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  1. I once met Neil Ruddock in The Frog and Frigate during the closed season 89/90 ish I'd guess. Top bloke, and very well behaved, he only had 3 or 4 drinks all night, and spent most of it sat quitly at the end of the bar with his mate. He told me Benali's nickname, which at the time was a competition question in the Ugly Inside (it was Mehmet by the way). Interestingly he didn't smoke back then, when my mate offered him a cigarette he declined saying "I'm a professional sportsman ", very different nowadays.
  2. If I recall a CPD seminar from about 10 years ago correctly, there is no legislated minimum, but a BS code of practice recommends 4% for car parks with more than 50 spaces. I could be wrong, things may have changed, and it was rather a long time ago. Sent from my SM-J330FN using Tapatalk
  3. I remember it vividly, I was walking home from middle school and just turned into Dimond Rd when a car pulled up next to me and the driver called out to me asking if I was a Saints fan. I thought I was about to be abducted when he told me the news & drove off, stopping a bit further on to pass on the good news to a group of older lads from 'the big' school. When I got home mum excitedly asked me "Guess who Saints have just signed", when I stole her thunder she was gutted.
  4. I always though he'd be the perfect fit for them. Thanks, I'll get my .....er...Jacket.
  5. My son's in the same boat, and phone the TO yesterday, they said all the membership cards would be delivered by 27th August.
  6. Thanks for the heads up chaps, I wasn't supposed to get mine 'til Monday either, I'm now the proud owner of 4 shiny tickets. At the ripe old age of 76, my old man gets to see his first international.
  7. I've never thought about that section of the ground as being unpopular, but I'll be in there next year, making it really unpopular . We've been in the family centre for 15 years, but now my youngest has reached eviction age which has forced us to find a new home. I'm not sure what would have happened if this new pricing structure hadn't been in place, as my old man wouldn't have forked out the extra £120 to move to the next cheapest section. As it is happens both he & I are paying less than last season & we have virtually the same view, just from a different direction.
  8. Huawei? Huawei? Huawei? Who are we? Who are we.........?
  9. I used to park there years ago, but stopped because they started to charge/slap tickets on (can't remember exactly why), I now park on Horseshoe Bridge, however due to the old man not being particularly well at the moment I wanted to find somewhere closer to the stadium to park, so looked in on Centurion during the week to see the lie of the lie of the land. There are signs everywhere threatening charges of £100 reducing to £60 on prompt payment. So chose not to park there. Whilst I agree a parking charge of £60 is extortionate, that's the price you agree to pay when parking on that land. You can't say you've not been warned, the signs are clear to see without having to out of the car.
  10. Paul Cooper. I copied his penalty technique & for a short-@rsed goalie, I was bloody good at penalties.
  11. Yep, I'm working on it, it took two years for No1 son to see the light, he's now part of the real ale society at uni.
  12. My son has. If it had arrived a couple of weeks ago he would have taken the hot chocolate option, but he's just turned 18 so he's going to venture toward the bar for the first time. Sent from my SM-J330FN using Tapatalk
  13. In no particular order (apart from vaguely chronological: Frank Worthington 8-2 v Coventry - A bit of a cult hero of mine & IIRC had been on a bit of a goal drought. Neil Ruddock v Newecastle - Last minute penalty, that no-one wanted to take, up stepped Razor who nearly broke the net, it set us on the way to survival. Pahars v Skates - went mental & my mobile fell from my pocket & shattered into a thousand pieces. Lambert v The Jocks - I was on a family holiday to the IoW, and 'somehow' ended up in a bar on Sandown sea front. My sons & I went bonkers when he rose like a salmon & planted the ball in the back of the net. Gabbi V Man U, his second, I thought we would go on to win Great memories.
  14. Same here, it's getting tedious now.
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