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  1. Don't know, the fact that we aren't in Europe and don't have to play those games are our biggest strength and the reason (now dismissed) that in my most optimistic moments we might - just maybe, in an outlying season with no fans in the grounds - do a Leicester.
  2. Gave it a go. Have no wish to fight you but my god I thought it was fucking awful and that was after 5 pints. I can see how it tried to stretch musical boundaries and for that it deserves some credit, but in the end it just hurt my ears. That said I sense, Cat, from your other comments that we may share musical common ground. On that basis I will recommend for you Goat Girl (in full knowledge that I am at risk of you touche-ing me and dismissing it as fucking awful).
  3. Ridiculous comment. I don't think the posts on this thread could lead any half sensible person to the conclusion that we lost 9-0.
  4. Bedwetting? No mate, ain't seen any.
  5. Not to lose football matches against teams with immeasurably more money and far better players than we have.
  6. This "stretching teams" thing he is supposed to do which apparently makes up for never scoring didn't really happen today did it? I bet Man Utd didn't feel in the least bit stretched today after Shane came on.
  7. Well yes, I was kind of alluding to the fact that we were lucky not to have conceded rather than our actual goals being lucky. Our goals were not lucky.
  8. Bednarek has now scored 3 goals for us. All of them in 2-3 home defeats after we lead 2-0. That is actually quite incredible.
  9. Let's face it we were lucky to be 2 nil up at half time. Very lucky. From that point on the game and why we lost it cqn be succinctly summed up in four words: Shane, Edison, Cavani, Long.
  10. We'll see your Cavani and raise it with a Long.
  11. Cavani has made a real difference since he came on. Got same stature and presence as Ibrahimovic. I think they should be starting him really,
  12. Jesus, McCarthy's distribution is SO dodgy. Incredible save though to bail himself out.
  13. LOL playing poorly and winning. GET IN
  14. Industrial language apology - Get in!!!
  15. Danny Dyer and his old pal The Wall. Give me the right proper hump.
  16. Cheers, won't be reading it after reading your post. Astonishing a so called professional can commit such cr@p to to a national newspaper.
  17. 3 thoroughly tedious matches today. Not seen anything we need to be frightened of.
  18. Yeah fair enough not hate. But timing of all the negative comments and the goal was funny. Anyway GTFI and UTS
  19. VAR doing a great job again. Clearly no foul there.
  20. Armstrong should have gone on his own
  21. We're starting to tire. You can see where this is headed.
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