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  1. I’d avoid Portsmouth- definitely not following protocols down there and at least half our squad would end up infected
  2. GET IN THERE INGS! Just one more now to share the boot with Vardy!
  3. Penalty... right ings time to redeem yoursef haha
  4. That’s because he has small bones. He should try to get his arm strong. Okay I’ll leave
  5. Romeu what a tackle thank fuck Sharp hasnt got his thinking cap on
  6. Better build up play here this ref is a prick too
  7. The only reason why I am not as worried as I would have been in the early part of the season is that we do usually pick up in the second half of games Redmond very mazy run there!
  8. Big let off there after KWP cocked up. Ings then blocked down other end
  9. Billy should have scored there thought McCarthy kept that near post really open! However an absolute joke that Ings not given a free kick
  10. I was thinking the same thing! I’ve had a browse and all doing the same with Keane/Micah on pundit duties. Here is hoping at 3:30 they do begin to personalise each channel!
  11. Yep alongside the five pledges...
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40699431 A good article here
  13. Wow I really feel for Charlton (good mate supports em) They are relegated because Brentford, and rightly so after all, had to go for broke to get the winning goal for promotion. As it transpired, Barnsley score down the other end which sealed Charlton’s relegation and now its confirmed that Wigan are down too. Great drama!
  14. nta786


    It makes sense to be fair. He really can’t join Everton after giving it the big one of ‘I want to win leagues and Champions Leagues’, that would be genuine egg in the face for him. If Spurs won’t match Everton’s bid or pay that reasonable fee we’re after then for sure it is worthwhile for him to stay one more year. I think it would be better for him to stay really, he’d receive a signing on fee and I genuinely think clubs like Inter or AC will have a look around if he is going on a free- they enjoy these sort of cut price fees- and clubs like those would deffo be a win-win for him over Everton!
  15. nta786


    I was talking about a price for KWP! I can understand why you thought PEH though seeing as this is his thread 😆
  16. nta786


    Trippier went for £20m and was a far more established player (no idea how long was left on his contract) I think £15m is fair right
  17. ah boo come on Sheffield Utd. That additional £1.5m or so really would help subsidise our loanees we can’t get rid of. Although come to think of it, if Angus Gunn hadn’t screwed up against Huddersfield last day of the season then we would have finished a place higher.
  18. Smaller clubs are capped as to the maximum they can get for their best players. Off topic but we received a world record fee for a centre back at the time- I think the fee was fair. His value has only gone up to that £200m (or £150m+) because hes won the Premier League, Champions League etc and proven himself at the highest level.
  19. Well I’ll join in with the hypothetical game and say that based on this season, £55m. If he replicates this form again next season, then I’d say £85m. Although this hasn’t taken coronavirus into account, and I think his injury record might consider others to look elsewhere. How much would Harry Kane be worth right now? I think if someone offered Spurs £105m they would take it? Before MLG comes in and gives different examples/transfer fees to suit his agenda, this is all speculative
  20. If Bournemouth had drawn against us, would it really have changed as much as they were celebrating like? The scenario still would have been a must win at Goodison Park against Everton. I suppose its more the psychological side of things I guess.
  21. Yep I think they were double checking that it was the Bournemouth player heading it on
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