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  1. Cannot get in at all using the mobile, oddly, on the laptop it is really fast if I sign out but slow if I sign in which makes posting a bit of a lottery. I'm hanging on in there in the hope that the problems get fixed but slowly giving up hope.
  2. Struggled again to get on this morning, eventually found an open back door, oh matron!.
  3. I have been unable to get on for a few days now but managed to via the back door method today but still couldn’t access the main board, so I logged out and logged in again and now I can get on the main board with speed, still cannot get into the Lounge though. Would it have anything to do with cookies on our pc’s etc from the old database screwing up the present system?. Btw, I can get on the lounge now, everything really fast.
  4. It would be a help if there was some sort of update on the situation because from looking in it seems like nothing is happening, I am hoping there is work behind the scenes but as every day goes on it seems more and more like a slow death and that soon this forum will be no more, which is very sad as many of us have been on this site for years along with its predecessors.
  5. I'm reluctant to post anything and suffer the wrath of Trousers.
  6. Christ Romeu, lucky this ref is slack.
  7. Che looking the business now, so glad we held firm against Leeds.
  8. Smallbone not impressing me much.
  9. Why does Ralph keep playing Le Plank?.
  10. The kit looked good in the pics but not sure now.
  11. Thanks but what's confusing me is that recently we have been loaned funds by an American company but I understood it to be just a loan and nothing to do with a purchase.
  12. Confused, how do you buy a club through loans?
  13. Don't see the point of announcing anything on match day when the stadium is empty.
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