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  1. I like the kits but why do we keep using the horrible hooped socks.
  2. The second half was stomach churning to say the least. A great result and plaudits goes to all the team and gaffer for that display.
  3. I wonder if this has anything to do with this story on Sky Sports in May. An American-based company has held talks to buy Gao Jisheng's majority share of Southampton, but the coronavirus pandemic has held up discussions. The group has shown interest in purchasing the Chinese businessman's 80 per cent controlling stake, which he put up for sale earlier this year. They have been described to Sky Sports News as the only serious player in a potential takeover, following interest from more than two parties. However, it is understood those talks have been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic and a deal is not close to being agreed. Previous owner Katharina Liebherr, who sits on the board and retains a 20 per cent stake, is said to have been actively involved in discussions
  4. Strange one, I'm not sure what to read into that. Why would MSD holdings/Michael Dell give a secured loan?, I would like to think that it is a pre purchase arrangement of some sort but its all a bit odd.
  5. I just do not understand why we are a completely different side away from home. Good result all the same.
  6. Is it ok to decry white rioting as many did on here regarding the right wing riots the other week?.
  7. Why should he be ashamed?. It happened, he's telling it, or is that not pc anymore ffs.
  8. Normally I would agree but we do not have a defence or a goalkeeper with the necessary quality and skills to play about with the ball in front of our own goal. So surely the only other option is to get the ball out of the danger zone whichever way possible. Its not pretty or clever but lets face it neither is the quality of our squad.
  9. Give Smallbone and Tella a run seeing that we are practically safe.
  10. Well thats more like business as usual. Tbh we are laying into the likes of Hoj and Valerie etc, but apart from a handful at most this squad is dire throughout. Without Ings we would been relegated already. We are truly awful and god knows why ralph signed a new contract unless he knows something we don’t.
  11. Yep, I don't blame Jack for that.
  12. Hoj puts another player in trouble.
  13. Despite the performance our fans are in good voice.
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