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  1. They would only be spreading it amongst themselves and it would fade away.
  2. I’m sure I can think of some way to help them... ...once I stop laughing.
  3. Do you really think he has that amount of cash sitting in a bank?
  4. Why have you youngsters got to change everything all the time? If you’re that bored I’ve got a few research projects that will keep you busy.
  5. Indeed. These things can't be rushed.
  6. Leave it alone. You can’t improve on perfection
  7. If it doesn’t work then just suck it out and squirt it back in again.
  8. Low Glycaemic Index. Good for diabetics. Unfortunately in my case it reacts with the Metformin tablets to give excruciating squirts,
  9. Indeed so. He’s a battering ram that breaks up the defensive formation. It disturbs their shape and creates opportunities for others. Much better than our ponderous efforts of recent years.
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