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  1. The Bertrand decision was wrong. That’s all you need to know.
  2. When your body is fighting something it only makes sense toot to handicap it by pouring in other toxins. The other important boost to your immune system is to get plenty of good sleep. The advice about no alcohol with antibiotics is mainly to stop you from pissing them out with your urine.
  3. Save Redmond for Man City (Wednesday!) Pep apparently rates him and will be terrified of him
  4. He would have one good run in a game and then give up in disgust when nothing came of it.
  5. Sadly it has crept into the modern game that whenever a player is touched he has to throw himself to the ground and roll over several times all the while screaming out in agony at the top of his voice. Yes Richarlison, I’m talking about you. And several others.
  6. None for me but my wife thought that she felt a little woozy next day but that might just have been auto-suggestion. I had no effects from the vaccine but this is an intramuscular injection and I really felt the needle going into my upper arm. It's still a bit tender even now three weeks later. Almost like it's been bruised but there's nothing to see. Anecdotally there are reports that those people who have had the virus and recovered from it have worse side effects. Also anecdotally there are indications that those who are suffering from Long Covid fine their symptoms have improved.
  7. We had our first AZ jabs three weeks ago today.
  8. He would be a better player if he could trust his left foot.
  9. How is Minamino’s injury? Will he be back in consideration?
  10. Yes, but why be so selective and only choose the losses? The real picture is 30 points from 26 games. The same manager had tremendous form only a couple of months ago.
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