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  1. Shane Long can’t even hold the ball in the corner he isn’t the same player anymore
  2. Nah i don’t think that is a penalty
  3. If they score I can’t see us winning the tie- not with the number of injuries we have and lack of options on the bench with ET to contend with too
  4. I’d love a second here to half put this to bed and play the likes of Caleb Watts and Dan N’lundulu
  5. Cedric’s cross 😂 I don’t want to jinx it though when he gets lucky second half
  6. Haha agreed I’d add number 12 “This is a familiar theme for Southampton- they’ve dropped the most points from winning positions since Hasenhuttl arrived at the club” (cue that stupid annoying graphic)
  7. Bednarek has been my MOTM this half
  8. Ian Darke shut up Bertrand going nowhere How about you do your research and hear that he wants to stay
  9. Crazy effort by JWP would have loved something like that to go in
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