, and then has a cheeky grin on his face after he wins as he knows it was light work.
  6. Even though it says sell out, there are still tickets available that aren't on the Ticket Exchange: Though admittedly, these are all basically singles except for the extortionately priced Block 31 which has about c. 40 seats priced at £89 each!
  7. Joe Willock looked unreal for Newcastle back end of last season, now barely playing. I can't tell you how much I'd like them to go down
  8. Taken from the Athletic.
  9. Also not forgetting Bournemouth spending c. £25m on Lerma, Fulham spending c. £25m on Anguissa or Seri I think, Huddersfield spending £18m on Kongolo, £20m on Brewster by Sheffield United, Stoke spending £22m on Imbula, Swansea spending £21m on Ayew
  10. Betis are playing tonight, currently 3rd in the table... and a certain Juanmi has just scored his 12th goal in the league. Boufal has just scored a penalty for his nation against Gabon, who as it stands are topping the table. Salisu's country Ghana, currently rock bottom and losing to Comoros! Chelsea 1-0 up too, decent goal but Sanchez was beaten at his near post from a long shot, will feel he should have done better.
  11. Yeah I agree, we have 2 players for every position if you include Valery and Smallbone in those squad numbers. Mind you, I’d love to upgrade at GK, CB, wide No. 10 and find an alternative to Romeu but January isn’t the easiest window to find good deals.
  12. This was the referee in our 2-3 FA Cup win over Swansea this month, and also in our 2-2 draw at Palace last month.
  13. Pfft Spurs don't worry me at all... I'd set the starting price at £75m if they paid £55m for Tanguy Ndombele...
  14. Yep although with the amounts they have spent I don’t see them getting relegated, as they are PL capable players, but if Evertonians ever thought they’d propel into a regular top 8 club with those purchases they’re deluded. I’m very glad at their plight, just need Newcastle to also use up their FFP allowance regardless of their owners and that’ll give us a good chance to steal a march if we have a window where we get all our signings right.
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