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  1. I guess you go to the three-bars menu at the top right then, account > profile and click on ‘cover photo’ up near the top on the right.
  2. "estimated fee of £12.8m" according to Wikipedia but that would have been amortised over the five years of his contract so his value on the books would be about £2.56m and this time next year it would be zero.
  3. Only one year left on his contract, isn't it? £15m seems a fair price to me.
  4. How would that work for anyone with a pair of tickets? There are lots of couples who sit near me and I go with my grandson. They would have to be treated as a pair.
  5. Does the match fee depend on the amount of viewers?
  6. Oxford have just beaten Portsmouth on penalties. Rejoice at that news!
  7. One thing I miss is a post counter, that is something in each post to show where it is in the sequence and how many posts have gone before.
  8. We have 43 points and the most that any of the bottom three can get is 42. It’s a long time since we’ve been safe with five games left to play. Relax and enjoy!
  9. I’ve been a regular critic of Stephens but he was magnificent today. it would be unfair to single out anybody for man of the match. Give it to every one of them.
  10. Yes, I did. The first unread post in a topic, please. Some forum designs allow you to set this as one of your preferences. Thanks Steve, I’ll try that. It does mean an extra step though, another page loading. I have a shortcut to ‘unread posts’ but it takes an awful long time to load, a minute or so (Safari on iPad).
  11. The absence of loud music is in order to remove the need for shouting. Of course if you and Mrs Snapdragon can avoid talking to each other and just sit smiling sweetly and looking all doe-eyed then that wouldn’t be a problem anyway.
  12. Sorry, it’s taken me too long to see what you did there
  13. Persistent holding. Look at his right arm and not his leg. mind you, Sterling had a hold of Gomez’s shirt at one stage.
  14. Regarding the boxes for ‘mark site read’ and ‘unread content’ I have found them at last. They are right justified and don’t appear on my iPad in portrait mode but only show up when I turn it to landscape mode. Any chance of a setting to let me jump to the last unread post in a thread?
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