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  1. 2 nil up and I still didn't feel comfortable. So many suicide passes from the back and all over the pitch tbh. Hopefully the loss will give us a kick up the arse. Long offers nothing anymore and the tactic of bringing him on is so predictable that I bet the opposing managers are having a cheeky chuckle.
  2. Well it gave another carrot for Piers Morgan to munch on, and as for Talk Sport, we'll, that nice Scottish fellow in the morning must of thought he had died and gone to heaven.
  3. He just has that look about him of quality and confidence, mind you, so did Lemina. With that in mind I will suppress my excitement for a while yet.
  4. Bloody hell, Is Kevin our friend for once?.
  5. But you have to sit down even if you are just drinking.
  6. Can anyone explain why pubs that serve meals are allowed to stay open and yet a pub that doesn’t have to shut down?.
  7. It's a bit like David Ike becoming priminister, he would give Trump some serious competition.
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