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  1. Nothing against Leicester as I think we can definitely match them salary wise for Ings, but I guess it will come down to whether he thinks it'll be worth leaving for 1 Champions League campaign (or may well even be Europa!) Like, yes he'll be playing in a better team who have more ambitions, who most likely will be fighting within the top 8 for a European spot next season, but will they win a trophy again? Will the stars align again for Leicester? There are so many other factors of course - at Saints he is the main man, at Leicester will that definitely be the case? (he'd be competi
  2. Will they do an end of season walk around the stadium for the final home game? I imagine 95% of the crowd will be applauding them on etc etc but for me this season has petered into a "what could have been". I mean I'm not angry/mad, but disappointed.
  3. I think others we have forgotten in our favour is - Foden not getting a penalty in the away game at Man City - WBA scored a perfectly good goal against us at the Hawthorns too The Ing's goal against Wolves in the cup whilst in our favour - the correct decision was made nothing and it certainly wasnt as controversial/tight as some of the other calls? Also I can't remember if Villa away, we had a goal ruled out too? Also the Leeds game away, I still think we should have had that goal given at the end of the first half from our free kick - or it was very inept ref
  4. None of us would have said that at the start of the season though
  5. Grealish signed a new contract, Zaha has managed to stay at Crystal Palace, Everton can't remember off the top of my head losing someone big except Lukaku Leicester sell I guess i.e. Kante/Maguire/Chilwell/Mahrez/Drinkwater but then they buy players in the next tier of transfer fees in Maddison/Tielemans/Castagne etc, I think there is no point discussing them anymore because they do things so much better But WHU haven't sold Declan Rice yet for example. Wolves have lost Jota/Doherty I guess I can't think of one player we managed to convince to sign who had intense s
  6. MOTM for me is Tella’s smile, how infectious!
  7. Apart from the FA Cup, was Sheffield Utd away, and before that Liverpool back in January
  8. Salisu with a good block now. we are looking open tho
  9. Stephens with another great block there
  10. They’ll show the “most points lost from winning positions” infographic next!
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