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  1. Maguire- nutmegged. De Gea, beaten at nearpost. Bournemouth 1-0 up.
  2. Aubameyang scores from a near similar goalkeeping error to the one McCarthy did in our game. The bottom 6 bar Brighton’s solitary win have started poorly- funny that they were the biggest proponents for nulling the season but reality is none of them look like they currently belong in the PL.
  3. Yes for sure, we can and will keep him. He is the right sized fish in the right size pond- his favourite pond in fact too.
  4. And Redmond with a beautiful effort too
  5. Oh Adams well played in pre season he’d have buried that
  6. Urgh not late heartbreaks 3 seasons in a row please Saints. JWP freekick be nice now
  7. Watford have started very well we’re just blocking everything atm
  8. I’ve only watched a minute and the quality of football seems low haha ping pong/going long
  9. Commentator: ‘there is a rest for Obafemi’ I think it’s more to do with how poor he played but oh well. Come on Saints - I am feeling rather indifferent for this- but my prediction is gonna be 0-0
  10. nta786

    BLM & Football

    I mean is it comparable to say that my best mate hates all dogs because when younger he was attacked by one- literally runs when he sees one. So understandable that sometimes the past can lead to kneejerk emotional responses. however the point is we need to treat all equally and not tar everyone with the same brush/stereotype- i think that much should be obvious. I can already picture DM headlines should there be a second spike using protestors/ravers as the headline photos for a second wave, whilst pictures of Liverpool fans gathering or the packed beaches will be overlooked.
  11. Yep agree but equally if he did end up at Everton and played well then we would have rued the missed opportunity. I think it was a punt worth taking for a Championship player who scored around 20 goals I think and he still has time on his side. I honestly think his confidence is just shot but once he gets that first goal he’ll have a huge weight off his shoulder. I’d start him with Ings on Saturday but ultimately none of us see what he’s like on training or his fitness after the 3 month holiday.
  12. Deserved tbh well done Arsenal. Let’s dust off and move on
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