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  1. Absolutely buzzing! What a win and what a game!
  2. Freekick- scary here is hoping Kevin de Bruyne scuffs it
  3. We’ve only done 1 sub! Ralph clearly not wanting to ruin the harmony and Everton game ain’t in the foresight
  4. Ah Adams thought he’d have got there!
  5. Kevin and Foden on but Sterling/Mahrez off which surprises me a little- doesn’t seem quite like for like but what do I know lol. Pep tactical switch perhaps
  6. Famous words insurance bet comes to mind
  7. Pre-season last year would’ve scored that. We have started admirably though
  8. Must’ve heard 9-0 at least 7/8 times before a ball has even been kicked! Come on Saints! Surprise us all!
  9. Maguire- nutmegged. De Gea, beaten at nearpost. Bournemouth 1-0 up.
  10. Aubameyang scores from a near similar goalkeeping error to the one McCarthy did in our game. The bottom 6 bar Brighton’s solitary win have started poorly- funny that they were the biggest proponents for nulling the season but reality is none of them look like they currently belong in the PL.
  11. Yes for sure, we can and will keep him. He is the right sized fish in the right size pond- his favourite pond in fact too.
  12. And Redmond with a beautiful effort too
  13. Oh Adams well played in pre season he’d have buried that
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