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  1. I'm not exactly sure if Howe is a big improvement on Ralph tbh.
  2. Agreed, worked tirelessly and is improving every game. Yes he made a clanger but he also sprayed a long ball from defence up front that was inch perfect that split their defence in half. It won't be that long until the big boys start sniffing about after him unfortunately.
  3. Difficult to gauge that result. We won which is a big plus, but Leeds were so understrength and poor as a result we should really have won by much more. Our finishing is poor with 12 shots off target and 5 shots on target. Our build up play was really good but the end product was lacking. If that was a full strength Leeds I feel the result would be a bit different. On the plus, Salisu is growing in confidence and starting to look class albeit the one brainstorm moment, and Redmond had a very good game for once. The win is a great confidence booster but it will take a bit more than th
  4. Just more confirmation that the problem with saints front line is the supply.
  5. Ralph certainly looked confused and worried ......................and then he brings on Long and we are all confused and worried.
  6. Armstrong needs to get a few more games under his belt yet before he is judged imo. Plus it seems that more attention has been given to firming up our back line and not shipping goals like last season rightly so, but that means a trade off with our attack. Once we get a balance I think he will start knocking some in.
  7. Um, read it, it was not my criticism.
  8. Motd highlighted his poor decision making when releasing his final pass. I noticed that A Armstrong was getting thoroughly pissed off with him.
  9. At least so far we aren't getting dicked.
  10. I can't believe how bad Arnold has been.
  11. How long will long take to get a long shot at long range for a long awaited goal by long.
  12. Hopefully our guys have seen something that no one else has managed to, apparently. Our survival in the top flight could be in jeopardy if we don't get this right.
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