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  1. Called it. 😏 Simply makes far more sense. Regardless of the argument over whether they should've sold season tickets in the first place, I commend them for adjusting the plan. The original was clearly no longer fit for purpose.
  2. Just 3 goals conceded from the start of December to now, covering 7 matches. Yes, we've had spells of being a bit goal-shy throughout that time, but mightily impressive considering we've faced City and Liverpool. Rest of the month doesn't look so initimidating now.
  3. Haven't really been following my refunds, but given the travails experienced by many that are, thought I'd have a quick tally up. I've not received anything back from the club since 3rd November, where I was refunded two payments of 2 tickets on the same day. Assuming that was an intentional lump of 4 refunds, I've had 6 refunds in total from the 8 home games we've played. So Sheffield United (13/12) and Man City (19/12) outstanding. It'd be a clusterfuck for even a well-drilled organisation to manually process all of this, so can't even feign surprise that they're struggling. T
  4. We ask for a lot of different dimensions from our midfielders - look at how rounded Ward-Prowse has become, for one. Hojbjerg is insanely good at turning over possession - probably the best in the entire division. But such a limited player beyond that. It was a moneyball signing for Spurs, as they're asking him to almost single-purposedly fulfill that role - permitting far more freedom to the rest of their midfield. I guess it's not dissimilar to when we had Schneiderlin and Wanyama as enforcers (albeit Morgan became more of a box-to-box player with time).
  5. Can't agree that an issue has to be novel to be worthy of highlighting. Can only speak for myself, of course, but I've been exposed to an awful lot of information and insight in 2020 that I wasn't previously privy to. No, surface-deep messaging alone doesn't affect change - but there's value in attempting to open a dialogue and keep it in the public consciousness. What doesn't help it go beyond the first step is when you have one person saying "This isn't fine", or " I'm not OK" and another sticking their fingers in their ears and saying "Everything is fine! We're relatively tolerant
  6. So are we effectively stating that there isn't enough racism (or great enough systemic imbalance) to justify the messaging? I'm just not sure we're in the position to judge that.
  7. There seems to be a common theme running through this thread of "we must listen to the motivations of the Millwall fans" (which I wholeheartedly agree with), whilst in virtually the same breath stating "I don't want to see or hear about this gesture any more - time to end it". Is that not quite problematic and hypocritical in itself? Burying it may be convenient, but does nothing to address the root cause. Pointing towards Kick It Out and the status quo ante is reductive. Clearly it wasn't effective enough, else we wouldn't be having these conversations.
  8. Hmm. Broadly I'm fine with a weighted ballot. But having approx. 12% of the 2,000 'capacity' fixed for the first game (likely a higher percentage if you consider the 2,000 is lowered by hospitality) seems a lot. Think I've had my season ticket for a decade now (essentially as soon as I could afford it after getting my first 'proper' job). And whilst I don't expect to be in some mega-special category for that, it feels a pretty hefty disparity in favour of the super fans. Ultimately there'll always be people 'losing out' with such a low attendance cap. But my main point is that i
  9. ant

    20/21 Kit

    It'd be good to know! Was looking at buying one for a Christmas present, but there's no indication whether they'll actually be dispatched in time. It's said 'PRE-ORDER' (with no elaboration) since the day they first listed the Sportsbet versions on the store.
  10. This is some stunning whataboutery and false equivalence. Never advance; never progress. If it's not traditional, it's not valid.
  11. Well worth watching the Asif Kapadia documentary on Maradona. Kapadia also directed the stunning Senna documentary; both films shine a very different (more humane) light on each great, versus the media of their time. Yes, Maradona made many mistakes. Whilst very, very gifted he was human to a fault - and horrendously exploited whilst in Italy. Not to completely ignore his misdemeanours, of course... Just that - as ever - it's all a little more complicated than the 'surface level' viewpoint. RIP.
  12. The amount of refunds they're having to process is mental. Guess it keeps someone in a job, but surely we've long since passed the point where they should be a bit more pragmatic? Refund us to the end of the year at least, and save a lot of pointless toiling. Won't it be costing them a few quid to keep operating like this? Unless cashflow is utterly desperate they might as well refund the lot now, minus a holding fee. Putting us on parity with most other clubs. They're unlikely to be able to 'cash' much (if any) of the money they're holding, and pretending otherwise doesn't seem prod
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