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  1. Trains? Eurotunnel? Ferries? It’s a very big world out there. Holiday companies are just a small part of it.
  2. You cannot have been unaware of the many millions who are struggling to get any sort of refund instead of a credit note? ’more fool them’ applies more to those who voted in this load of incompetents as a government. They are the ones who are running around like headless flies with no clues and no strategy.
  3. For many, if not most, cancellation with a refund was not an option. Why is this so hard to understand?
  4. There’s a case for it in European matches as a means of settling the tie without further debate. Much better that the toss of a coin.
  5. Something not quite right here. ”The impression we got” followed by “we had been led to believe something else”
  6. What is so special about ABTA? You seem to assume that every trip abroad is covered by it, which is not the case by a long way.
  7. I meant “why should you get your money back?”
  8. You really are a supercilious Bratman Just because you and someone you know could get a refund doesn’t mean that everyone can. Just once, try to look at the wider picture.
  9. That’s a load of billhooks. If your venue is open and operating you won’t get your money back. And why should you?
  10. Actually the grey strip fiasco was the season before when we beat them 3-1. Both wins were very enjoyable though.
  11. I bank with NatWest, not Barclays, but I haven’t had a manager in years Duly done. Let’s hope Ralph gets the recognition he deserves.
  12. The Højbjerg situation has a bearing on it too.
  13. Unfortunately you can’t spend the money here. Everywhere is full.
  14. One of the better seasons as it finally turned out but what has pleased me the most is that we have been playing some delightful football since the lockdown. We are no longer embarrassing to watch.
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